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Love Affairs – Episode 20

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Episode 20




“Please let’s go to the office.” The president said and started moving out of the hall.


Senator Mahoney followed him and in few minutes they were in the president’s office.


The office was roomy, perfect and filled with exhilarating scent. The president sat down,


“Please sit.” He motioned the senator to a seat across the table.


The senator sat, “You’ve already gotten used to the office. I’m impressed.” He smiled.


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“Thanks so much. It’s really challenging but at the same time, interesting.” The president smiled and started arranging some files on the table.


“That’s good.”


The president looked at him, “What brand do I offer you?” “Not today,” the senator shook his head, “some other time.”


The president nodded and rolled his seat forward, “How’re you preparing for your swearing-in?”


The senator placed his hands on the table,


“Nothing exceptional, but I’m really looking forward to becoming the vice-president. The problem is that it’s still far.”


The president smiled, “Four days is not far.


It’s almost at hand.” He arranged one more


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file and said, “Is everything alright? You looked like hell during the meeting.” He






The senator said, “You observed well.” He paused, “We need to talk.”


From the expression on the senator’s face, the president knew that whatever it was he wanted to speak to him about was serious. He became


anxious, “What’s the problem?”


The senator folded his arms and shifted forward, “It’s about your office.”




The president pressed his chest against the table that the senator was hearing his breathing, “What about it?”


The senator unfolded his arms, a sneering smile resting on his face, “Williams disappointed me and I don’t want that to happen again.”


The president knew where he was headed. He remembered the three conditions the senator had given his late predecessor before he agreed to give him his full support to the presidency. He had made late President Williams agree that he would be the one to


make sensitive decisions for his administration, that half of the members of his cabinet be appointed on his recommendation and that Williams would be paying him eighty million every month. After Williams won the seat, he ignored what he earlier promised the senator; instead, he treated him like an enemy and was determined to destroy him.


President Wilfred forced a smile, “You want me to meet the conditions you gave Williams?” A little spark of rage began to kindle in his




The senator said, “Not all of them, just one.”


“What do you mean by just one?” He rolled back a bit.


The senator said immediately, “The eighty million monthly.”


A twinge of disappointment ran through the president, “You’re kidding, I’ll do no such




The senator smiled and said drily, “Never repeat the very mistake your predecessor made.” He ran a finger through his collar,



“Williams was the biggest fool I’ve ever seen. I made him a president and he stabbed me in the back. I don’t appreciate being played with.


Do you intend to take after him?” His face twisted into a vicious fury.


I would rather take after him than let you have your way. The president thought. “That you made Williams a president doesn’t imply I’ll become your puppet and turn my back to the citizens at the flip of your fingers.” His eyes bulged, “I can’t waste the nation’s resources on your greediness. You_”





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