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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 6

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Chapter 6 ⃣



Growing Up



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov



Raja goons all, hunks, came down from the cars and stood besides it, they were heavily armed and obviously not affected by the pouring rain.


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Vishal guided Raja Rajasthan into the house as two of his own hunks escorted him. We greeted him as he passed us, but of course he ignored them as one of Vishal’s thugs opened the door inside the room and both Vishal and Raja Rajasthan entered the other room, the door closing behind them.


30 minutes later Vishal came out and signaled me to come before disappearing back into the room.


I closed the distance between me and the door and entered, closing the door behind me.


The room I entered was large, I saw two extra doors inside the room.


Raja Rajasthan was seated and was staring at me, the other chair closer to him was empty, Vishal was probably sitting on it before he called me. Vishal was standing beside him, he also was staring at me.


I went to sit on the empty chair and stared back at Raja Rajasthan.






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“With the way you are staring at me, do you want to marry me off to your son?” I asked Raja.



“You are Zee.” Raja Rajasthan’s hoarse voice said.


“Yes, and you must be Raja Rajasthan.”


“Wow, she is as you say Vishal. I like her guts.” Raja Rajasthan said with a lopsided smile. “You are not scared to talk right back at me?”


“I am not fearful of fear, Raja Rajasthan. We are all humans, we live and die once, right?”


Raja Rajasthan only nodded his head and stood up. “I will be taking you with me.”


“Unless you are ready to take my two adopted brothers along, I have to decline your offer.” I told him.


“Your adopted brothers? Who can they be?” Vishal demanded.


“Krish and Khaleel.” I replied.


“Fine, I will take them along.” Raja Rajasthan chips in and leaves the room.


Soon, Krish and Khaleel entered one of the Suv and I entered Raja’s car.




Fifteen (15) Years Later…..




Fifteen whole years had passed since I left with Raja.


I had grown into a tough fearful woman. I don’t wear makeup like most women of my age do. I don’t have time for that. I had to cut off my hair a year after joining Raja and have been keeping it low ever since then.



I had tattoos almost all over my body. I drew my mother’s face at my back to remind me of my promise to her. No one knew of the tattoo on my back except Krish.


At the beginning, it wasn’t easy to please Raja but I worked my way and won the heart of Raja who made me his second in command of all his business, he wasn’t married nor had a child but he has a lot of girlfriends who only follow him for his money.


I know of his business, buying of girls and boys and forcing them into prostitution. Sometimes he resold the girls or boys to rich buyers who turn them into their personal sex slaves.


I was mad when I discovered his real business which fetches him money and that made me greedy for more money.


More money to disguise myself as one of the rich buyers and buy the girls and boys off and take them to Gorai Village, to my helping foundation run by my grandmother, Reena (Zoya Helping Foundation)


More money to help sponsor every child in my foundation to school to live a better life.


More money which I use in building up Gorai village. The villagers now see me as their King.


Yes, I kill people for money.


I do visit Grandma Reena once in a year, when coming, I will have to wear a long gown or skirt that will cover my tattoos on my legs and long sleeves to cover my arms. I have a lot of wigs which I use whenever I am paying her a visit. I lied to her that I was the CEO of a big company in India and she believed me.


No one knows about this, not even Krish, my mate or his brother.


Krish was the one who had taken away my virginity. At first, I thought it was love and that was why I gave myself to him, but after, I realized it was. He was



handsome, black hair, trimmed mustache and a cute dimple. He was tall, about 6 foot with a gorgeous tan and piercing black eyes. Very nice. He always wears a turban just like Vishal which fitted him. He was strong and very good with guns and weapons.


But in all his handsomeness, I only see him as a friend.


His brother, Khaleel, was handsome too and I had to learn sign language just to communicate with him. Khaleel was a free spirit person and a good fighter who did his jobs neatly. Even though he was mute, Raja likes him.


I told Krish I can’t continue with the relationship anymore because I see him as a friend and brother and not a lover.


When I told him, he did everything to change my heart but once I have made up my mind, there is no going back.


I had to finally agree with his terms for us to become friends with benefits. We each other brains out with no feelings attached.


Even though I was well feared in Bombay as Raja second in command, the brothers weren’t scared of me.


During my fifteen years with Raja, I realized he wasn’t the treasure I was looking for.


I was made to know there were two more dangerous Don’s, Anant Desai and Raveena kaali.


I learnt that every five years all Don’s in India gather to give account to Raveena kaali, the King of all Don’s.


Then I realized, Raveena kaali was my missing treasure and to get to him, I have to get through Anant Desai.


My phone rang bringing me out of my thoughts, I picked it up without checking the caller ID.



“Zee, where are you?” Raja asked me.


“Home.” I answered, I was living in my own house which I bought two years ago. I was in my bedroom, on my bed. Money is good, power is good. Both of them work hand to hand.


“Come down to my house right now.”


“Why?” He has to give me a reasonable reason before I can come.


“Anant Desai is here.”


I ended the call and was up to my feet. Raja has gotten used to me cutting his call whenever I like.


I quickly dressed up, a baggy jeans, white sneakers and a T- shirt. Coming out of my house, I decided to drive with the white SUV Krish has gifted to me a week ago. I hope he is not doing all this to make me fall in love with him because that road is blocked.




I was sitting next to Raja and opposite him was Anant Desai and his second in command.


“So, I hear you carry out dangerous jobs with a snap of your fingers.” Anant Desai said and I nodded my head, bringing out a pack of cigarettes in my pocket to smoke.


“I heard you are a rough girl.”


“And a crazy one too.” I told him, puffing out my smoke.


“I want you to eliminate the central minister for me tomorrow. He will be attending a school conference so I want you to bomb him right there.” He told me.



“What about the students? Women and those that would be attending?” I asked him.


“Bomb them with him, that’s my style.” He said with a raised arm smiling.


“I don’t kill women and children.” I told him.




“That’s my style.” I replied to him with a raised arm also, just like the way he did, smiling.


His smile faded and he frowned, “If you don’t go, I have someone else to do the job perfectly for me.” He said pointing at his second in command.


My smile faded, “Even if you are the one Anant Desai, I wouldn’t allow you to do






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