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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 6

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#Season_2 Chapter 6 ⃣(Finale)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov



I decided to be honest with her after all she just told me the name of the man in the picture.


“Someone close to me.” I answered. The rest of my goon came out of the vehicles.


There were five Jeep’s and in each of the Jeep were ten goons inside it.

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“Someone close to you? And who can that be?” Lady Deepa asked me, giving me all her full attention.


“You will get to know when it’s time.” I replied to her.


“But if you know who it was, why don’t you just kill him?” Krishna asked.


“I can’t kill him, he has a lot of explanation. I want to know why he is doing all these, and why he is betraying me.” I answered her. Bringing my gaze back to the laptop in Arjun hands.


“I brought some of your clothes ma’am.” Arjun said and I smiled widely.



“Thank you so much Arjun, it is as if you know I really need a change of clothes.” I told him and he smiled.


He gave me the laptop to hold and went back to the car and brought out a bag, not too big and not too small. He gave it to me.


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“Thank you.” I thanked and collected the bag from him and gave him the laptop. “Where is Khaleel?” I asked him. “Did he not come with you?”


“No ma’am, he will be coming with Ajay soon.” He responded.


“And my grandmother?” I asked him.


“She’s being guarded ma’am.” Arjun responded.


I nodded my head. “I will be right inside, let me change my clothes. Be at alert Arjun.” I told him and went back inside the castle and entered Krishna room, locking the door behind me, Krishna and her mother did not follow me and I opened the bag and saw a pair of black jeans and black T-shirt with a black sneakers to match. Aside from the clothes, there were three guns in the bag which were for me.


I quickly removed the slave’s cloth and put on the one Arjun brought for me, fixing the guns, one in my left sneakers, the other one in the back of my waist, using my shirt to cover it and the last one in my hands.


I placed the bottle in my other empty sneakers and once I was done, I left Krishna’s room with the slave cloth in the bag.


I came out and saw them in the same position I had left them.


“So what’s your next plan Zoya, where are you going to get Indra?” Lady Deepa asked me, prompting me to face her.


“He will come to this fortress, I am very sure by now he must have gotten the news of the death of my father, his brother.” I replied and returned my gaze to Arjun. “Take the vehicles to the slave’s quarters.” I said pointing towards the direction.



“And take them out of the fortress to the main road. You are with one of my Atm cards, find a bank and withdraw from the account, give those slaves some cash before dropping them, okay?” I told Arjun and gave him the bag.


“Yes ma’am.” He answered, collecting the bag from me and he together with the rest of my goons entered their vehicles and drove towards the slaves quarters.


“I have a feeling Indra will be coming today.” I said aloud to no one in particular, my eyes never leaving the direction where Arjun and the rest went.


Soon their approaching vehicles were seen heading towards us, the vehicles stopped except for one who keeps driving towards us.


Arjun’s car drove and stopped when he got to where I was, his head came out of the car window.


“We are going now ma’am, this is the first batch, we will be coming back to pick another set.” He told me.


“Alright, don’t forget what I told you to do, give them one Cores each so that it can last them until they find their feet back.” I said to him.


“Okay ma’am.” He said, reversing his car and driving towards the gates as the test of the vehicles followed him out of the fortress.


“You have a lot of money to give the slaves one Cores each, isn’t that too much?” Lady Deepa asked and continued. “You will go bankrupt before you know it and will be poor.”


“I won’t Lady Deepa. Those slaves toil from morning till evening, every day of their life since they came here just to dig out gold from the ground and you are telling me one Cores is too much? If I have no money in my account, I believe my father has money in his bank accounts, I will start from there.” I told her, smiling widely. “And if there is no more money in his bank accounts. The gold that was dug out yesterday, I will sell it and give the remaining slaves one Cores each. I am the new Raveena Kaali, do not forget that easily.” I added as she was staring at



Krishna who was busy looking at the sky. When she saw Krishna wasn’t paying her any attention, she shifted her gaze back to me.


“If all the slaves go, who will dig out the gold’s for you?” She asked me, I could see anger in her eyes but that isn’t my business.


“That won’t be a problem. I have demon warriors now, isn’t it?” I asked.


“Who will then guard the gates if they are not there?” She asked me.


“There are more than five hundred demons in each of the three gates, right? Let’s say, I removed three hundred of the demons from each of the gates and made them dig out the gold, there will still be two hundred and something guards left to guard each of the gates. I don’t want those gates to be too crowded.” I replied to her.


“….” Lady Deepa was about to say something but got interrupted when a man


landed in front of us, a few meters away from us. And then more landing came, drawing out dust from the ground.


“I noticed the change of air around us and that was why I was looking at the sky.” Krishna said aloud, placing one of her hands over her eye to prevent the sand from entering it. I and Lady Deepa copied her.


Soon, the dust cleared and we saw who it was.




He looked exactly like the man in the picture Arjun had shown to me. He looks ugly in life than in his picture. In fact Raveena Kaali was more handsome than him. And not to talk about his horns that made him look so super ugly.


And those behind him were no different, they had horns on their forehead, though they wanted to look like humans.


“Indra,” Lady Deepa said in surprise when she saw him. “What are you doing here? I thought you swear never to step your foot here again?” She asked him.



“That was then when my brother was still alive and ruling the fortress but now, that has changed. It is now my turn to rule the fortress.” Indra or whatever his ugly name is responded to Lady Deepa.


He was so ugly, even his speech is ugly.


Thankfully, I was happy Arjun had left with some of the slaves before their ugly arrivals.


“Too bad for you Indra, in case you don’t know, Raveena Kaali is still alive and not dead, I am the new Raveena Kaali. I am standing before you and you are saying I am dead. Are you sure your horns are not touching your peanut brain?” I asked him.


“Zoya!” He shouted my name in fury.


“Indra!” I shouted his name just like the way he did to mine.


“You think you are strong and wise, but let me tell you something you don’t know, I am smarter and a step ahead of you.” Indra told me with a smirk.


“Just because you were able to kidnap my friend and lover from this fortress doesn’t make you smart.” I told him returning his smirk with my own.


“And who told you I was the one who had kidnapped your friends? I have an insider who has been working for me since. Him” Indra said, his smirk widened more and at that moment, a familiar face landed beside him earning a loud gasp from Lady Deepa and Krishna.


I gasp along with them too, not expecting to see new changes in him.


Harsha has horns like Indra.


He is a demon…..


But how?



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