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All For Love♥ – Episode 68

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Edward: I know you love me, so its not nessassary


Anita: you might not really like what i am about to say


Edward: hmmm, go on let me check out for my self


Anita.: i fell in love with ….


. I Dont know how to start


Edward,: go on any how


Anita: few years back, i fell in love with A guy i loved so much with my life, then, i thought nothing can seperate us; he promised to marry me while i promised to wait for him till he gets money, things fell apart after he travelled to south africa, he promised to be back within six months but before that six months, we recieved a report that he died including his friend, he traveled with


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. I wept so bitterly that i even made a tumb for him at the back of our house. Now he has returned to Nigeria and of recent he told me that its his friend who died not him, according to him he still wants me thats why he came back to nigeria , with the way things is, i think my heart still beats for him and i love him.


. Edward’s face grew tall and red as he asked


– Edward: and so what is that suppose to mean?


Anita!: i know it will be hard for you believe me it is also hard for me, especially remembering the promise i made to him, forgive me at this juction, i think the only option here for us is to break up .

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Edward: what!!!!!


– He screamed not believing his ears


– Anita..: i am really sorry the way it sounds


Edward : just tell me you are joking and stop this useless dramitical joke!

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Anita: i really mean what i said, lets break up


EDward: Anita please don’t do this. You know i loves you so much


Anita.: yes, buh love is not what we can control that easily


Edward; is he forcing you?. I think i should teach him a lesson


Anita: no eddy , you don’t have to. My heart beats for him


– Edward was totally disappointed, he felt tears clouding his eyes and he fought hard not to let it drop.


– Edward: Anita look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me again.


– with out a single delay, she replied with an eye fixed on his


-Anita.: i love you but i loves him more


-The tears he has been trying to withhold fell of his eyes and started flowing down his cheek


– Edward.: all i need is for you to tell me you dont love me so i will be out of your life for ever


– she faced the table with a very sad face , a drop of tears break through from her eyes to the table too.


– Anita.: i dont love you


Edward: what is it that this Guy have that i don’t have? Is is fame? Is it money? Is he more handsome? Haven’t you seen my six packs, broad chest and wide shoulders?


Anita: you are very handsome . But Its not about those qualities. Its about love.


Edward: you know what Anita, go to hell with that demon; who cares!


– he said with venom in his speech as he slammed the table angrily and then left like a flash with out even settling the waiter, shaa Anita was equal to the task.


* * * * *


Rose was in the bar with some of her friends, Nora, Martina and betty, chating drinking and having Good time together


– Betty.: if you see the kind of wrist watch he bought for me, he bought it for 50k but i rejected it Nora: but why? Betty: its too cheap for me to use but shaa i accepted it when he promised to buy better one next time.


Rose.: see you this girl, you love expensive things


Betty: trust me nah, i am the original and expensive bae


Nora: nah wa o!


Martina. : you guys should take a look at that guy sitting over there, he has been drinking since we came here and i guess, he is already drunk, no doubt the issue dealing with him is love .


She said pointing far opposite of her as the others turned around to take a view, immidiately rose recognised him and said; .


Rose: i think i know



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