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Haunt By Love – Episode 7

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✅Episode 7 ✅












Derrick alighted the car with his mom who looked just like him, looking at the old woman one will possibly know that she’s suffering from a serious problem.


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Derrick proceeded inside with the help of the money handsome gave him, he proceeded in signing all the require documents, and after some procedures his father was released to him which he took him home.




Dera could be seen with her fellow friends who were busy smoking cigarettes which she Dera joined in the act allowing herself to be high.


Dera was on white sleeveless top, Amanda and Ella sat opposite her.


“Babe you no even us about that gohr billionaire boo “Ella began in pidgin


“He’s just trying to play smart, I’ll show him am more smarter than him ” Dera said puffing out smoke


“Trust you bae ” Amanda added




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Patricia had been hiding from Mike’s eyes due tl what transpired between the two of them which she’s trying really hard not be harm by Mike.


“Son you’ve been acting strange since morning, whats the matter ” Mrs Ellison asked checking his body temperature like a caring mother.


“I’m fine mom” he replied and stood ul with his drink and then walked inside to avoid further questions.





Mr Ellison noticed that Patricia is not as active as before which made him wondered if she’s well or she wants to leave the house.


Patricia stood before Mr Ellison who summoned her through the hell lf other maids. Mike watched from the window promising to pay her back for what she did to him.


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@generalloaded.com “You sent for me sir” she greeted


“Patricia what’s the problem with you “? He asked as Patricia wondered what caused the sudden unexpected question.


“Sir I’m fine “she lied


“Just feel at home, anything that’s bothering just let me know. I’m just like a father to you. Always feel free to share your problem with me as a father ” Mr Ellison said


“Thank you sir ” she replied but feeling the urge to tell him about Mike’s issue but decided to keep mute and walked away.




This Patricia is being treated like a queen by Oga, and she’s even feeling big. If care is not taken Oga dong knack am “Amanda whispered to Lara who warned her not to say that again.


“What if they hear you now Amanda “? Lara asked.


“Leave that side ” she waved out the question. Just then Patricia walked to where they were.


“Miss universe in Ellison’s house ” Amanda greeted clapping her two hands and laughing



“What’s the meaning of that Amanda? Watch your tongue ” Patricia said angrily pointing her index finger at her and walked away shaking been butt.


“You see am”? She said clapping her both hands laughing walking to her duty post and resumed her duty.




Ana dressed up quickly after school hours just to go to hustle for her survival, she grabbed her small bag that contain need stuff and other girls stuffs, and left the house heading to her work place for the day just to feel relaxed.


“I’m leaving now Rose” zhe said on phone and ended the call walking out of the house.




Derrick and the whole family arrived home safely after the whole issue for police cell, Derrick alighted the cab followed by the mother and father, he paid the cab man and walked inside.


“Derrick,thank you son ”


“Save your strength dad and get some rest ” Derrick Said and walked inside leaving the two couples all alone.


“Thank you darling for the support ” Mr Eric Said


“Welcome darling ” the wife replied embracing him as they both walked inside to meet junior smiling.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




“You come today or never ” the voice came again on Derrick’s phone after receiving the unknown number that called him again the previous day.



“Please send the address I’ll be there soon ” Derrick replied as a text massage popped into his phone after few minutes of ending the call, without time wastage he dressed up in a simple code just like a gentle man, grabbed his phone and leave the house.




Ana arrived her work place and meet the mistress just at the entrance, she greeted and proceeded to the inner room to change up.


“Good day ma’am ”


“Welcome Ana ” she replied without looking at her checking her time to see that Ana always keeps to time.




Derrick got down from the car tk behold the magnificent building that stood before which had the address number which was sent to him, without time wastage he proceeded inside. The inside looked so beautiful and magnificent, securities were tight as one of them directed Derrick to where he was going since he told him his direction.


Derrick got to his direction, he met Miss Angelina met him.


“Are you Mr Derrick “? She asked him instantly


“Yes ma’am I am ” he replied


“Welcome dear, let’s go to my office “she said taking the lead while Derrick followed from behind.




“How can I possibly get rid of this madness cause I’m becoming mad ” handsome


said to himself sitting in the sitting room receiving the cool breeze that blew from


the inside.










To be continued






What madness is handsome referring to??


What is Derrick doing there? What’s hi mission??


Who is Dera??


What next will happen next??


Will Ana finally accepted her heart?







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