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Enchanted Season 1 Episode 2

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Episode 2












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Nanare Nanare


Alisha is really wicked,she doesn’t have human feelings at all. “how can she tell sir Badrah to throw me out of their mansion????


living with them is sure gonna be a hell .


I looked around,


it was darkness upon darkness.Only the golden stones on the expensive mansion gates shine beautiful lights.


“hey,I asked you to sleep on the floor beside the gate and not to place your flirty hands on the gates!! Alisha grumbled from her window,she had already changed into a yellow towel jacket that really suite her skin.


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“sorry,Alisha!! I mumbled and wondered how she knew that I was touching the gates. “why is she also able to speak in a very high tone??? “is Alisha a witch???




I glance back into the mansion and suddenly went on my kneels with my arms wrapped around my chest.


“if you don’t use your sense then it’d yiut crainy cup of tea. this is a city and not a local village that you


came from!!


Alisha roared.


“ohhh,I just saw it that shed using mouthpiece….


that’s why her voice is so loud.


She closed her window,all the lights went off.




I slam my forehead and closed my eyes.


I actually slept on the floor,outside the mansion gates.


(22hours passed)


I opened my eyes,it was morning…


sluggishly,I stood up and knock the mansion gates weakly.


it was opened by Sir Badrah!!


“Namaste!! I greeted.


“Namaste! he replied.


“Nanare, I will advise you to go and join the other makes now or you’re gonna be a dead meat to the idols!! he advised.


“okay! I replied simply and rushed to the maids quarter.


“Nanare,you’re not on cooking duty!


Gangaa (head of maid) smiled.

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“okay” I blinked at her and went to bath before changing into the white Maud dress, I also tied an apron around my waist, a white cap on my hair,and a white mask that covered my nose and mouth.


I went back to the kitchen and stood at the entrance.


“I’m done,its left for us to serve them their food!! Gangaa winked.




“I’m not serving Alisha’s food,she’s too wicked and harsh!!!!


Elenore burst out.


“I pity you!! Gangaa replied and carried Tasha’s food in a tray.


“if you cannot serve Alisha food,then serve Mhesha!! Nara said.


“nope,I don’t think I want to die young!


“Alisha and mhesha are worst!!


Elenore cried out.


“okay,let’s do it like this.


Nare’s will serve Alisha’s food! Gangaa retorted with her hands on her waist.




“you don’t even like me one bit!


“I don’t think I can serve Alisha’s food! I grumbled.


“then you will have to chois between Mhesha and Alisha.


“Nanara,you’re gonna serve seesha food,Elenore you’re gonna serve Tasha!!


Gangaa passed her judgment.


“I think I will serve Mhesha food instead of Alisha!


I replied and washed my hands in the nearby sink before carrying Mhesha’s breakfast in a slivery tray.


“wait,we are gonna go one after the other’.


Gangaa beckoned and carried Alisha’s food.


“okay,follow me!!


she summoned and made us walk to the dinning in a straight line.


Nanare dropped Seesha’s breakfast,


Elenore dropped Tasha’s own,


I dropped mhesha’s own,


it was Gangaa’s turn.


With trembling legs and shaking hands,she dropped Alisha’s food.


Alisha opened it and smirks..


she took a spoon it and drop the spoon back nonchalantly.


“its salty!!! she smirks..


“The meat is even strong!! Tasha remarked.


Mhesha and Seesha kept quiet and continue eating their food in silence.


“Seesha,is the food not too salty??


Alisha asked.


“salty as in how???


“the food is moderate!! seesha replied.


“who cooked this food???


Alisha asked,Tasha smiled..


I knew it that it was another time for punishment.


“it’s Gangaa!! Elenore pouted.


“aaahh me!!


“why do you like lying???


“Alisha don’t mind Elenore,it was Nanara that cook the food!!


Gangaa lied against my twin.


“Tasha,I’m not the one!! Nara placed her palms on her face….


she really hates lies.


Alisha stood up and cleaned her mouth with the serviette.

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“so you cook rubbish!!


“is this what you eat in your local village???


Alisha asked,Tasha laugh out hysterically.


“Alisha what’s your own??


“must you always pick on them???


seesha stop eating and took a cup of juice to her mouth.


Mhesha drop her spoon and faced Nara.


“Next time,don’t try this nonsense with me because I might not spare you if you do!! she speak in a very fast way and stood up from the dinning.


“Get my bag and car key!


she pointed to me.


I rushed off to her room and came out with her beautiful pink bag and car key in my hands.


“you’re gonna accompany me to school today,don’t forget to use your thinking cap!! she said.


“okay!!! I replied her even when I didn’t get to hear what she said.


she speaks in a fast way and made it really difficult for me to hear what she’s saying.


I followed her to a white car,the other idols walked up to their cars too.


two guards sat at the front seat while Mhesha and I sat in the back seat.


I sealed my face on the window,I dare not look at her as she operate her expensive phone.



“what’s your wish???


she asked me suddenly, my heart skipped 36beats.


I was really scared with the way she was staring at my natural red lips…


“is she liking me already???


“what’s your wish???


she asked me again..


“mhesha,I have only one wish!!


I raised my tiny little finger up.


“what’s it???


she soften her face at me.


“is she becoming nice or what???


“I wish I can go back to my local village in Delhi!! I slam my forehead.


she curved out a smile and started operating her phone again..


Her attitude made me look as if am somehow stupid.


“Do you have a wish too??


I asked her with a bow.


“yes!! she replied.


“what’s it??? I asked…..


“I wish your wish will never come true!! she replied,i felt cold shivers on my spines.


Mhesha is so heartless


Mhesha Mhesha


I took a glance at her,age was not crying…but I wanted her to cry.


“are you happy that you were sold into slavery??


I asked her because I really want to see her crying.


“no Mhesha!!


she replied in a verrrrry tender voice. as she does that,her lashes curled down on her cheek bone.



“then why are you not crying?? I asked.



“I don’t know how to cry,I only know how to accept fate and that’s what I’m doing obviously! she replied with a sad smile that made her more beautiful.


My car got into the school compound, the door was opened while I step down.


Nanare step down too with my bags wrapped around her hands.


I snubbed the eyes that were peircing on me and walked into my class with my headset plugged into my neck.


“you’re lucky to be her new maid!


Jenny said to Nare.


“yes,am her slave!!


Nanare mumbled and ran after me to my class.


all eyes turned to my direction….


Almost all the females in my class wish they could be like me but I just wish I can have my lips changed to red on a natural note.


Nare’s drop my bag on my locker and came to stand beside me.


i smiled and walk up to the electronic smart board…


I really need to create a scene.


“Nare’s come here!!!


I whistled at her….


she walk to my side and bowed her head like a loyal servant.




“I trust you…


“you’re sure gonna create an interesting scene for us to watch!!


The class bully smiled.


“Amber,you know what to do??


I winked wickedly.


“mhesha what are you doing??


nare asked.


“just keep quiet and watch what am gonna do to you!!!


I voiced out with darkness in my voice.










how was this one???







(aʟʟ of me!!!!!!!!)


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