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The Bad Boy Diary – Season 2 Episode 8

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Chapter 8



Danelle’s pov


[Hamilton high school]


I knew immediately who he is talking about; Neil.


I smiled and hugged him too.

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I didn’t care if eyes were looking. All I wanted at that moment was to leave a spark of jealousy in any form on Neil.


“I love the scent of your hair,” he whispered and caressed my hair.





Neil and Tessy passed, hand in hand and Jayson withdrew the hug and smiled sweetly at me.


“How was that?” he asked.


“What?” I asked.


“The hug,” he said.


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I raised my brow at him. “huh”


He rolled his eyes with a smile.


“I have English today and you?” he asked.


I rolled my eyes, “Ain’t we taking same thing?”


He smiled and came beside me then took my hand.

“Let’s go to the library and read together,” he said.



We headed to the library but on our way, we met Justin with a bandaged arm.


I held Jayson tighter.


Justin stood in our front and let out a faint smile at Jayson who wore a stoic face.


Justin stretched out his left hand for a handshake with Jayson since his right arm is bandaged.


I never thought Jayson would let out his hand to shake Justin but he suprised me by doing so.


They shook hands.



“Just to say Thank you for yesterday,” Justin said to him and I raised my brow in confusion.


How can one say thank you to a person who stabbed him twice on the arm?


Jayson smiled. “That’s nothing. How is the pains?” “Relieving,” Justin answered.



Jayson nodded and with that, he took my hand and we continued our walk towards the library leaving Justin who stood staring at our back.


“Why did he thank you?” I asked.


“I treated him,” he answered.


“You did,how?” I asked.


“You won’t cease to amaze me Danelle. I treated him just like others are being treated,” he said.

“After wounding him, you still treated him?” I asked.


“Yeap, he needed help. I couldn’t leave him there cos I know his friends left him,” he said.

“Do you have such a soft heart?” I asked.


“Sometimes,” he said and squeezed my arm.


“Argh what?” I yelled.


He smiled. “Nothing, remember your training starts today.” I smiled. “Yes master.”


He laughed as we walked into the library.


I brought out my books while he first got out a bubblegum, threw it into his mouth then brought out his books.


We began reading but his eyes were always on me.


Argh, reading with handsome boy looking at me is distraction.


“Face your book Jayson,” I said.


“I am,” he said, still looking at me.


“You ain’t,” I said.


“I am,” he said with a smile and then faced his book.



I smiled.



An Hour Later:



We headed back to class and getting to the front of my class, we stopped and he left my hand which he had been holding.


He always hold my hand.


I wonder what’s so special about that.


“I’ll see you at lunch Danelle,” he said.


“Alright,” I said and he walked away, I walked into my class but I suddenly felt


like urinating so I left the class and headed to the corridor leading to the way separating the girls restroom and boys restrooms, going further and about turning to the way to the girls restroom, I heard hush voices.


I stopped on my track and hide behind the wall and peeped to see the greatest shock and also excitement of my life.


Neil and Tessy were talking back at each other in hush voices.



“…If you don’t still love her then why are you getting Jealous of her and the newbie huh!” Tessy said.


Are they talking about me and Jayson?


I smiled at that.



“Come on Tessy, this isn’t the right place to talk about this, Did I tell you that im Jealous? im not,” Neil said.



“Oh just spare me that trash Neil. I saw it in your eyes. I saw it boldly written that you were overly jealous when you saw him hug her!” Tessy said.


“Right fine, I am, I am jealous,” Neil finally admitted.



“Huh!” Tessy gasped.


“Yes I am jealous because Danelle is with someone who seem more handsome and


strong than me..I have every right to be fu.cking jealous and damn upset about it,” Neil said.


“What? are you kidding me Neil?”



“Im not, you know what? I still love Danelle cos-cos she’s just the best girl and not you Tessy, not you!” he said.




“You are definitely joking here,” Tessy said.



He drew closer to her and took her two hands. “Yes I am, I love you Tessy but seeing that damn guy with her gets me mad!” he said.


Tessy said nothing as she stared at him.


He kissed her lips and withdrew.



“Let’s get outta here,” he said and I hurried away and stopped at the middle of the way then pretended like I was just coming towards.


They came out and Neil on seeing me slide his arm around Tessy’s waist.


I chuckled within as they laughed and walked past me.


