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The Story Master – My Own Karma – Episode 7

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Episode 7.
Matthew arrived at the hospital late that night and met with Prisca who just arrived too, “you can’t be serious right? Matthew asked but Prisca ignored him and went to Debbie room which he followed to see for himself.
“So was I joking? Prisca asked as Matthew stood not believing his eyes.
“I don’t understand, but we were talking on phone this evening, he said.
“Yes you broke up with her this evening is what I don’t understand. Are you not interested in the baby anymore? She asked.
“I was only desperate and I wanted a male child so badly scared my family name will end with me, but little did I know my wife will give birth to a male child. I wasn’t expecting it and I feel like I’m the most terrible person on earth when I recall all the wrong things I’ve done to my wife and kids. I need to cut off every relationship now to make things right to my wife and have my family back, he replied.
“So you mean you are no longer interested in the baby? What if its also a male child? Prisca asked.
“Seriously my heart is off from every thing, in fact I feel so sorry for despising my female children. I am okay with the three I have and I need no other, Matthew replied.
“Oh really after messing up my friend this is what you can say? Indeed there’s no gain running after married men, Prisca said and he heaved.
“I can’t leave my family I have just realized that I don’t want to loose them. As I speak to you now my mother in law already packed their things out of my house. My marriage is almost gone and I’m so scared, I have to fight for my family and it won’t work if I am holding two things in my hand. Even the bible says you cannot serve two masters at the same time, as for your friend I’ll compensate her for everything and give her the go ahead to abort the baby because she wanted it in the first place, Matthew said.
“And he even quoted the bible, Prisca said and heaved.
“What happened to her? He asked.
“I don’t know because I wasn’t at home. Neighbors said she was attacked and beaten at home which led her to this state, Prisca replied.
“Has any bills been paid? He asked.
“Our neighbor managed to pay a little thing to begin treatment on her, there are still bills to be paid which we have to refund the money back to her. I called Debbie family and they are coming down tomorrow, Prisca replied.
“You’ll send me your account number, I’ll send 300,000 into it tomorrow to clear any bills here. She’ll be okay, Matthew said.
“Thank you, Prisca said.
“Its okay, I have to go but I’ll visit tomorrow, Matthew said……………….
The next day Debbie opened her eyes and saw Prisca asleep, “Prisca, she slowly called out and Prisca woke up.
“You’re awake? How are feeling now? Prisca asked touching her.
“I know she did this, she fulfilled her threat, Debbie said and Prisca rolled her eyes.
“Wait here I’ll go get the doctor for you, Prisca said.
“She will pay for what she did to me! Debbie said and Prisca shook her head and left to get the doctor.
After she was checked, Prisca received an alert from Matthew, “you know I am doing all of this things because I put my primary reason first why I’m a doctor which is to safe lives, you haven’t paid anything yet, the doctor said.
“Don’t worry doctor I just received an alert, I’ll go pick it and pay for everything. Thank you so much, Prisca said.
“Sure we’ll be waiting, the doctor said and left.
“Alert from who and where? Debbie asked immediately.
“Just rest I’ll be back, Prisca said, took her bag and left……………………
Matthew visited after Prisca left and saw Debbie awake, Debbie seeing him frowned her face and looked else where as Matthew went closer.
“How are you feeling now? He asked but she was silent.
“In case you are wondering how I knew you are here, Prisca called and told me what happened, he said.
“Prisca really or your wife? She asked.
“Take her out of this, she had nothing to do with happened and I am so sorry for everything, Matthew said.
“She has nothing to do with what happened after she threatened me a day ago and i was beaten up this way again yet she has nothing to do with this huh? Debbie asked.
“My wife can’t do this, I believe whatever she said was to make you scared to leave me, but I know she can’t do this, Matthew said.
“Oh stop this rubbish! What has come over you? Just yesterday you promised to meet up with me so we will plan our baby future together, you kept we waiting and ignoring my calls only to see nonsense messages from you breaking up with me. What about our baby? What happened to you? Debbie shouted.
“What happened is I want my family back, I was wrong and everything we had was all wrong! My family is what I need now and I no longer need you or the baby you are carrying, I don’t want to loose my family and I’m so sorry for that. Whatever amount you want as a compensation I will give to you, but I am seriously calling off everything with you Debbie, Matthew said making Debbie surprised.
“So she finally cooked the charm well, I can’t believe you are saying this to me after all the sweet tongues and promises you poured to me, Debbie said.
“I will be sending 500,000 naira to your account, that will be enough to say goodbye to you. Use that to go ahead with the abortion you wanted having, take care Debbie, Mathew said and left leaving her mouth opened…………………
Prisca returned and cleared all the bills, went to Debbie room but found her in tears..
“What’s wrong? Are you feeling pains or should i call the doctor? Prisca asked confused..
“The pains in my heart can’t be cured, imagine that man has left me and asked me to abort the baby that he’s done with me. Its now he wants his family after all he has put me through dumping me like trash, Debbie said and Prisca heaved.
“Seriously? In Case you didn’t know, you lost your baby yesterday so you are no longer pregnant. And you should know he was married with kids yet you still fixed your head there having high hopes because he had money, what were you expecting? He has finally returned back to his wife and family, if i were you I will forget about him, move on with my life and have my own man, Prisca said.
“I lost my baby? Debbie asked surprised and Prisca nodded.

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