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Episode 11


© Simrah Saeed


✨ Ryan ✨



” Are you okay Mara ?” I asked trying to hoped my laughter stopping the car too. I know it sounds crazy that I’m taking side with June but I have a plan …


It feels good to see my Mara jealous showing how much she loves me.


I’m sure June kissed me to piss her off and I’m going to retaliate for her I turned to her seeing she’s tryna be strong holding back her tears ..


A feeling of guilt washed over me .

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In the quest of making her jealous, I made her cry . Aren’t I a bad boyfriend?


” Goodness! Mara are you okay? Why are you crying?” She glared at me before throwing her face out of the window sniffing..


I stood up trying to hold her hand but she pushed me away


” I… I’m fine ” she managed to say without sparing me a glance


I made her sad and angry !


What do I do?




” She’s fine, just let her be ” June interrupted my thoughts.. She’s the cause of all this.

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I gave her a scornful look shutting her up


Seeing my Mara this way breaks my heart and both Nina and Nate will kill me if they gets to know I made her sad


” Can we go already? She’s off no importa..” I gave her a thunderous slap before she could finish her statement .


How dare she says my girlfriend is not important?


I hate it when I’m angry but this bitch just touched the lion’s tail .


She gasped holding her cheeks



” Y….you slapped me? ” She asked with wide eyes as Mara stared at us mouth agape .


I can go extra miles for her


” I will do that again if you don’t get the damn out of my car this minute, did you know that my girlfriend means a lot to me? The fact that I let her sits at the back doesn’t make you the queen of my heart giving you the audacity to call my her names ”


” When next you try that shit, I will make sure you don’t go back to your parents alive. You are so lucky I don’t touch women else , I could have given you the beating of your life before pushing you out of my car now out!” I pushed her against the closed door before getting out from my side ..


If she can’t come down herself then, to have to help her .


I forcefully opened the door dragging her out roughly .


” I don’t want to ever see you near me or my girlfriend again understood?”


She fell on the floor while I smiled devilishly..


” Did you understand?” I asked again impatiently


This time around Mara came down from the car


” It’s okay Ryan let her go please ” Her tiny voice echoed in my ear .


She held my hand releasing June from my grip .


I can see the hatred in her eyes but she didn’t show it


” Please go June right ?” She said to her who stood up running off but not before shooting daggers at my Mara .


If she comes inches close to her , I will deal with her. That’s a promise


I held Mara’s hand preventing her from walking off .


” I’m sorry love bug , I admit I was being foolish please forgive me baby ” I took her up in a bridal style sitting hee beside me . Her right position




” That’s for toying with my feelings ”







” that’s for letting another girl kiss you aside me ”


I stared at her bewildered finding it hard to believe she just gave me two echoing slaps..


Ouch! It really hurts but I deserve it ….


” I’m sorry baby ” I hugged her inhaling her scent. She always smells nice …


” You are forgiven but the next time you try that, I won’t spare you ” she said


I growled before starting the car


I wish I gave June more than a slap, I just received double ..


” Thank you Love bug ” I kissed her forehead.


She’s such a drama queen












” Hand me my veggies Nina ” I ran after her


” Don’t be a stingy bhabi, we are celebrating for ending our exams ” she said dumping them inside her mouth


” And you have to use my veggies for the celebration? If you finish it I’m gonna cut your hair in the mid night ” i threatened


” You can’t do a thing Mara ”


I began dragging the bowl with her till it poured over us


Ahh! This woman is crazy …


I’m going to miss her during the holidays..


Heck I will miss my Ryan more ..


I’m sure going to have a boring holiday without him with me


We will be going home tomorrow and we are from different cities.. They live in Karachi while I live in the main city of Pakistan


Thou they promised to visit once in a while


” Look what you’ve caused Mara, I won’t let me have most of the stains ” with that she poured the remaining bowl of veggies over my head and ran away ….


Oh my! I look like a mess right now, it’s like I got pepper in my eyes too…


Nina is such a devilish player


I slowly began walking to my dorm when I bumped into Nate and Ryan


” What the hell, who did this to you?” Ryan asked seeing me in such a mess ” Who else if not your crazy sister, all my body is peppery ”

Nate burst out laughing while I nudged him


” Nina, God” he said still laughing


” You are laughing at me right? Don’t worry your Nina your girlfriend will playfully make you go blind one day ” I rolled my eyes


” Let’s get you cleaned up baby, and Nate make sure you inform Nina I will be coming for her ”






” Did we need to go for this holiday?” Ryan groaned while I chuckled..


He’s been saying this since we woke up this morning


” Of course yes, we have no choice babe ”


” I really don’t want to leave you ”



” I’m always im your heart amor love ”


” I won’t see your adorable face ”


” Skyping will help ”


” I won’t get to touch you ”


” Baby ” I called and sighed…


I will miss him too, but we don’t have any option and of course the management won’t let us stay in the school here


” I will miss you ” he said kissing my earlobe..


He grabbed me to himself with my legs round his waist as we kissed lovingly … I’m so lucky to have him….


Our make out got intense .


He dropped me on the bed climbing on to me ….


” I want to have a private time with you love bug ” he said caressing my inner thigh…


I don’t understand what he meant but I Know he will not hurt me right?


And talk if sex, he hasn’t demanded for it like other guys do … Maybe be he wants me to make a move or maybe he wants it now…..











Mr Flirt

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