I headed to the female’s restrooms and entered one. And inside there, I decided that im gonna make him more jealous till he gets so frustrated and drained. He’ll regret ever toying with my heart.


I was glad to have Jayson.





I walked back to the class to find Jayson in the class and sitting next to me, on Harry’s seat and Harry at the back seat.


I walked to him, suprised.


He smiled. “Suprised?”

“Yeah,” I said.


“I told you im gonna get this seat. Well Justin did it this time, not me. He


personally came and sent Harry to the backseat,” he said, smiling.

“Oh really” I looked at Harry and his face is buried on his book.



I turned back to Jayson.

“But ain’t you taking the rest of your exams alone again?” I asked.


He smiled. “Not again, im back here,” he said.


I nodded.


Air blew through his blonde hair and he pushed his hair back.


I felt like hugging him cos he looked so sweet at that moment.


If not for anything, to get Neil more than jealous but Instead, I found myself going back to my seat.


I took a glimpse glance at Neil and his eyes were on Jayson.


I smiled to myself.


The bell for Exam rang and I brought out my writing materials.





During the exam, I found the slightest chances to send Jayson answers.


It was a bit easier since he is next to me.





The lunch bell rang and students began trooping out of the class.


Jayson turned his seat to face me.


“Sitting beside you is simply the best thing ever,” he said, smiling.



I rolled my eyes playfully at him. “Are you gonna fight for me if I get caught?” I asked.


“Ofcourse,” he said then stood up, came to me and drew his face closer.


“I will fight for you,” he said softly and kissed my cheek.




“Jayson,” I said with a sigh but deep within me, it felt wonderful.



“Yes dear,” he answered in the same tone used then took my hand and pulled me


up from the seat.

“Let’s go have something, im famished,” he said.



We headed out of the class.


Im sure Neil is dead with jealousy and maybe hatred for Jayson but he shouldn’t try a thing if he love his cute face.





At the Cafeteria with Jayson, I remembered Delia, it’s unfair of me, I should have waited or called on her.


Just then, I saw her walk in and over to the counter to get her meal which after, she carried her tray of meal towards. She had seen us already. She smiled and walked over to our table.


I saw Jayson face go cold at the presence of Delia on our table.



“Delia im so sorry for not coming to call on you or even wait for you,” I apologised as she sat down beside me.


She smiled.


“No that’s okay. I went to your class to call on you but you were gone and I knew


you’d be here with Jayson,” she said and turned to Jayson who held his pack of juice in his hand.


“Hello Jay” she smiled at him.


“Im Jayson and not Jay,” he said in a kinda harsh manner.



I felt a bit upset with him on that. Why would he talk that way to Delia. She mean no harm.


Delia felt his dislike for her and adjusted on her seat.

“Oh im sorry about that Jayson,” she said.



He didn’t reply but began eating his food.


I inhaled and looked at Delia who gave me a smile and faced her food. I looked at Jayson again before facing my own food.



No word was spoken until we finished our meals.


“Let’s go Danelle,” Jayson said and stood up.


I turned to Delia, “Let’s go.”


We both stood up and Jayson took my hand as we walked out of the cafeteria towards the school building. Delia walked beside me.


“I forgot to tell you Danelle, Ava Combs has been sharing her birthday party cards


to all final year students..Her birthday is friday, I have her card in my bag. The party will be held at the school hall,” Delia said.

“Wow I have no idea,” I said.



Ava Combs is from Delia’s class. She’s one of the richest classic girls in the school. I recall the early weeks she got admitted into the school, I was kinda envious of her. I wanted to be her friend but when I heard a rumour that she’s a lesbian, I dropped every envy I had towards her and the closeness I wanted between us.



“Im gonna get yours and Jayson’s too,” Delia said but just then, I saw Ava Combs with three girls who I’d rather say are her maids than her friends.


One carried her bag, while the two others held the birthday cards.


The skirt Ava wore is just too short.


She keep long black hair.


They got to us and stopped. Ava’s eyes fell on Jayson who was chewing another bubblegum and looking at anyone.


She gave Jayson a long look before turning to me.


“Hi Ava,” I smiled.


“In addy Ava,” Delia said, smiling too. .More of this kind story available on TOPSTER STORIES…..


Ava smiled at both of us.

“Thanks Delia. Danelle my birthday party is on friday, you are invited,” Ava said


as Bella, one of the two girls with the card stretched one card to me. I took it.

