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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 11

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Chapter 1 ⃣1 ⃣






…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya POV



I ended the call not wanting to listen to her frog voice. For some reasons, the voice felt familiar but I couldn’t point out where I heard it from. I haven’t come across Krishna before for her voice to sound familiar to me. So where?

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Anyway I brush that odd feeling off and smile at Anant Desai who was speechless.


I gave him back his phone but a question kept disturbing me.


How did Krishna get to know what we were discussing?


“Are there any hidden cameras here?” I asked, staring around me.


He didn’t replied me , instead he started typing on his phone.


“What are you doing?”


“Sending Krishna an apology.” He answered and soon, my phone vibrated alerting me of a new message.



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I brought out my phone from my back pocket and saw the message Anant Desai.


was from



Which read:



She planted cameras around in my house to watch my son. Even now, she is watching us.



Was he joking? Anant Desai sent me a text instead of just saying it out, which means he is really scared of her.


“Krishna or whatever is her name should stay away from Harsha, he belongs to me now.” I said, pretending as if he hadn’t just sent me a message.


“You don’t know what you are signing for if you don’t stay away from Harsha.


Whoever provokes Krishna doesn’t live to see the next day.” Anant Desai said.


I guess he doesn’t know me well, I don’t back down from something once I have made up my mind on it.


“Anant Desai, have you ever seen me get angry before?” I asked him instead.




“Then pray that day doesn’t come.” I told him. “Now where will I sleep because nothing you say will make me move an inch from here.” I told him.


“Don’t say I did not warn you Zee.”


“Until there are no obstacles in a love story, it ain’t a love story. Krishna is my obstacle, but don’t worry, I will bring her down.” I told him standing up and walking up the stairs as if I was the owner of the house. I heard running feet and immediately knew Harsha had been listening to our conversation.


“Where are you going?” He asked me.


“To find Harsha room, that’s where I will be staying.” I said very loud so that Krishna would hear it wherever she is.


I didn’t wait for him to respond before I continued climbing the stairs until I reached the top stairs where I walked a few paces in the long passage before I saw about six doors. Each door was opposite the other.



I wanted to open the first door closer to me when the second door opposite the one I was standing open and Harsha came out, dressed as if he was going out.


“And where do you think you are going my love?” I asked him, blocking his path.


“First of all, do not call me your love and secondly, where I am going isn’t your business.” He answered me rudely but I smiled at him.


“My love, I am now your personal bodyguard so I have every right to ask you where you are going.”


“Get out of my way before I-”


I didn’t allow him to complete his statement before I interrupted him.


“Before you punch me again, the more you punch me the more my love for you grows.” I told him and set my other cheek to him. “Punch me on this side of my face my love.” I told him.


“You are impossible.” He said and inhaled deeply before breathing out.


“You don’t want to punch me again?” I asked and straightened up my face to stare at his handsome face.


“No, but I am going to do this.” He said and did what I wasn’t expecting him to do.


Harsha carried me and placed me on his shoulder and started walking.


I came out of my shock when I glanced down and saw how tight his jeans were on his ass. He was giving me a nice view of his ass and I love it.


I touch it prompting him to halt.


“Thanks for this lift my love.” I said and squeezed his nice ass tight again.


“Sto-” Harsha got interrupted by his phone ringing. He picked up the call and started to stammer. “He-he-hel-lo Krishan.”



“Drop her down now.”


I could hear her command and Harsha did just that, dropping me quickly on the floor as if I suddenly burned him.


Really? How dare she?


She ended the call.


Oh well then, let me see how she will stop this.


Harsha wanted to pass me when I grabbed him and put him on my shoulder, just like the way he did to me a few seconds ago.


“Call me now bastard, I dare you to call me!” I yelled out and began to descend from the staircase.


My phone rang, halting my movement, I brought out my phone thinking to see an ‘Unknown number’ calling but instead it was Krish that was calling me.


I picked it up and the first thing he asked was.


“Why are you at Anant Desai house?”


How did he know?


“How did you know that Krish?” I asked.




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