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Must Read: Pregnant Virgin – Episode 53

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Episode 53





By: Faith Lucky



Zoey’s Pov:


Hours later.




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I stood in front of the mirror, trying to clean off my make up with face wipes.



Mum was in the guest room, while Zosar was with Axel the whole time.



As soon as we were done with dinner, they set out to play.



Finally, I’ll have an assistance for Axel.





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After a long while, the door opened and I looked through the mirror to see it was Zosar.






“How did you know my room?”,I asked him, still focusing on the mirror.



“Well, my son showed me around”, he replied and I chuckled.



He walked upto where I was and stood behind me.



“Is Axel asleep already?” I asked.



“Yeah – geez; that boy’s something else. I couldn’t leave his room till I was 50% sure he was deep asleep” he replied and I laughed.



Then, he wrapped his hand around me.



“Thank you, Zoey. Thank you for taking care of him”.



Just then, my phone awakened with a ring and disrupted the moment.



I checked and…



Mr Zach.






“Who’s he?” Zosar asked immediately and I felt my cheeks turn red.



“He’s my um…my boss” I replied and picked the call.



H-Hello?” I said on the phone.



Zoey”, his voice came out cold and calm.



It’s been over three hours now and I’ve been waiting”



Oh! She*t! I should’ve called to tell him I couldn’t make it. I completely forgot.



Um…I’m so sorry, sir. I got hooked up with something and…”


Before I could finish up my statement, Zosar snatched the phone from me.






Hey, this should be the last time you try calling her else, I’ll make sure your phone is the last thing you touch on earth” he snarled into the phone and my lips dropped open in shock.



Oh my God!



Wh…Who the f**k is this?” I overheard Zach ask.




I’m the f**king person who’s gonna kill you if you ever call my fiancee again” Zosar replied and ended the call.



Holy Molly!


And I’ve finally lost my job.



“Hey, what was that for?” I stood up and asked.



“Don’t ask me that. If I see him around you, I’ll kill him and chop off his balls.”






“There’s nothing going on between us, Zosar. He’s just my boss and…”



“Yet, you wanted to have dinner with him looking so beautiful and exquisite? Who exactly are you trying to deceive?” He cut me off.



“Well, it was just…”


I paused and sighed.



“Whatever!” I added and returned to my seat in front of the mirror.



I guess the annoying jerk is back.

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“How am I sure you’re still the same way I left you? Or you’ve been giving out to everyone?” He asked and I gasped and looked at him in shock.



What the….


“How dare you?” I snapped and hit him with my hair brush and he ran away


from me.






Zach’s Pov:


I sat quietly, staring at the blank phone jn my hand.



Hold on; was this a dream or what?



I mean…who’s that guy? And what happened to Zoey? What just happened?



His words replayed in my head:


“My fiancee”.



Is she really engaged? Is he the reason she kept me waiting here for hours?



I scoffed and stood up, throwing the phone on the floor.



Then, brushed my fingers into my hair.



No; everything was perfect. Yes – it was all good.



The dinner was ready, the ring was ready, the singers were also present. Why did everything suddenly change within the twinkle of an eye? How did I suddenly lose everything?



“Nooo” I yelled and kicked the flowers in front of me as I felt a sharp pain in my chest.



I guess I’m never lucky when it comes to love.






Zoey’s Pov:


I laid calmly on the bed next to Zosar, my head on his chest while he wrapped his hand around me.



“So, when I had woken up, I found myself in a cell”,I said as I explained my own story to him.



“I had asked after you, but no one replied. Rana came in afterwards and announced your wedding plans to me. She told me you two were getting married, but I couldn’t believe it.



“Later that night, someone miraculously saved me. At first, she was strange to me, but she later identified herself to be Hannah – Hathor’s best friend. I think she had powers because she made the guards sleep and fred me from the cell.



“We ran as fast as we could through the dark woods but unfortunately, the moment came at the wrong time – I got into labour.



“I couldn’t control it, it started raining, everything was so complicated. But, Hannah helped me deliver it. Although it was as painful as your d**k, i still did it”.


I paused and laughed with him.



“You know, when I was pushing, I suddenly thought of you and….when I


screamed your name, that was when the baby came out”.



“Woahhhh! You mean, my name had brought out the baby??” He asked in amusement and I chuckled and tapped his chest.



“So, Hannah had taken me to her house, cleaned me up and the next morning, she gave me an offer to leave the country so I can be free frkm from your father who was probably looking for me. I was reluctantly about the whole thing, but not until I saw you walking into the marriage hail with Rana. It really shattered me and almost took my life and that was when I decided to leave.



“So….that’s it” I continued with a light smile and he sighed.



“Wow! That’s one hell of a story” he said.



“Well, I had woken up that night, I found myself chained in a room. Father had came in and threatened me with your life and that of the baby.



