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Teens’ Heart – Episode 89

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# Chapter 89


Story by, Rejoice












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<b> Next Day


# Alexandra ‘s POV


Before I got dressed for school, I texted Steph not to come and gave her the reason why.


Jeremy said he’s coming..


What else could I have told her?


Soon, I drank my coffee and bread, Got my bag, ready for school..


I kissed Lili goodbye and walked outside to the gate and stood waiting for him. Why’s he taking so much time!!???


But then, I saw his car.


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Thank goodness..


He stopped when he got to where I stood and I got in..


He looked at me with the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen.


And gosh! He looked hot today and this pullover he wore is just too cute. Why do he have so many cute pullovers?


“Andra… I missed you.” He said and hugged me.


I missed you too.


“Did you miss me too?” He asked.


I pulled away and stared into his charming eyes..


“Yeah, I missed you J.” I said.


He smiled and brought his face close to mine and kissed me.


I know he will.




“I love you Babe.” He said as he looked into my eyes, then turned to the steering and drove off.


I stared at my boyfriend..


I can’t believe this ever romantic guy here is Jeremy.


And Molly?


My heart is beating really fast. I don’t know what’s gonna happen today in school.


Jeremy promised to be by my side but im still so scared.


She might wanna cause a fight. And gosh! I don’t want that.


“You thinking Andra?” He suddenly asked.


I looked at him.


He’s eyes are on the windscreen but then he glanced at me.


“Im… im just thinking Molly would try to cause something bad.” I said.


I had to tell him.


“Andra.. Molly can’t hurt you. Trust me. And damn! You shouldn’t be fu.cking scared of a girl like you Babe.” He said.


“Im not!” I snapped. It’s a lie. I am seriously scared..


I really need to drop this fright before I get to school or my heart is so gonna jump really bad when I see her.


“Babe, She’s not gonna try anything.. Trust me. She’s so scared of me. You are my girlfriend and you really mean a lot to me and Im would do anything to make you happy.” He said and pecked me.






We got to school and once we got down from his car, He took my hand. (Like always!) He just makes me feel special.


We walked down the hallway and everyone stared. They can.


He’s my boyfriend.


Then I heard those gossipping..


“I saw their picture. They are dating..” “Gosh! What’s so special about her!” “Wow…Look at them.”


“He broke up with Molly for her. Gosh!”


I smiled and looked at them. They all had angry faces.


They must really love Molly or probably are jealous.


I know why, Cos Jeremy did upload that picture on his facebook wall. I saw it,.


I can’t forget the caption. ‘Andraa.. I love you.’


That was the caption he wrote. How di


“My mom’s coming to Ellas today..” He said. “Really?” I said.


“Yeah… To announce about my dad.” He said.


I nodded..


I looked at him, “Thanks for forgiving your mom.” I said.


“I haven’t forgiven her. I just gave her a second chance.” He said with a smile.


I squeezed his hand.


Aww, it’s been a while we did that cos he squeezed mine.


“I love you Andra..” He said.


“I love you too J.” I said.


We walked into class…


Oh oh oh oh… Every eyes turned to us..


Molly is on her seat, Chris, Eve.


I pulled my hand out, turned and walked to my seat..


As I sat down, I glanced at Jeremy and he was already on his seat.


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# Jeremy ‘s POV


As I sat down, I saw Andra was looking away now.


Molly had her eyes away.


I wish it will continue to look away till school’s over.


“Hey dude.” Chris said.


“Mehn..What’s up?” I asked him.


“Wanna know something?” He asked.


“What’s that?” I asked.


“Im gonna ask her out on a date… Guess who?”


Who else but Steph! im sure she’s tired of being a bitch.


“So she wants you now after being such an asshole?” I asked.


“I love her J.. She’s so cool now.” He said.


“Great.” I said.


“What about Alex?” He asked.


“Huh?” I asked and glanced at Andra.


She had her eyes at the window..


“We need to talk dude.” He said.


I already know what he wanna talk about.


“Yeah.. She’s my girlfriend now and Mo….” I glanced at Molly.


She’s on her phone.


“Molly.. I broke up with her.” I said.


“Yeah.. You guys dating were all game played, you know. You love Andra?” He asked.



“Damn! Like hell. I guess I need some winnie cos im love sick.. Im head over heels inlove with Andra..” I said and we laughed.


Molly got up and walked away..


“Men.. She’s been crying tho.” Chris said.


“I will talk to her.” I said.


I got up and went after Molly..


I saw her going towards the female’s washroom passageway.


“Molly.” I called her.


She stopped but didn’t turn.


I walked to her and moved to her front so we face each other.


She had tears in her eyes..


“Molly..” I called again.


“Fuck you Jeremy!” She snapped.




“Molly, I just wanna make it clear to you that its really over between us.” I said.


“Yeah, its over, so fu.ck off.” She said.


Forming like it doesn’t hurt her.. Well it shouldn’t. We were only flirting around.


But Chris said she was crying.


“Don’t tryna hurt my girlfriend.. Though I know you can’t. But don’t tryna do anything stupid.” I said.


She scoffed, eyed me and tried to leave but I grabbed her hand.


She looked at me with fierce eyes.


“Im warning you..” I said.


# Molly ‘s POV


“Im warning you..” He said, then dropped my hand and walked away..


I breathed hard with my teeth clenched.


It’s so annoying! I can’t bear it!


I turned to go on, but freak! I pomped into someone..


Fuck! Crap!


It was actually the dummy black girl.


“Im sorry Molly.” She said and tried to walk away.


“Hey..” I called.


She stopped.


“Huh?” She asked and turned back to me.


“Didn’t you fu.cking see well huh? Are you fu.cking blind?” I barked.


“I apologised. Didn’t I?” She said.




“Fine.. ” I said and inhaled.


“Can I know your name?” I asked her.


“Eve.” She said.


I inhaled.


I got this idea.


“Do you still want to join the girls dance club huh?” I asked.


Her face lightened up at that.


“Seriously?, God! Ofcourse.” She said excitedly.




“Fine.. you gonna join..” I said and with all the excitement, she tried to hug me but


I shifted away.


What the heck!


“Thanks Molly. I appreciate alot.” She said.


I smiled.


“But you gonna do something for me.” I said.


“What’s that?” She asked, smiling.

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