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Sequence 38




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman





Doctor Michael Obeng jumped to his feet, still na.ked, and raced furiously after the retreating back of Jack Larbi.


“Jack, wait for me!” he shouted. “Don’t leave me alone. I haven’t finished speaking the truth. Wait for me!”


Jack moved through the French Windows into the living room area and then moved up the steps in frenzy. He approached the door of the master bedroom which flew open to reveal Lucille in the doorway.

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“Jackie, my love!” she whispered.


She was in her sexy lingerie again and she held out her arms to him.


“Not now, Luce,” Jack said in an agitated voice as he swept past her. “There’s something I need to do, please. Excuse me.”


“Jaaaaaaack!” Doctor Obeng’s crazed voice came from below the steps. “I’m coming, Jack!”


“Jesus!” Lucille cried with fright and began to race down the corridor frantically towards her own room. Evidently, she had no wish to be around the doctor. Jack found his phone on the bedside table and he picked it up. He called Adobea.


It rang about three times and then her voice came on.


“Shalom, my love!” she whispered with sudden fear. “Is everything alright?” “No, my darling,” Jack said in a rush, his voice panicked. “It is a horrible conspiracy, Adobea. They are greedy and a murdering bunch! I just found out they killed Cyndi, and your life is in danger! I need to move you away from the restaurant!”


“Oh, my love, relax!” Adobea said as she tried to sound calm. “We spoke about all this when you took me to the cabin. You told me it would not be safe to stay with Aunt Tessy, and so you brought me to the Army Camp, and made me stay with one of your friends, Lieutenant Kofi Solomon.” “Oh!” Jack said, suddenly relieved. “I did that?”

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“Yes, my love, you did,” Adobea said gently. “I’m in his house right now inside the barracks. There are other soldiers all around. So, I’m quite safe.”


“Oh, thank goodness!” Jack said with profound relief. “But…I don’t remember this Lieutenant Solomon.”


“Oh, my love,” Adobea whispered. “These evil people have done a very bad thing to you! I believe you now slip between periods before the reset when you’re Jack Larbi, and periods after the reset when you’re Shalom.”


“I think so,” Jack said sadly. “Now I remember Calima and Doctor Odabor and every bit of the life we shared. Thank you for the loop video, my love.”



“I’m now worried about you, my love,” Adobea said desperately. “Are you safe, my love? You told me they killed poor Cyndi! What for? I’m so worried, my love! Maybe it is time to get Commander Gyeshie!”


“Don’t worry about me, my love,” Jack said gently. “It is the JL-CELL they want, and as long as they haven’t laid their hands on it they wouldn’t dare touch me. I need solid evidence against them, and I’m going to get it. So, please, remain safe for me. I’ll get in touch with you soon.”


“Yes, my love,” Adobea said and glanced at the door when a gentle knock sounded on it.


She walked rapidly to it and spoke.




“It is me, Miss,” came the kind voice of Lieutenant Solomon. “I heard voices and wondered if everything is alright.”


“Oh, yes, please,” Adobea said. “I’m on the phone with Jack.” “Oh, just the man I wanted to speak to,” said the soldier. “Who is it?” Jack said in her ear.


“Oh, Lieutenant Solomon,” Adobea said. “Alright, please let me speak to him,” Jack said. “Just a moment, my love.”


She put the phone down and quickly put on her jeans and a blouse, and then she opened the door and handed the phone to the tall, muscular soldier.


“Jack wants to speak to you.”


He took the phone.


“Jackie-Boy, my boss!” he said brightly.


“Oh, Solo,” Jack said in a rush. “I remember you now. These guys messed up my mind badly, my friend. But thank you for taking care of Adobea for me. I don’t really know who my real friends are anymore.”


“I’ve always got your back, Jackie-Boy,” said the soldier, and spoke with Jack for a little more until Jack said goodbye.


However, Lieutenant Solomon did not take the phone from his ear even when Jack cut the call, and he smiled and pretended to be on the phone with his friend.


“It is always my pleasure, Jackie-Boy,” he said gently. “Yes, I know how dangerous it is. I’m taking up a new post this morning but I’ll send her along and provide her with three bodyguards. Don’t worry, boss. Nobody can take Adobea from me.”


He took the phone from his ear and smiled at Adobea.


“Oh, are you leaving the barracks?” she asked with concern.



“Yes, dear, to command a post nearby,” he said gently. “But it will be near where you work, so don’t worry at all. Please get your bag. I’ll give you a new room over there with three bodyguards. No one will come near you.”


“Thank you, sir,” Adobea said gratefully. “Thank you very much!”


So, almost an hour later, Adobea sat beside Lieutenant Solomon in his army-issued sleek Hyundai and they moved through the silent streets. And, forty minutes later, they stopped on a deserted stretch of road where a huge van was parked with two men standing beside it.


“Get out, Adobea,” the soldier said as he got out of the car.


Adobea was a bit scared but she trusted him and got out of the car.


The three men came towards them, and in the gloom one of them seemed really familiar, and eventually Adobea came to a stunned halt.


“Hello, Adobea,” Samuel Larbi said with a cold smile. “We meet again. Well done, Solo.”


