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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 56

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Chapter Fifty Six



Theme: Wedding









Date: 02, November, 2031.


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Time: 11:00am


Location: Mr George Mansion.


Cara’s Pov


Weddings, weddings, I once said I hated weddings, I hated to see the fears in the bride’s eyes, I hated to see the tears on the bride’s mother’s face but now things are different, I’m definitely not afraid instead I’m feeling really anxious and happy to get married to the love of my life and my mum, yeah she’s crying but they are tears if happiness.


“So….” I said nervously at Cheryl and my two equally anxious mothers( miss


Helen and my mum)


“Oh my God you look really beautiful Cara, I could just cry now.” Cheryl says in awe.


“You look absolutely stunning my dear child.” Mrs Helen says wiping a stray tear from her face.


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“Oh my daughter, I can’t really believe that’s it’s still you, you look so gorgeous.” My mum says tearful and then proceeds to hug me.


“Mum you’ll ruin my make up.” I cried out and she let’s go of me saying she’s sorry.


“Can I come in.” Mr George says, his head poking into the room.


“Of course, you can.” Mrs Helen says and Mr George walks in to the room.



“Well you look gorgeous Cara, Jason will never be able to take his eyes of you.” Mr George says, squeezing my hand softly and I smile at him.


“So are you ready to walk down that aisle and get married to the man of your dreams.” Mr George asks extending his hand and I take it. Mr George is walking me down the aisle and yeah it’s official between him and my mum, I always knew something like that was bound to happen when I woke up in a hospital and Cheryl told me Mr George and my mum went out for a walk. Well it looks like I did get my fatherly love after all.

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As I walk down the aisle with Mr George holding my hands, my eyes was only on one person, Jason. He looks so dashingly handsome in that suit.


“Take care of her, Jason.” Mr George says and hands me over to an eager Jason.


“I’ll sir.” Jason replies, his eyes on me.


“Friends and family we are gathered here to witness the love and union between these two fellows.” The officiant says and you’ll not believe who’s our officiant, it’s miss Juliet, she literally begged me for the position.


“Do you have your own vows Mr Kenneth.” Miss Juliet asked and Jason nods, she gives him the go ahead and he did.


“Cara when I first saw I knew right then you were trouble, but trouble in a good way, you’ve not only changed the world but also me. I’ll keep on telling you every blessed day of my life, how much I love you, you’re my light Cara, without you I wouldn’t be able to navigate this blind world and that’s why I vow in front of everyone here that I’ll forever be a good husband to you, in love and in war, in health and in sicknesses, in happiness and in sorrow. I vow to love you to my very last breath.” Jason says and kissed my hand.


“Kenneth, okay that sounds weird so I’ll stick with Jason. Jason the first time I laid my eyes on you and look into your eyes, I knew right then that I wouldn’t mind staring at them for eternity. You made me realize love wasn’t and still is not a weakness, your love gave me strength to wake up every blessed day. I don’t want



to ever change anything in our love story. I Cara Wilson vow to love and support you at all times.” I said my eyes holding unto Jason’s gaze.


“Do you Cara Wilson take Kenneth Ronald to be your lawfully wedded husband.”


“Yes I do.”


“Do you Kenneth Ronald take miss Cara Wilson to be your lawfully wedded wife.”


“Yes I do.”


“You can now exchange the rings.” Miss Juliet says and a handsome Sam in a white suit, walks in holding a beautiful white pillow, on it is the wedding rings.


“With these ring, I thee wed you.” Jason says and slips the ring into my fourth finger, left hand.


“With these ring, I thee wed you.” I said and also slips the ring on Jason fourth finger, left hand.


“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.” Miss Juliet announced and my stomach flutters.


Jason holds my gaze as he lowers his mouth to mine and then kiss me, I kissed him back forgetting the people at our wedding, forgetting everything happening around me, at these moment we were the only people in the world. Yay I’m married.





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