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Necklace Of Doom – Episode 11

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We got to a hill and Cutie stopped running. I stopped too, and exhaled deeply.


“Beauty, you know how to control your powers, don’t you?” She asked and I sighed.


I know I have powers, but I’m not sure I know how to control it.


“Do I also need to know how to control it?” I asked and she smiled.


“Of course, dearie..” She said and held me tight.


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I thought she wanted to teach me how to control my powers, so I relaxed and closed my eyes.


But then, I felt my body leave the ground, and in no time, I was on the air.


“OMG.. Cutie!” I exclaimed in excitement and held her hand tight.


We flew down the hill, to the other side, and saw a group of people surrounded by strange humans.


“Oh..” I exclaimed and realized that it was what she was talking about, earlier.


We landed behind them and I sneezed loudly. They all turned to stare at us, bewildered.


“My goodness!” One of them exclaimed on sighting us.


They were all on horses, some were alone, while some were in groups. And I could sense fright. Well, who wouldn’t get frightened by these strange humans eaters?

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After studying them for some minutes, I understood that they were some Royal family, but what were they looking for in the Dark Woods?


“Who are these fools? Human eaters too?” One of them insulted. He looked younger than the other cutie beside him. But the elder one was more handsome.


He must be stupid for saying that.


“Hey, will you..” I was about giving him a piece of my mind, but Cutie stopped me.


I turned to stare at the elder one, and found out that he had been staring at me.


“Hey, Beauty. To work!” Cutie yelled and got set for battle.



I followed her and did exactly what she was doing. The stupid boy that had talked rudely before, was just rolling his eyes, like they were about to fall out of their sockets.


Whatever..I scoffed and turned to Cutie.


The zombies were already coming closer to them, and I could see one of the princesses shrieking.


Even the elder prince was getting afraid. Oh no! I better help him. Stupid Zombies, time to get away..


I was boiling in anger now, and my eyes turned red as my breath became hot.


“Aaarrggghh!” I screamed and hit my leg violently on the floor.


The whole place started shaking. An earthquake was about to occur. The Zombies started growling and rushed towards us.









We were a bit tensed up earlier, but on sighting that girl, I got a strange peace. I wasn’t sure they were going to save us, but I felt relaxed.


It’s funny but that’s how I felt. I continued staring at her, and almost slapped Collins for such a rude speech.


How could Beautiful young ladies like them, be human eaters? He must be going crazy.


Soon, she became very angry and her eyes turned red. Isn’t she a human? Omgee..


She screamed loudly and hit the ground violently and soon, everywhere started shaking.



The zombies started growling, obviously annoyed and rushed towards us but just immediately, a great light shun around us and all the zombies got afraid.


We all closed our eyes to avoid getting blinded by the very bright light and when we finally opened our eyes, they were gone.


It was then I saw the beautiful girl, closing get eyes and biting her lips. What? That light was from her eyes? Goodness me!


“Hey, what are you guys looking for here?” The other girl asked. It was obvious they were twins because they looked alike.


“It’s none of your fu.cking business..” Paula said, before I could reply.


She must be jealous by now. I mean, she doesn’t like seeing people more pretty than herself.


“Whatever.. Just follow us..” The second girl said and led the way.


At first, Paula and Collins refused, but when it dawned on them, that they could help us, they reluctantly agreed.


We followed them, and soon, we got to a very big house. It looked strange and I couldn’t describe it, or say what kind of place it was.


“Maybe, you’ll pass the night here..” They said and went inside.












(The Spell)




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