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His New Secretary – Episode 9

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Episode 9

Ella’s POV

I can’t believe he tried to hurt himself self yesterday for what I didn’t know. His face was somewhat scary but I risked my life,. Imagine I detest blood but yesterday was different I was so confident and not afraid, only determine to save my ass of a boss .


I badly need to rest right now and go see mum later . No work because it’s Sunday .

I climbed my bed immediatetly I ate pasta as breakfast ready to go back to sleep…

Don’t blame me , I love sleeping a lot I mean I can even sleep walk if that’s


possible .

I jolted from my sleep by the ringing of my phone while I groaned and search for it on the bed ..


I don’t think it will be Lia because we don’t have any plans for today and neither will it be Jeanne as she don’t have my number.

I picked the phone sleepily without checking the caller ID.

Hello .

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I said sleepily








Ms Carter I need you in the office immediatetly.




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I know it was that arrogant rich and grumpy man as I heard his voice








Have you forgotten what today is Reed?





I asked








I’m your boss and you don’t have the right to address me by my name . He said








I’m sorry to crush your ego but we are not in the office so you are not my boss right now .





Stupid I said I need you in my office.








Today is Sunday not Monday.





I replied








Quit it Ms Carter I Know but we have unfinished work to be done before tomorrow so I need you here to assist me





I’m busy I can’t come








Then consider your mum dead , you know what I can do








What? Are you crazy ? How will you threaten me before I help you?








You expect me to beg you? That will only happen in your dream . Get here before the next 15minutes .








He ordered and hung up.





What type of human being is he ?





I lazily stood from the and wore my dress without thinking of bathing .





It involves my mum’s life , I know that bitch can kill her without thinking twice .





I took the nearest cab and headed to the company, today that I thought I was free . I mean who works on Sunday even if the have left over works ?





“We are here ma’am” the chauffeur said .





I alighted and paid him his money before entering inside ..





It doesn’t just feel alright that it will be only me and him in this whole building. Not that I’m scared of anything happening but just feeling insecure , that man won’t





mind murdering me here and throw my body away without anyone knowing .








I took the elevator and arrived at his door and entered into the office without informing him ..





Is that how you badge into someone’s office ?” He asked





The last time I checked , I mustn’t knock before entering your office ” I replied and rolled my eyes .





We will get back to that later but for now , sit down let’s get to work immediatetly” he said while I did that .





This files needs to be arranged orderly before I can be able to present it tomorrow at the meaning and I expect you to be done doing that in 30minutes ” he said and throw the files in my front .





What the heck! The files are so bulky





How did you expect me to finish that in just 30minutes ” I asked





“That is not my business” he replied without raising his head from the laptop. Seriously? I picked the files and head out to my office





Where did you think you are going to?” he queried . I’m seriously fed up with his command








To my office of course” I replied





Not happening, I want to watch you do it here “he said while I sighed .





This man is really a dickhead . I sluggishly walked back to his front and sat down .





It really gonna be a long day I guess .





I began arranging the files so quickly, it’s up to 200pages and there are scattered . Like the numbers are missed up















Finally” I yelled in excitement while I glared at the figure in front of me .





Here it is ” I said and pushed them to his front.





Good ” he said while flipping the pages





Can I go now ?” I asked , I need to go see mum before evening.





Not yet , you still have a work to do ” he replied and smirked .





Which is ?” I asked





You will have to satisfy me sexually and it’s now ” he said and walked towards me ..






























Unknown POV





I was having my brunch when a call came in . Oh ! It’s my agent. Could it be that he has found them ? I pray it is .





I picked up the call ready to here a good news








Yes any news about them?





I asked straight forwardly .








Yes sir , I just discovered that they moved back to South Korea sir








What ? Korea ?








Yes sir .








You know what , inform the pilot to get the jet ready , we will be going there first thing tomorrow morning





Okay sir, I will.





He said and hung up. That’s a relief thou disappointed, it’s better than no news .





At least we can trace them if we get to South Korea.





But why did Nora moved back home after 22years ?





Or is it that she has forgotten about what I did to her ?





I just need to go and find them soon , my precious daughter..

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