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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 39

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Chapter Thirty Nine
Theme: Good news.
Date: 26th, April, 2029.
Time: 7:30am.
Location: Tamara’s hideout
Cara’s Pov:
“Cara!!!!” Cheryl screams from behind me and hugs me.
“Too much grip, too much grip and I’m officially choking.” I groan in pain and tried to squeeze out of her agonizing surprising strong hold.
She let’s go of me and then slaps me really hard on my face, well I did not see that coming. “Cheryl.” I exclaim giving her a hurt look.
“Don’t you Cheryl me, do you know how worried I was, how worried everyone was, hell I couldn’t even close my eyes even for a little while last night. I was so scared, I kept on having this weird thought that some wild animal might have digested you, even Sam couldn’t sleep last night. I was so fu.cking scared. you’re the only friend the only sister, family that I have (Cheryl is the only girl in her family, so let’s just say she’s kind of unimportant only her mum is always happy to see her) girl don’t you ever do that again.” Cheryl rants off, tears streams down her face and I hug her and let her get it all out.
“Hey, I’m here now and the next time I need to get some steams off I promise to inform you, Okay.”
“Promise.” She says pouting.
“Pinky promise.” I reply.
“You do know pinky promise is never ever to be broken even after you’re dead.” Cheryl says with a serious face and it took all of me to not fall down and laugh.
“Of course.” I replied hiding a smile and I brought my little finger and joined it with her’s.
“Oh my God did you guys just did a pinky promise.” Tamara asks bewildered placing a hand on her mouth trying to hold back her laughter but she really did a poor job of it, cause she ended up laughing, like really hard, I was gonna join her but a glare from Cheryl made me swallow my laughter.
“The real question here is are you laughing right now.” Cheryl asks more bewildered.
“Oh I thought I was the only one who noticed she never laughed.” I whispered to Cheryl.
“Why would you think that, anyone can noticed she’s always grumpy the closet she has ever been to a smile, is her signature smirk and grin.” Cheryl whispered back.
“Guys I’m right here.” Tamara says.
“Oh we know, that’s why we’re whispering.” Cheryl replies in a duh tone.
“Well when you’re whispering loud , I don’t think it’s considered whispering anymore.” Tamara says and whatever Cherly come back would have been it was cut off by Steve’s dramatic entrance. “Hey the runaway princess is back.” And yeah he pulled me into a very Steve’s original bear hug.
“Get off me, you reek of baby food.” I yell, scrunching my nose in disgust and from my pheripheral vision my eyes lands on Jason, he looks so unkempt, devastated and actually has two black eyes, his eyes meets mine and I looked away quickly.
“Cheryl made me feed Sam and it’s really hard to force food down that boy throat. You know he was more worried than the rest of us and that’s really something considering that was Ethan job, hell Ethan ended up consoling him, you should really talk to him.” Steve’s whispers.
“I don’t know if I’m ready to face him yet.” I whispered back.
“Well why don’t you beat the hell out of him like Ethan did and then the both of you make up, voila.”
“What!!!” I shriek causing everyone to look at me and with a slight apology I turned back to Steve and whisper. “Are you trying to tell me Ethan is responsible for those black eyes.” I question not quite surprised, knowing who Ethan is, like he always feel violence solves everything. Ugh.
“Now that’s the reaction I was hoping for. You care for him Cara, you should talk to him.” Steve’s says and gives me a little reassuring squeeze on my shoulder and walks over to Cheryl.
“Cara so when are you gonna start that fighting classes, cause I might want to join.” Cheryl says and should I say I never expected that.
“What fighting classes.” Steve asked looking so confused.
“Well I realize that if I want to beat Henry at his own game, I might as well know how to defend myself, I need to be on my A game if we’re gonna head to head against them.” I explain shrugging my shoulders.
“Yeah she’s right, Henry and Frederick are really dangerous, we need to make sure the women knows how to defend themselves and no offence but that means you to Steve.” Ethan says walking in casually and should I say he looks really different and not in a good way.
“None taken.” Steve replies shrugging his shoulder.
“No offence brother but I spent a night in a forest with rain beating down on me but I don’t look half bad the way you do. You look like shit.” I exclaim walking over to him.
“Yeah exactly what Cara said, what happened to you.” Cheryl asks and leads Ethan to a nearby couch, her protective mother sides taking over.
Ethan slumps down on the couch looking so defeated, he placed his face on his hands and sigh deeply, when he lifts up his face again and OMG the were actual tears running down Ethan’s face. In this world were I grew up a man doesn’t cry, it’s considered a formidable act, to tell you the truth I’ve never seen men cry, except Steve and Frederick would never count Steve as men.
(Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com “She’s dead.” Ethan whispers loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Who’s dead.” I ask my breath hitched and my mind thinks of my mother immediately.
“My girlfriend, Caroline.” Ethan answers and is it bad that I kind of felt relieved.
“Wait a minute, you have a girlfriend.” Cheryl utters shocked and seriously I’m more shocked than her.
“Yep and I was going to introduce her to everyone but Frederick just had to kill her.”
“Wait are you trying to say you had a girlfriend and Frederick killed her.” I asked unsure what I heard.
“Yes, take a look at this I found this clutched tightly in her cold hand.” Ethan says and gave me a piece of white paper, I take it and opened it then read what’s in it aloud.
“Jeez this is fu.cked up, how disgusting can Frederick gets, having someone seduce your own son and then you kill her, that man needs to die.” I utter with utmost hatred.
“Yeah I know and that’s why we have to give this mission all we’ve got, we have to win this game.” Ethan says determined, then his phone rings, he takes it out of his breast pocket and picks the the call. Whatever the person said at the other end of the line, I presume wasn’t really that much of a good news cause Ethan face contorts into shock.
“Ethan is everything alright, please not another bad news cause at this rate, I might just have a heart seizure.” I said pleadingly.
“Well you must be in luck cause this is not bad news.” Ethan says wide eye.
“Really what is it.” I ask eyeing him.
“Evan is awake.”
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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