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His Nanny – Episode 17

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I came back from my journey but instead of going home o decided to stop by the office first


I cant just leave everything in the hand of my secetary and Pa


I arrived at the office and began to do some work and signed some documents I checked the time and it was already 5:43. “Maryanne?” I called my secretary from the telecom.


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“Meet me in my office” I said and dropped the call.


Few seconds later, she came in.


“Do I have any schedule by 6?” I asked.


“Yes Sir. We were supposed to have a meeting with Danac Tech.” she said.


“Can it be rescheduled?” I asked with a smile.


“Oh. Ofcourse sir. T’ll be rescheduled.” she said and smiled back.


“Good. See tommorow Anne” I said walking out of my office.


“Goodnight sir.” she said holding my files.


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She’s been my secretary for 3 years now.


A thought about home flinged into my mind.


I can’t believe that Kira had left us.


Fate… I guess.


I ignited my car to Life as I drove home.




Within some few minutes of driving, I arrived home.


My automated gate railed off as I drove in.


I parked my car and went inside my house.


I walked in and walked out few minutes later.


What i saw made my eyes almost popped out of its sockets


Could I be in the wrong house?Aaaaaap


My house was a total deep sh’t!


I walked back in.


“Kira!” I called.


“I mean Sylvia!” I called again.


I sat down on my couch and undid my tie.


Sylvia walked in few minutes later with a tattered hair and messed make up.


Her dress was wet with water.


“What happened here?” I asked almost yelling at her.



“Your Kid’s happened here Austin. They’re some sort of pain in ass. I mean… look at me; I’m so messed up!” she said.


I can’t believe this. She can’t even take care of two Kids.


Two Kids!


I wish Kira was here.


“Daddy” Mitchell’s voice shot from the door.


“Baby… Come here” I said she strolled down.


“Daddy, Stacy is sick. Where is Mummy Kira?” she asked.


“Who’s sick?” I asked.


“I forgot to tell you; Stacy fell sick”


“You got to be kidding me!” I said and ran to their room.


I need to take my child to the hospital.


I’ll settle my scores with Sylvia later.


I rushed into the kids room and carried her


Her body was hot that it got my heart beating so fast


I cant handle it when something is wrong with my kid


I still cant believe sylvia


How can something like this be happening and she didnt border to even inform me what if i havent come home


Minutes later i arrived at the hospital with stacy and mitchell


The nurse collected her from me and took her to the ward


I could feel mitchell was really borderd and sad


“Dont worry baby ,everything is going to be okay “i said to her


“I wish mommy kira was here”she said as tears trickeled out of her eyes


“Me too huni ,i miss her too” i replied and kissed her forehead while she hugged me


I wonder what kira did to us all


Minutes later the nurse came out and told us not to worry it was just the normal sickness babies have while teething


I felt relieved


I dont care to know how but i am getting kira back






These kids almost drove me insane that i didnt have time to plan immediately they left the house with Austin i felt whole again


I quickly called some people and in no time the whole house was sparkling clean And dinner was prepared


I took my bath peaceful without those monster kids interrupting me My hair ,face ,nail,clothes


I looked at the mirror again and i looked beautiful



I smiled to myself when i heard austins car pulled over


The game is on ,,i just pray he falls for my charms


And in no time he will be putting a ring on my finger









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