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Bargain: Episode 1 – 47πŸ”ž

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Bargain – Episode 2

#EPISODE_______2   β€œWhat about kids?” Joseph asked curiously.   β€œWhat about them?” Tobi asked with his eyes focused on the road.   β€œDon’t you want any?” Joseph narrowed his eyes at him.   β€œYeah I guess. It would be nice to have a little girl. I would have adopted but Mama won’t agree.” Tobi grumbled. …

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Bargain – Episode 5

Episode 5   β˜†β˜†     β€œSince I own the hospital.” Tobi pointed out. Rolling his eyes, Joseph continued to speak. β€œIf you don’t get pregnant after three tries, the contract would be terminated. If you   lose the pregnancy, the contract would be terminated but you would keep the money you’ve earned till that …

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Bargain – Episode 8

Episode 8     β€œI couldn’t sleep. You know, pregnancy and stuff.” She shouted over the music.   β€œAbena.” He warned but she just smiled. β€œSorry, I can’t hear you. Speak louder.” She shouted again. He walked towards the speakers and turned them off.   β€œWhat do you think you’re doing?! Its the middle of …

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Bargain – Episode 14

Episode 14   β€œCaramel popcorn?” She asked like a child.   β€œCaramel popcorn.”   …   β€œYou don’t know where your cinema room is?” She asked with disbelief.   After getting the popcorn, they were about to watch a movie when Tobi realised that he didn’t know where the cinema room was in the house. …

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Bargain – Episode 18

Episode 18   β€œThat’s why I have you.”   …   β€œLet’s use pink.”   β€œTobi, I told you, it has to be a unisex   colour. We don’t know the gender of the   baby.” She explained.   β€œWhy haven’t we found out the gender of   the baby?”   β€œBecause I like surprises.” …

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