“My money, Sammy,” the soldier said.


“You!” Adobea whispered with shock as she looked at the soldier. “Oh, my God! I trusted you! Jack trusted you! How could you do this?”


“You shut the up!” Lieutenant Solo said grimly. “My money, Sammy, damn it! I’ve got to go!”


“Give Solo the dough,” Samuel said with a smile.


One of the men handed a briefcase to the soldier.


“Everything here?” he asked coldly.


“One hundred thousand cedis, buddy,” Sammy said calmly. “I always deliver.” One of the men twisted Adobea’s hands behind her and handcuffed her.


“I’ll check it out, if you don’t mind,” the soldier said grimly. “Definitely, my paddy, definitely,” Samuel said. “We’ll wait.” Solo carried the suitcase to his car and put it on the boot.


He popped the locks and then took a powerful flashlight from his pocket, turned it on, and then pulled the lid of the briefcase open.


His eyes opened with horror when he saw that the briefcase was filled with the shiny, scaly, squirming bodies of furious and venomous black mamba snakes! “Feed, sweeties!” Samuel Larbi whispered evilly as he watched with cold eyes. The reptiles shot from the briefcase at Solo!


About three struck him fiercely in the face, and four more struck his hands and neck.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


Adobea screamed with sheer horror and turned her face away as tears fell down her face in torrents!



Solo crashed to the ground as the deadly venom from the mambas soared and heated his blood. His legs thrashed wildly and his body jerked as if being shredded by electric current. His eyes bulged and tendons stood angrily on his face and neck. “Ahhh, death is beautiful!” Samuel Larbi whispered. “Death is so beautiful, innit?” He gazed at the rigid figure of the dead soldier, and then he turned away.


“Let’s bounce,” he said at last.


They pushed Adobea inside the dark van and a moment later they left the area.




“Doctor Obeng, do you mind?” Jack asked with a yawn as he relaxed on his bed. “I wanna rest now. Can you go to your room, please?”


“I’ve not finished speaking the truth,” Doctor Obeng said indignantly as he stood at the foot of the bed, still na.ked. “Paracetamol, aracetamol, racetamol, acetamol, cetamol, etamol, tamol, amol, mol, ol….lilly-lilly-lillyyyy!”


“Oh, Yehowa!” Jack said, exasperated. “Leave me alone, Doc. I don’t want anymore truth. What I have heard is enough!”


Doctor Obeng crooked his arms and began to shake his waist violently, gyrating it so that his genitals swung crazily.


“No, not again, doctor, please!” Jack said in anguish.


“See my balls, Jack, watch my balls swinging like Sekondi bofrot!” Doctor Obeng screamed. “Proper yayayah dance!”


“Get out of my room, doctor!” Jack shouted. “Please, give me a little privacy!” “Privacy is for dead people buried at the cemetery!” Doctor Obeng shouted back angrily. “Did I tell you that Beatrice was a prostitute?” “Yes, you already did, Doctor Obeng.”


“Aha!” he said in a serious voice. “And yet your father married her! If you put all the pe.nises that have entered her end to end, it would be as long as ten poles. Now that is one very abused totogina!”


He burst into loud laughter at his own wit.


“But your father didn’t know!” he shouted. “He thought he had some fresh hole of tucsamay, but it was actually shaft. Totogina! I like the word…totogina!” “Totogina is nice,” Jack said with a crazy chuckle. “I like it too!”


“Herh, see this, Jack-Lord!” Doctor Obeng lifted his leg and put it on the edge of the bed and pumped his waist hard and violently.


“What on earth are you doing now, doc?” Jack asked with a chuckle.


“This is the way marijuana boys throw atopa!” the doctor shouted. “Kriki, kriki, kriki…no bullshit. That’s some serious atopa!”



“Oh, doctor,” Shalom said as he shook his head sadly. “You’re going so mad now, I tell you!”


“Do you want to know how Ga men throw atopa?” Doctor Obeng asked.


“No, I definitely don’t want to know how Ga men throw atopa,” Jack said with a yawn. “I just want to sleep, Doctor Obeng. Can I sleep?”


“No, you can’t sleep,” Doctor Obeng said. “I have not finished speaking the truth. Paracetamol, aracetamol, racetamol, acetamol, cetamol, etamol, tamol, amol, mol, ol….lilly-lilly-lillyyyy!”


Jack sighed with great exasperation.


“Look, Doctor Obeng, I want you to show me how goats fight!” he said gently. “You see that wall over there? Let’s pretend that is a goat, and you’re also a goat. Show me how you would fight!”


“Heerh!” Doctor Obeng said and turned with his arms all pumped upwards. “I’m the big billy goat gruff! Pumermer-pumeeerrrrr!”


And he raced towards the huge wall with his head bent and crashed sickeningly into the wall!


“Gugu!” he cried with pain as he bounced off the wall and crashed on the floor, instantly unconscious.


“Ahhhba!” Jack said with a chuckle as he yawned and stretched out fully on the bed. A moment later he was fast asleep, and he was not aware that Adobea’s life was in grave danger!






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