“I will, in addy Ava,” I said.


She smiled. “Thanks Danelle,” then she turned to Jayson and gave him that same long look and at our hands intertwined then back at him.


“I’ve been hearing so much about a newbie with a blonde hair who beat up the


school badboy, if im not mistaken, you are the one right?” she asked Jayson.

“So?” Jayson threw at her.


She smiled. “Nice to meet you, im Ava Combs,” she said, stretching out her hand for a handshake.


“Jayson Lonergan,” he said “but sorry, I can’t shake you, as you can see, im holding someone,” he added and I inhaled.


Ava raised her brow as well as the three girls and Delia too.


Ava withdrew her hand and turned to Bella. “Give him a card,” she said and Bella did. He took it with his left hand.



She turned back to Jayson. “You are invited Jayson, come with your girlfriend,” she said and walked away with the three girls.


We continued our walk towards the class with Delia.





We got to the front of the Art class and Delia said ‘bye’ and headed to her class.


“I don’t like this girl around you,”Jayson said.


“You mean Delia?” I asked.


“Yeah,” he said and dragged me into the class.



“What do we even have next” he asked.


I rolled my eyes at him. “You don’t know?” “Yes I think,” he said.


“Computer,” I said.



“Oh that’s true,” he smiled and drew his seat to my desk. He sat down.


“Let’s read,” he said.



I brought out my books.


“But why don’t you like Delia around me?” I asked.



He touched my cheek and smiled closely at me.

“Cos you are really special.” he said.


I raised my brow, “Is that the reason why?” I asked.


He withdrew his hand. “No, I feel something isn’t right about her,” he said.

“Something isn’t right?” I asked.


“Yeah, don’t trust her,” he said.


“I don’t,” I said.



He smiled. “Come on let’s read,” he said.


Oh really?


I smiled.


I like you Jayson and I know Neil is looking at you now, at us.


Im gonna tell you what I eavesdropped on later.




[G.A hospital]



Clara pov


“Finally,” I breathed out as I walked out of the surgery room.



Every surgery with Dr. Rosh today had been completed and successful so im heading back to my office to rest.


I disposed the used tools and cleaned myself then headed to my office.


On the way, I met Dr Eril with the two detectives and ofcourse the retired police officer.


I still feel his familiar face but I can’t recall at all. And the very way he’s looking at me too, does he see me as someone familiar too?


I passed them and headed to my office.


Getting to my office, I sat on my table and placed my head on the desk, exausted.


Being a nurse practitioner isn’t easy.


I sat up and repacked my hair.


Just then my phone rang in my bag. I opened my bag and brought it out.


Sincerely speaking, I knew it would be Drake and yes, it’s him calling.


He always call. He always do.


I smiled and picked it up.


“Hello beautiful,” his voice sang into the speaker.



I smiled.


Hearing his voice enlightens my heart. Im inlove with Drake.


I was inlove with Noah but Drake has taken over now.


I can’t pretend. Im going to let him know tonight and im going to let him make love to me again.


Im a fool right, but I can’t help it.


“Hello Drake,” I answered, smiling.


“How are you doing? i’ve been less busy and thinking about you,” he said.



I smiled as I felt butterlies in my tummy.



“Im finee and what were you thinking about me? you should be more focused on your new seat and your new office,” I said, smiling.


He laughed sweetly, “Having you in my thoughts bless my day Clara so why would you tell me not to? I was thinking about how sweet and beautiful you are to me. Im impatiently waiting for the remaining hours to pass so I could come home and be with you for awhile,” he said.


I smiled, not knowing what to say.


“Hope you weren’t so busy to miss lunch?” he asked.


“No, and you?”



“I had lunch but I did pretty late cos I had a meeting with the CEO and the directors,” he said.


I smiled. “Alright,”

“Take care Clara, see you in few hours,” he said.


“Take care too, bye,” I said.


“I love you Clara,” he said.


I wanna say back but I couldn’t.

“Bye Drake,” I said.


The call ended.


I sighed.


I can’t wait to see him and look at those pretty eyes of his.


Im inlove with Drake and im going to let Noah know about it.


That im moving on cos we can’t be together.


I still love him but I can’t be with him.


My heart beats for Drake now.












The BadBoy Diary


(A New Romance )




Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C



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