Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 9) Episode 1 - 24

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 215

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My visa was ready two weeks before the wedding, Betty had finally moved over to a new city in United Kingdom and she had gotten a job with a consultant firm. she told that she had also planned and arranged for a front desk job for me with which I could resume and manage with, pending the time that a bigger offer would come. All thanks to Henry who paid for the new accommodation, my visa application and some other things to make the whole process easier for us. Adebimpe also tried and contributed to the success by arranging the hotel venue for the reception.
I resigned at the bank a week to my wedding and my colleagues did a befitting send forth for me. Funmi’s eyes were almost soaked with tears as I submitted my resignation letter to her. For the very first time in history, Funmi stood up from her chair and hugged me so passionately. The gossip crew also hugged me one after the other and they all told me that they would miss me. “I will also miss you too” was the response I gave to them all as we closed for business that day. while driving back home, I received a text from Funmi telling me to make sure I visit her home before I finally depart from Nigeria and I was wondering what she wanted again. Probably the last sex I guess. I got home that day and I began to reminisce about my work place.
“ I can’t believe I finally resigned from the bank”
“ So, I won’t be seeing my boss Funmilayo again?”
“ I won’t get to see my colleagues again?”
“ I won’t get to see the gossip crew again”
“ I will finally Re-Unite with my dearest Betty”
“ We are going to live together and forever”
“ Far away where my father in-law and my rival wont disturb us”
“ where I will be finally free from Adebimpe”
“ where I will leave the rest of my life in peace and love”
Three days before the event, Betty arrived from United Kingdom; she stayed over at Henry’s house and only came over to my house when my family alongside with Segun was around when it was a day to the wedding. She was loved by everyone and I was so happy. When she was returning back to Lekki that evening, Segun and I walked her to the spot where she packed the pathfinder jeep she came with. I have always seen the car at their compound in Lekki and that was why I didn’t bother to ask where she got the car from. When she was about to leave, we had a conversation.
SEGE: hmmm Betty. Finally, you will be stealing my friend away from me tomorrow
BETTY: abi oooo.
SEGE: so, when are you guys travelling to the UK?,
ME: immediately after our Honeymoon.
SEGE: you mean you will be having your honeymoon here in Nigeria?
BETTY: yes.
SEGE: don’t you think it is dangerous and risky?, the news might go viral that you are married and your father or your ex-husband might start hunting for you guys. Don’t you think it’s safer and better to travel the next day after the wedding?
ME: ***took a deep breath***
BETTY: Onihaxy, uncle Segun has a point oooo, or what do you think?
ME: I think he is right.
BETTY: no problem, I will tell my brother about it when I bet back home.
SEGE: how far with the people that will stand as your parent at the registry and reception?
BETTY: yes, I have made arrangement for that, my friend’s parents here in Lagos will do that.
SEGE: ok, hope they won’t break the news to your father?
BETTY: they don’t know my family, I just told them I have no parent and I want their help and they agreed.
SEGE: that’s cool then, let us just pray that there will be no violence tomorrow. My mind isn’t just at rest.
BETTY: I pray so. Let me break a secret to you uncle Segun
SEGE: what is that?
BETTY: my bestie will be in Nigeria tomorrow.
ME: who is your bestie?
BETTY: Sandra of course
SEGE: ***screamed*** yeeeeeeee, and she never told anything as at yesterday when we had a conversation
BETTY: she just wanted to make it a surprise. She knows about everything and she is part of my plan. Onihaxy, she hates your rival with passion.
ME: did she know her?
BETTY: yes, we all grew up together in Abuja. Sandra doesn’t even want to hear his name. The day I sent your picture to her, she said “ehn ehn, this is the definition of a handsome gentleman”
SEGE and I: ***laughed****
SEGE: wait Betty, tell me the truth. Are you sure Sandra likes me?
BETTY: of course she does, she said you are so funny and jovial, just that she doesn’t trust you with girls.
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SEGE: hmmmmmmm
BETTY: I even heard that it’s likely that both of you will be going to Abuja together or something, she said you have always be disturbing her.
SEGE: yes ooooo, I can’t wait to see my in-laws. I really want to upgrade to the next level in this relationship.
BETTY: then propose to her now?, or how do you want her to take you serious when you haven’t put a ring on it?
SEGE: is that what she told you?
BETTY: not at all ooo, she never told me anything. I just assumed
SEGE: thanks for giving me a clue, now I know what to do when she arrives
BETTY: you are welcome uncle Segun. You are even bold enough unlike someone that I know, he doesn’t have the courage to face his Father in-law.
ME: Hmmmmm, but you know that my own case is different from that of Segun.
BETTY: that is true anyways. Sandra’s parents don’t have problem with who Sandra wants to marry, just that you have to appear rich and have a good work.
ME: they have already planned that, my friend is a great activity and event planner.
BETTY: hmmmmmmm. Let me start going so as to get home on time.
We discharged Betty and I hugged and kissed her as she entered into her car and she drove off while we waved at her and returned into the house to deliberate more on Sandra.
to be continue

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