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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 19

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Chapter Nineteen
Theme: Tamron Ellis Hall
Date: 20th, March, 2029.
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Jason’s Apartment.
Cara’s Pov:
I laugh my heart out, as Evan narrates how Frederick reacted when he told him I have plans to over throw men. The idiot now feels he can stop me.
You see I made Evan give Frederick that little information, so Frederick will not suspect his sudden closeness to us. Now the old fool thinks he knows all my move, what he doesn’t know is he has a very big surprise coming his way.
“Well guys enough chatting, let’s move to the agenda of the day. I’m sure everybody knows the lady on the screen.” A picture of a woman in prison clothes, display on the screen.
“Isn’t that Tamron Ellis Hall” Steve ask.
“Yep she the one. Jason please do the honours.” I said taking my seat.
Right now we are in Jason apartment. By we, I mean. Mother, Ethan, Evan, Jason, Cheryl, Steve, and of course me. I’ve introduced everyone to everyone. So they all aquatinted. Though for some reason Steve and Ethan is giving Jason the judging stare.
“Tamron Ellis Hall, Got arrested in the year 2010 for rebelling against men. She’s currently in Rikers island, serving her jail term.” Jason explains.
“Soooo, what about her.” Cheryl ask bored. Why is she even here, let me think because she’s my best friend.
“We’re going to rescue her.” I state simply.
“What!!!” Ethan and Steve shrieks.
“Tamron is considered one of the biggest criminal in the country and you want to get her out of jail.” Steve raves.
“Yes.” I answer simply.
“Evan say something.” Ethan say something.
“Well I think is kind of fun.” Evan says causally.
“What!” Ethan blinks.
“What, there is nothing wrong with the whole rescue plan.”
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“There’s everything wrong with it. Rikers island, is heavily guarded, not to mention their high tech weapons, more than 20 police officer are always on patrol. How do you guys intend to infiltrate it.”
“I’ve done my research Ethan, I’m not stupid.” Ethan and Steve stares at me for a while not backing down, I return both their stares not backing down either. After a while Ethan and Steve sighs in defeat and backs down.
“Boys place you behind back on your sits. Jason please.” My mum who has been quite all this while orders. Jason gives her a little smile of appreciation and continues.
“So here’s the plan.”
“So do you think this will work” Jason ask. The meeting just came to an end, everyone has left except me. I stayed back to help Jason with the cleaning of his apartment.
“I’m confident it will. ” I reply picking papers from the floor and throwing it into a trash bag.
“Hmm someone has a lot of confidence, some might call it over confidence.” Jason says dropping his trash bag and walks over to me, his brown eyes smirking.
“What can I say I don’t come up with foolish plan, and beside you said it’s full proof.”
“I guess I did. Wine.” Jason yells above his shoulder walking towards his mini bar.
His eyes roams on the different range of drinks on his bar, waiting for my answer.
“Yes please.” I sigh plopping down on his side sofa.
Jason thinks for a moment before coming to a decision and picks, Martini. He takes two wine glass along well it and walks back to me.
He pours wine into the two glasses and hand one over to me and I accept it.
“Thanks.” I said appreciatively, sipping from my glass of wine. The taste is out of the world, nothing like those fancy wine’s Henry has in his wine cellar.
“I have to say you have really good taste.” I raise my eye brow at him playfully.
“I do have lots of surprise. You know sometimes it’s not good to be overconfident, anything can happen.” His eyes bores into mine intensly, his eyes pass on the message ‘watch your back’. A wave of nauseous runs through my body.
“Noted.” I managed a smile. I gazed back at him, getting lost in his eyes. His eyes stare back at me.
I can’t tell who made the first move but I just found myself running my fingers in Jason sleek brown golden hair, kissing him. Fuck.

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