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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 52

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Chapter Fifty Two
Theme: Happy Tears.
Date: 28, September, 2029.
Time: 12:03pm
Location: Foret d’obernai France.
Cara’s Pov:
“Cara wait.” Mr George calls out and I turn and stare at him confused.
“I thought you are all president, I thought you had your citizens best interest in heart.” Mr George asks slightly provoke and I fold my hands below my chest and watch the scene right in front of me.
“Of course we do and that’s why we are renewing the law.” Mr Daniil (President of Russia) says and I resist the urge to slap him.
“If you do have your citizens best interest at heart then you will sign the new law, look around you women are being maltreated.” Mr George yells, he probably wants to knock some sense into the President thick skull.
“What rubbish, no one is being maltreated here, Mr…”
“Are you fu.cking kidding me right now President Danill. Look around you, a man kills his wife, father kills his daughter, son kills mother or sister, and nobody, no one will raise a voice. This law was made to protect the world from the freedom fighters, it wasn’t made to endanger the life of women, no it wasn’t made so women could drown in their own tears. when this law was made back then, if a man kills his wife or daughter he goes to prison for it but now the real reason for the law has been forgotten.” Mr George yells, shaking his head at their nonchalant attitude.
“I killed my four wives.” Henry whispered not loud enough for everyone to hear, his head bowed to the floor.
“Speak up son, you have to yell at them before they will listen to you.” Mr George shouts at Henry.
“I said I killed my four wives and no one said a thing, instead I got pat on my back for being a man but today someone made me realize that being a man doesn’t mean you have to treat your wives like slave that would only leave you regrets and many
more regrets. Women are rare gems, they are not as stupid or weak as you think,
she made me realize that.” Henry says all the while staring at me and so was every
other president eyes, great now I’m in the spotlight. Mr George gave me an eyes
signal to speak.
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I clear my throat and step forward, “while growing up I always had this feeling that the world shouldn’t be the way it was, so I got married against my wish and let the hunger to free women drive me, I found evidence, evidence that was planted by my own husband and when I found out that all, every part of my plan was successful all because of my husband, I felt devastated, I wanted to give up but I didn’t and now you can see the same man who was my enemy is right here in this same room pleading for you all to sign the new law. You call us weakling but we are not, have you ever think that maybe someday your wife could just wake up and decide to poison your food but do you know why they haven’t done is because they have this weird believe that this world it’s a man’s world but if you don’t sign this law believe me you would be sleeping with one eye open.” I paused and look at them, as they whisper amongst themselves.
“You see this is exactly what we are afraid of, if we destroy this law then you women would turn your back on us and try to take over the world just like Tamara Hall Lyles.” Mr Gaspard President of France says.
“Well not this time, they’ll see all of you as heroes who saved them from their miserable life and have you forgotten that Tamara lyles was only able to get a percentage of women in the whole world to fight with her and this only mean a larger population of women didn’t see reason on why they should fight against men. I’m a lady and I’m not fighting you over the ownership of this world all I want is for the women folks to be free. Please do not let women suffer from the mistakes of one woman, please I beg all of you.” I wipe away a stray tear on my face and stare at their faces hoping they would see reasons with me.
“So what do you all say, are you going to continue putting women in harm’s way or are you going to make this world a better place for them.” I asked hopefully.
“I will.” Mr Gaspard says and I smile, I turn to the rest of the presidents having a hopeful smile on my face.
“I will.” President of Denmark says and I smile more broadly and one by one every other president in the room joins in the agreement.
“Well even if say no, it won’t make a difference anymore, seeing you have won every other president in this room over, so I also say yes.” President of Ukraine says with a cheesy smile.
“Well same goes for me to.” President of Nigeria says, wow I really feel tearful right now.
“Steve please pass the document around, Henry, Mr George please help him.” I instruct and the documents was passed around and every president in the room pens down their signature in their own copy giving to them.
“Steve please roll the camera.” I instructs and Steve brought out the small video tape camera.
“Mr Gaspard since we are in your country why don’t you do the honours.” I said chivalrously.
“It would be an honor.” Mr Gaspard replies and steps in front of the camera.
“And we are live in 5 4 3 2 1.” Steve says doing the countdown, once he was done he signals for Mr Gaspard to talk.
“Good day citizens from around the world, I am the President of France and today I bring good news to all your ears. Today 29, September, 2029, marks a day of a new era, a new world. From today henceforth a law has been made, a law that allows women to buy and sell without a man’s permission, a law that does not enslave the women species, a law that gives women their deserve freedom. On this day 29, September, 2029, at exactly 1:01am, I President Gaspard welcome you all to a new world, a world of equality.” He says and signals Steve to cut it off.
This is it, this is all I’ve been fighting for and it’s now a dream come true, I couldn’t hold the tears in anymore so I cried, I let it all out. “Cara are you crying like right now, you just won.” Henry asks giving me a confused stare and I smile at him
through my tears and say. “It’s happy tears, Henry, happy tears.” Then I suddenly felt weak and dizzy, before I knew what was going on, I fell to the floor and I let the darkness consume me.

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