“He asked me to get married to Rana the following morning or you’d both be dead. I had actually refused at first, but right there in my presence, he sent some guards to go chop off your head and present it to me and that was when I knew he was serious. So…I had do it.



“But…that very morning – when I was about getting wedded, s


Naunet’s mother had come out of the crowd and threw a poisoned dagger at me. I passed out and that’s it! I’d woken up just yesterday and the next thing I did was look for my family”, he also concluded with a smile while I blushed.



“I’m sorry, Zoey. Sorry if there was a time I made you feel hurt. It was never in my intentions” he said and I nodded with a smile.



“So…what’s your next plan?” I asked.


“What will you do after now? I mean….going back home?”




“Well…what do you think? Will you be coming with me?”



“Huh?”,I scoffed.



“I’m sorry Zosar. But I don’t think I’ll be able to go back there – not after what they did to me. Your parents almost took my life. To me, they’re heartless and I don’t think I can live with such people”.



“Hey, chill, okay?” He touched my hair and said.


“I’m fine with whatever decision you make. If you wanna stay here, then cool. I’ll stay here with you”.



I looked at him with surprise.



“You’re….really gonna leave your family behind?” I asked.



“You and Axel are family. So, no; I’m with my family already”. He replied and I blushed in a sweet smile.






I adjusted my head on his chest again and we didn’t say any other thing for a while.



“Zoey…” He finally broke the silence with my name.



“Hm?” I mumbled a reply and he lifted my face and kissed me.



“Mm-mm. Don’t even think about it” i said as soon as we broke the kiss.



“Hey, what’re you talking about? Its been five years now” he grouse.



“Five years and so? Please, please, please. Don’t make me kick you out of the bed” I warned.



“Zoeeeey…Come on, what’re you doing?” He asked as he squeezed my butts and I gasped and took my face from his chest.



“Have you gone sane? What’s wrong with you, Zosar? I said don’t touch me”.



“Zoey, come on. Please, just once”.



“What do you mean just once? Is this going to be the first time?”



“Oh, for f**k sake! Please. I promise I’ll be quick and easy. Come on, Zoey”.



“Yeah – that’s all you know how to do – beg, beg, beg around” I hissed at him.



“Yeah, I know and I’m sorry. Just welcome me with it, okay?”



I rolled my eyes as he adjusted and kissed me again.



He held my cheeks with both hands and kissed me roughly.



“I love you, Zoey” he whispered after the kiss and got ontop of me afterwards and I smiled.



I was putting on my pajamas and hastily, he started taking it off.



He loosened the shirt and took it off and after which, took off the trouser and my p*nt.


“Hmm” he hummed in a smile as he stared at my n*ked body.



He spread my legs apart and took off his shirt before fondling with my b**bs.



He squeezed my b**bs roughly and gave my left nipple a little bite.



“Ouch” I hushed and he smiled and s**ked from it.



He s**ked it so perfectly like a child would do to his mother and I found myself holding him tight.



“Uh…” I moaned lightly with my eyes closed.



He left the left b**ast and moved on to the next – providing the same feeling and I brushed my fingers into his hair in ecstasy.



When he was done with that, he started kissing from my chest – slowly, down to my abdomen, my thighs and my heart skipped when I felt him touch there.



I watched him as he placed his head in between my legs and rolled his tongue on my cl*t.



I gasped deeply as he slowly set on it – eating me up.



“Oh my…



“Oh….yea…” I shut my eyes and moaned as I’d almost forgotten the feeling


for five years now.



It turned me on immediately and made me feel like I was gonna cum into his mouth.



He took my whole pelvic into his mouth and suckled it before letting it go and by the time he was done, I was already full of orgasm.



“Still so sweet” he said into my ears as he laid in between me again.



He kissed me for a short time and stared into my face as he unbuckled his belt and took off his trouser.



My heart leapt as I saw the size in front of me – like I’d forgotten what it looked like.



I felt his erection touch my thighs as he used his fingers to touch my v.



He rolled my clit for a while before pushing in two fingers at a time and I flinched.



“Hah!” I gasped at the unexpected action.



He pushed in the fingers roughly and forcefully and made it dance in me.



“Oh, my God! Zosar!” I said in deep breaths and he slipped out the finger.



“Damn it, Zoey! You’re so tight” he said with a smile and kissed me.



He fingered me again while kissing me and I found myself moaning into his lips.



He did it so roughly, but at the same time, enjoyable and I felt I was gonna cum again.



Then, after a while, he brought out the finger and broke the kiss.


I panted as he brought his d**k close to the entrance of my honeypot and teased me with it.



I felt like running mad as the urge for penetration hit at me.



Damn! He’d really turned me on and now, I really needed it.



He smiled and looked into my face as he played with my feelings, rubbing


his d*”k around my entrance.


Huh? What’s he doing?



“Beg me” he whispered.





“Beg me to f**k you”.









Something is about to happen oo


It seems Zosar wants to do a payback.









(Pregnant for a prince)



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