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The Fallen Angel – Episode 17

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Chapter 17




Anna’s POV


It’s been three days now since i started living in this house..


I must say,it really feels good to be rich..


I get whatever I want and the helpers are always at my service..


But the sad part is that Jun pyo has refused to acknowledge my presence…he hasn’t looked at my face, talkmore of speaking to me..


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Pumpkin should be blamed for that..


I can’t continue living like this..


I have to come up with a master plan to get pumpkin out of this house and make Jun pyo mine..(smiles)


“Hey!! You, get me a plate of chocolate and vanilla flavor” i said to one of the helpers while relaxing on the couch in the living room..


“Where are all the helpers? Come here now” pumpkin suddenly yelled..


And all the helpers scurried to her, totally ignoring my command..


“From now onwards, nobody should give miss.Anna any food apart from porridge and white soup” she commanded


” What!! But that’s a food for the sick” I Said


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“Did you guys understand” pumpkin continued, totally ignoring me..


Yes ma !!” The helpers chorused and went back to their various positions “How dare you!! I thought you were my friend” I angrily asked..


Yes I am still your friend and am doing this for your own good” she said touching my chin


Take your hands off me, porridge and white soup is a food given to the sick and I am not sick.. don’t you understand” I explained


I came across an article today and a doctor was advising pregnant women to constantly eat porridge and white soup, to avoid complications in their delivery.. since you’re pregnant,I decided to help you..Or aren’t you pregnant??” She asked..


What’s she driving at??


” Are you suspecting me” i asked nervously


“No!! I am not.. it’s just a question.. Don’t worry, pumpkin is always there for you” she said smiling before walking off..


I angrily walked into my room and shut the door…


How dare her treat me like a servant!!


“I will make you pay! I will make you pay pumpkin!! ” I cried, destroying and breaking the glasses in my room..


I have to get a hold of myself..


I brought out my phone and dialled the number of one of my goons .




Hello, Good morning ma


he said




Keep your greetings to yourself.. what’s so good about this morning


I said



pouring out my frustrations on him..



Who dares to make my boss angry, tell me and I will break their bones .



“Their is a parasite in my house, it’s time to throw her out.. you know what to do”


Yes ma



Get the job done, now



Consider it done already



He said and hung up..he is one of my favorite goons,he loves doing dirty jobs for me and i am sure he will be successful as usual..


Get Ready pumpkin, your days in this house are numbered..















Pumpkin’s POV


I was chatting and having fun with the helpers when Jun pyo suddenly appeared and angrily dragged me to my room..Download Topster Stories App or Visit to enjoy more erotic love and romantic stories


“Stop it Jun pyo, you’re hurting me” I cried


I know that i am an angel but right now I am not..


I am just an ordinary human who has a high IQ and stronger muscles..


Before coming to the earth,all my powers were taken from me..I was only given three chances to use my power..


If only i still have my powers,I would have used it to find out what has made him angry..


He finally dragged me into my room..


“What was that??” He asked


“I don’t understand what you’re saying, what have I done” I honestly asked


Stop being dramatic..I went outside and I overheard some people saying that,I am nothing but a coward who hides behind a woman’s back.. And when I confronted them, they confessed that you were the one spreading the rumors” he angrily yelled


What!! But that’s a lie,I would never do that to you” I pleaded



“Oh stop it!! Just because you’re my body guard doesn’t mean i am a coward.. how dare you spread such rumors about me” he yelled


” But..” I tried to defend myself but he cut me off..


“Shut up!! You’ve crossed all your limits by doing this, and I can’t tolerate it.. it’s already late,by tomorrow morning i want you out of my house and life.. you disgust me” he yelled, roughly pushing me away


I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing..








Wow I didn’t see this coming..who in the world is trying to make pumpkin look bad??..


I feel like crying






What do you guys think??










The fallen angel



Story written by authoress Ruthie

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