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Angela – Episode 20

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Chris sat in his room restless, he cried out his

eyes, after much struggle with the police yet he

wasn’t allow to see Angela, not even to know

how she was doing. The door went opened and

Christie entered, she sat down beside him on the

floor and held his hand.

”Chris how it feels to see the one you love most

in that condition even thou you knew she was

innocent, am really sorry for all that happen. But

just know that i will be right by your side,” she

said in a low tone.

”to hell with you and everyone! just let me be,

allow me think on how to help my Angela,” he

yelled at her, his eyes were red and has swollen

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he must have cry for such a long time.

Christie has never seen him so angry that way

she quickly stood up and left to avoid more of

his shouting. Chris got himself drunk each day

and night he felt so stupid for not been able to

do anything to help Angela out of the jail, he

really want to save her but no evidence or any

reasonable prove. It seems everything is just




Angela was still at the cell alone, she gripped the

iron bars of the cell and cried out, her hands

slipped down from the bars and she slide down

to the floor and cried audibly. She was just alone

and wondered if she was actually born to suffer

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like this, she remembered about Elsa and that

makes her cry she vow to make the person who

kill Elsa pay for his deed but was worried how

could she even do that while she was locked and

no one to even visit her, she knew all hope is

gone but believe things can change atimes.


Chris was still in his room and hate to see

anyone around him, he’s dad was so much

worried about his behavior and scolded him the


”I’ve told you earlier that girl is good for nothing

Criminal and i would never accept a murderer in

my own house how can she be so heartless to

kill her best friend and you still expect your mom

to defend her in court,” his dad yelled at him.

”dad enough! if you have nothing to say just

forget you ever have a son name Chris,” Chris

yelled, that was the very first time he yelled at

his dad as he quickly picked up his car key and

hurriedly left the house in anger.

His mom was so worried but he assured her

Chris will come back himself and receive some

slaps for walking out of him.


Chris settled at the bar and go himself so drunk,

later on he carried his car key and went back to

his car the zoomed off.


The next day in the morning His parents were so

much worried, because it was almost getting to

ten he haven’t arrive home. Just some few

minutes later they were call to meet him at the

city hospital. Christie was so much worried about

that. They quickly rushed to the hospital and

asked about his condition.


They went to his ward and found him lying down

with a bandage round his head, he was awake

but felt so weak.

”doctor how is he? his dad asked.

”am sorry but he sustains an injury in his brain

due to the sharp hit to the head and this could

shake the brain and lead to Amnesia,” the doctor

explained further.

”i don’t understand doctor you mean Memory

loss? Chris can’t just forget about everything,”

said Christie her eyes clouded up with tears.

”how are you feeling son? His mom held his

hand as she sat down beside him.

‘mom, dad,” he called out in a low tone.

”what! Doctor i guess he knows all of us,” she

said so happy.

”please Chris don’t try to hurt yourself like this,”

Christie held his hand softly.

”Christie..” he called out.

”he need some rest, to reduce much stress,” the

doctor said then left.


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Chris was fully awake and knows everyone

around him but they notice something he didn’t

ask about Angela and that might be the person

he won’t able to remembered.

Chris mom went to the doctor office to hear

much from him.

”doctor, i guess he couldn’t remembered one

person,” said his mom.

”and who is that? the doctor asked.

”it Angela his girlfriend whom he love so much i

guess he had this accident with her thought in

his mind,” she said.

”that explains everything and it will be so

difficult for him to remember her ever again, it

will gonna take much time but their’s a way we

can help…

”no doctor i pray he’ll never remember her again,

i will handle that myself,” she said.


Chris was discharged home and he could still

remembered his room, he remembered

everything but unfortunately he don’t even

remember Angela again.

His mom has packed all of Angela’s photos in

his room and get them burn, she make sure she

delete each and every photo of Angela in his

phone and also laptop so that he’ll never get to

see things about her that will mistakenly make

him remember..


Chris was done having dinner with his family, he

walked out and sat on the swing bed by the pool

alone Christie also went to him to make him get

used to her since he

could no longer remember Angela.

”Chris,” she sat close to him.

”everything is perfect now, am actually back for

you, i thought you’ve forgotten all the sweet

memoeries we shared,” she smiled.

”how can i ever forget that Christie,” he said

holding her hands.

”i love you so much Chris,” she hugged him so




Fiona stood admiring herself in the mirror and


”everything is over now, if i can’t have Chris,

Angela has no right to have him too, good i’ve

sent her to jail for such a very long time,” she

smile to herself.




Mr and Mrs Peterwerth came up with an idea for

Chris and Christie to leave right away, to start a

new life at Switzerland so that nothing of any

kind will ever make him remember

Angela. That was a right decision, they thought

and they all agreed to it.

. Immediately Mr. Peterwerth arrange for their

leaving and the following week They decided to

leave right away. Chris was glad about that and

he was planning to get

himself in a music school and continue with his

music while Christie was also happy because she

knew Chris will all be hers.

They arrived at the airport and Chris wave bye to

his parents, they went in and took their seat and

the plane waste no time in gravitating skyward.

Chris look at his

parent who stood at the patio, waving

benevolently. He did likewise in response.


Angela heart was more than shattered she felt

something was wrong somewhere and couldn’t

place it but hope everything will be well with her

Chris. Her heart was more

than shattered, it is destroy. She tried so hard to

be strong but yet she have no one to be their for

her, no one to advise her, no one to tell her you

can still make

it, no one to say their’s still hope for you, she felt

so rejected and felt all hope is GONE!!!.





Chris and Christie arrived, it was a very cold

country with snow falling they already put on

their heavy long jacket.

Christie showed him her home and invite him to

come over to visit her family. They warmly

welcome him and had dinner together. It was a

very large family with her cousins, grandparents,

aunties and uncles and some of the little kids

They were all funny and Chris really enjoyed

jisting with them. It was such a huge family


Christie took him to his room.

”you can sleep here tonight,” she smiled.

”thank you Christie, is so much fun to be with

you here and also your family, what a very full

family, so funny you know,” he smiled removing

his jacket then sat on the large bed

Christie sat down near him on the bed and

showed him their childhood photos. It was their

album she kept for such a very long time.

”wow!”, he smiled. ”you still have this,” he


”i so much value the memory we had together,

Chris don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our promise

to each other,” she asked looking closely at him.

”of course not, i remember everything, your fear

of spiders, those days we go to hills together,

play at the garden, walked to school together

and the kiss, it was so childish but yet so sweet

and amazing,” he said smiling.

”of course you did remembered everything and

am so glad about that, i love you Chris,” she

smiled staring closer at him.

Chris held her closely and kissed her deeply on

the bed until they heard a knock at the door and

Christie quickly went to check on the person, it

was Sarah a little

girl of ten years, she’s the daughter of Christie’s


”aunt Christie you’re needed at the balcony,” she

said and wonder what she was doing with Chris

alone in the room.

”Sarah, we have a new visitor here, he’s Chris,”

Christie introduce.

really! good day sir,” she greeted.

”hi pretty, am Chris you can call me that,” he


”and am Sarah,” she replied back smiling.

”Chris we gat lots of children in this house,

tomorrow am gonna introduce you to them,

believe me you’ll gonna like it,” said Christie.

”well goodnight, i need to go,” Christie smile at

him and he smile back at her. Christie held

Sarah’s hand and left still smiling…





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