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All For Love♥ – Episode 39

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Edward left Armand house to live with Johnson.


There he met with Nikky his step sister who was very much delighted to see him.


All through her life, the only person that was always close to her was just her father only.


She heard that her mother died while giving birth to her and her father also has declined the idea of getting another wife for himself.


Edward was also happy to meet her and with all full joy they lived together happily.


Nikky celebrated her birth day party as had planned and Edward entertained the guest with a wonderful songs.


He did composed a sweet birth day song for his beloved sister and dropped the track on that very day.


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Every one was present to witness the party both Sandra and Charles.


Nikky just finished her secondary school and came out in flying colors, she sat for JAMB together with Edward and they both made it and got admission into the university.


Nikky was studying Law while Edward was studying accounting.


Soon they got through and graduated from the university together.


Now, Edward was able to fulfil his dreams he thanked God very much for showing him all those blessings.


One more thing he did never forget his mother.


He pays her grave a visit at least once in a month to drop flower for her.


As a matter of fact, after his service, he did not have to look for job because job was already looking for him.


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His father owns a company which was famous in the country.


He was made the managing director of the company by his father because he trusted him very much to be an honest, up right, out standing, diligent and hard working man.


More so apart from all these features he possessed he has right over the company as the first and only son.


One day, he was having cool time with Thomas his best friend when he received a call. from his secretory who informed him that he has a meeting to attend and they are already waiting for him


. . .


***** Mr. Titus *****


His company has been facing alot of challenges despite how many times he had tried to to loan .


He did not know how to manage the company’s affairs that’s why they keep running shortage and he keeps borrowing.


He had already collected a loan from different banks and was yet to pay.


Presently, he came to know of a company very famous and wealthy.


He thought of either buying shares from them or them buying shares from him. This was the start of his plan to dupe extort them.


He had already gone but was told to come back the following week so that the managing director will access his request and which he had came sitting with the staffs of the company waiting for the managing director to arrive. .


– Mr. Titus: what is keeping him so long? He asked after several minutes of waiting.


Glory: he will be here soon. YoU know he is a very busy man sir.


– Edwards assistant replied.


Not long he (Edward) appeared and every one rose up to greet him apart from Mr. Titus who was obviously drowning in the sea of surpriseness


– Mr. Titus: is this trash the managing director? (He asked directing the question to glory.)


Glory: yea he sir Edward. The managing director of this company. (She replied.)


– Edward at his own was also surprise to see him.


. He wondered what on earth will bring him there. By the way he pretended very well to be happy when deeply in his heart was very furious at him. He manage to give up a smile as he greeted.


Edward: hello Mr. Titus. Nice to meet you in my territory.


Then he gave out a laughter which inched Mr. Titus in the heart. .


Mr. Titus: what the hell are you doing here?


– He asked angrily – Edward: i should be the one to ask you that! Edward shouted back.


– All the staffs at that moment was very surprise at the both of them – glory: sir did you know him? (SHe directed to Edward.)


Edward: yea, i know him very well to be a mor…….


Mr. Titus: cutting in) enough!!! Lets go into the meeting.


Then every body sat down and got ready for the meeting… . .

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