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He Is My Mate – Episode 19

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As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: Vengeance Of The Unknown






Unknown POV


I held a picture of her in my hand and stared at it. She’s really adorable and beautiful just like her mother. I’m such a horrible father, I didn’t even do anything to save her. I recalled when was the last time I saw her and heard her voice… ” Daddy! Daddy! Help me! ”

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” Harieth! Princess, just hold on okay? Daddy’s going to get you… ”


I was about to enter the pack house that was currently on fire but the flames suddenly exploded causing me to fall on ground.


Daddy! ” I can hear my daughter cry but it was too late, the fire was too large and too dangerous. I feel so worthless and useless! I let my daughter die while I did nothing. I’m such a terrible father! I can’t help but to cry and cry as I called out her name but no one replied. She’s gone… My princess is gone…


I’m sorry, princess… ” was all I could say, over and over again. I just cried in front of the burning house as I kneel in front of it.


Where is she? Tell me, where’s our daughter?! ” my wife came and threw tantrums at me. I just remained motionless as she continued punching and hitting me. I deserve this, I deserve this pain rather than my daughter and wife.


Few years pa*ssed, my wife died in devastation and depression. She couldn’t accept our only child’s death. She had problems with her uterus so it was hard for us to have a child and the doctors said she can’t have any children anymore. I became ruthless and heartless when my wife and daughter died. I lost my mate and my child. I worked hard and did everything I can to build my own pack. I attacked and



killed every pack that was involved in my daughter’s death. I did this to avenge my daughter and right now, there’s only one pack left for me to kill. *KNOCK KNOCK*


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My thoughts were disturbed when someone knocked on my door. I immediately placed the picture on my drawer and fixed myself.


Come in… ” I said and the door opened revealing Paul, my beta.


Alpha, she’s here… ” he informed. She’s early today. That’s new.


Let her in, ” I said and a few moments later, she came into my office and didn’t even bother greeting me and directly sat on the chair that was infront of my desk.


Did you do your task? ” I asked her as I arranged the papers that was on my table. I heard her scoff so I glanced at her.


Duhh, I’m getting paid so I needed to do it whether I like it or not, ” she said sarcastically as she crossed her legs. I heave out a heavy sigh and took a sip on my coffee.


By the away, why are you doing all of these things? Your wife and daughter’s dead so there’s no point of doing these things. That won’t bring them back alive.. ” she said as she applied lipstick on her lips. My wolf raged in anger at what I heard and the next thing I knew, I was holding her neck in my hand while I pinned her to the wall.


Watch your mouth, missy. You don’t know who you’re dealing with. ” I said and I released her from my grip before I could kill her. I still need her to do some things that only she can do.


And for your information, my daughter’s alive. And I already found her… ” I said and walked out of my office.


Just a little more, princess. We’re going to see each other again…












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