Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 5) Episode 1 - 39

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 80

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The following day, I was just bored and worried at home, I just sat down and began to flash back to all that happened during the week. I thought of bimpe’s accusations against betty, I thought of betty’s decision to travel to Abuja and how the incident matched what bimpe told me, I thought of bimpe’s past bad record of evil , I thought of her recent love feelings towards me, I thought of what segun told to me and I was just confused.

“Could this be true?”

” What if betty is actually dating another guy?”

” What will then be my fate?”

” Is betty hiding something?”

” Will the dream scope of segun work?”

” What if she broke the news to me that it is real?”

” What do I do next?”

” Will bimpe be an alternative?”

“Will I start girl-hunting all over again?”

Different thoughts and question began to flood my heart and I was getting confused the more. I looked at the clock and it was 7am, I picked my phone and wanted to call betty, I just don’t know where to start from and how to present and arrange the dream, I had to drop my phone again to engage in another round of thinking.

At few minutes to 8am, betty called me and I was afraid to pick up because I still don’t know how to present the dream or react to her on phone. After the fifth missed call, she sent me a text telling me she had left home for ikorodu. I remained silent and moody inside the room and decided to watch a movie. I was watching the movie until around 12pm when Adebimpe initiated a chat and I responded, I began to flow along with her chat and before I knew it, I was already two hours gone on the keypad, I was just smiling and laughing as bimpe was cracking so many jokes and I reciprocated, I suddenly found adebimpe interesting on chats that I was carried away and I forgot that she was once my sworn enemy.

At around 3pm, I decided to call betty and apologised for not picking her calls on the grounds that my cousin took my phone out, I tried breaking the dream to her but I found my heart skipping beats and I decided to let it go that day.

The following week, I resumed back to the bank and continued with my project and working well to meet up with the daily targets and to also get along with funmilayo my boss whom I stayed at her entrance. During break on Wednesday in one of my chat sessions, betty told me she would be travelling on friday morning.

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ME: friday morning? That’s next tomorrow?


BETTY: yes dear, I will definitely miss you honey


ME: sweetheart, I will miss you more. I don’t even know how to cope with your absence.


BETTY: don’t worry dear, I will be back soonest


ME: when will you be back?


BETTY: can’t really say, but at most, I will stay for two weeks.


ME: ok dear. That reminds me.


BETTY: what is that dear?

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ME: *** gathered courage*** I had a terrible dream about us last night.


BETTY: terrible dream?, tell me about it dear


ME: I saw an old man whom I suspected to be your father, he was wearing the same native dress with another man, I also saw another young man and the four of you are seated in a big parlour.


BETTY: what happened next?


ME:, the first man handled you over to the second man and the young boy, then I entered the room. I asked you what was going on and you told me you have been handled over to your the son of your father’s friend for marriage. I tried protesting but the four of you chased me out and I sat down outside and began to cry. That was when I woke up.


BETTY: *****silent with no response after reading*********


ME: hello!!!!!!!, hello!!!!!!!!!!!!.


After waiting for about 4 minutes without response, I decided to call her om phone.


ME: hello betty


BETTY: ****faint voice***** hello onihaxy,


ME: what happened, you aren’t responding on chats again, what happened?


BETTY: nothing, I was just speechless and don’t know what to type.


ME: you are speechless?, betty, what is going on.


BETTY: onihaxy, there is something I want to tell you, but please, wait till I’m back from Abuja,


ME: huuuuh, betty, why not now dear?, you know I hate suspense.


BETTY: just be patient, when I return, I will tell you everything.


ME: is it related to my dream?


BETTY: just wait till then.


ME: ok dear

*****what could this girl want to tell me?, can this be true?, haaaaaa, it seems bimpe was right!!!!, what could the suspense gist be all about??********

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