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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 29

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15|06|18 (Unedited)




The murmurs that were coming from everyone had me turning my head to check what was happening, I almost choked on my saliva as Oswald walked in with Azure on his side. My eyes followed his hand, he was gently holding her around the waist and she was smiling.


I felt Mel hold my hand, at that point I couldn’t understand anything that was happening. The two smiled at the people around till they came to our table, he removed a chair from underneath and after she sat; he pushed it back.


‘Mr. Mtonga.’ Oswald said with a teasing smile ‘Oswald.’ I responded



He came over to Mel’s side and pecked her on the cheeks then went to sit next to Azure, making sure to gently place her hand in his.

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The rest of the night was boring, I didn’t pay much attention to anything that was said because all I wanted to know was what in God’s name Azure was doing with Oswald. And to make matters worse Mel didn’t leave my side, it was like she noticed that I wanted to have a word with Azure.


So after the dinner, I drove us back home in frustration.


‘That Ms. Mwila is good for Oswald, I think she will help him stay sane.’ I heard Mel say as I helped her out of her heels


I nodded my head afraid that my words would probably sell me off


‘I mean who would have thought that Oswald would earn himself a good looking lady, an intelligent one for that matter?’


‘Melisa I think whatever Oswald has with that lady is none of our business.’ I responded feeling frustrated


I undid her zipper and watched her as she got out of her dress, she was still as beautiful but my emotions were misplaced and I had to put them in check or I would mess up my marriage.


‘I will be in the study.’ I said

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I saw the hurt look on her face but that was the least of my worries.


I locked myself inside and poured some alcohol in a glass then drunk it without thinking twice. I was definitely hurt by her actions.


I logged into facebook and the first thing that I came face to face with was Oswald announcing that he was going to be a father, I felt my hurt break into a million tiny pieces because now it made perfect sense.


I walked out of the house like a lunatic and rove to her place without even telling Mel that I was going out.


‘Open the door!’ I yelled once I got to her place


The lights were all off, I walked around the house making sure to knock each and every window in my reach. Minutes later the bedroom light went on.


‘Azure open this door!’ I yelled


I heard the door unlock then without thinking twice I pushed it open making her stumble on her feet


‘What is wrong with you?’ she asked frightened pulling her night dress close to her body


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‘You can’t come to my house at this hour and start behaving like a lunatic.’ She yelled



I could see that she was really upset and was trying to put up a front. ‘My child won’t be raised by another man!’


The words slipped out of my mouth even before I could hold them back, I saw her face turn into something I couldn’t put a finger to. ‘So it is my baby.’ I said more to myself than to her


‘Jason there is no place for you here, please go back to your wife and kids.’ She told me going to settle into one of the couches I watched her walk until she was seated.


‘I can’t allow you to raise this baby alone, we made it together.’


‘I don’t want you having problems in your marriage, you are a public figure; besides the media will eat you up with everything dirty they can get on you.’ I laughed


‘So this is all Oswald’s doing right?’ I asked going to sit next to her


‘Jason this is about me, I will never be okay with myself if something goes wrong in your marriage.


‘Bullshit Azure, you lost your decency when you decided to have a sexual relationship with a married man. So don’t tell me things like you would never be okay with yourself when something goes wrong in my marriage.’


‘We are not having anything more, my decision is to stick with Oswald. So I want you out of my house and my life.’ She said now on her feet


I looked at her reading the seriousness on her face.


‘You are not lying?’


‘Jason, you are not when you talk about decency but I wont allow my child to grow up as second best. You have a home, a family. A loving wife and amazing kids, allow me to have this.’ She said holding her tummy


‘Azure.’ I begged but the look she threw at me told me everything that I needed to know, her mind was made up and there was no turning back.


‘Go Jason.’ She said pointing at the door


I dragged myself out of the house and drove home like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.


When I got there, the lights were all off. I opened the living room door and noticed that there was a figure there puffing some smoke.


I turned the switch on but the light didn’t go on.


‘Who are you?’ I asked


I got my phone out of the pocket of my trousers and turned it on only to find it was Melisa. She had packs of cigarettes on the floor and bottles of alcohol


‘Mel.’ I asked shocked



I had never seen her like that, in the eight years that we had been married she had never taken a sip of alcohol much less smoking.


‘What didn’t I do for you?’ she asked


‘I don’t get you and why6 are the lights off?’


‘Jason Mtonga, what the hell didn’t I do for you as a wife and mother to your kids?’ she asked this time her voice sounding cold ‘You did everything right.’ I heard myself say


‘Then why would you cheat on me? On us? On everything that we hold dear?’ I kept quiet not sure if me saying anything would sort out anything


She laughed, by this time my eyes had adjusted to the darkness. She was now putting off the cigarette and lighting another one. She did with so much easy it made me wonder if there was a side of her that I had never met.


‘Tell me about Azure.’ She said catching me off guard ‘Babe I think you need to come down.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


She laughed


‘I have never felt more alive Jason, you know how hard it has been the past months trying to convince myself that she is the one after you when in actual sense you keep following her?’ she asked now on her feet


There was silence as she walked to the window which was open, exposing her na.ked body.


‘You need to put some clothes on, what if the maids walk in here.’ ‘I sent them home.’ She said still facing the other side ‘You will catch a cold.’


‘Now you care?’ she asked followed by a mocking laughter ‘Of course I care, I have always cared.’


Even as the words came out of my mouth I actually wanted to believe them but it was only then I was realizing just how much I had been neglecting her. She had sacrificed so much for me and the kids and all I had to do was hurt her here it hurt the most.


‘Tell me what I didn’t do.’


Her words were cold, they didn’t have any emotion in them which was scary. Because I would have preferred for her to feel something, hurt or anger or anything but not being numb towards me.


She moved to where I was and blew from the cigarette that was in her hands. ‘Mel this is not you.’


She laughed



‘Oh Jason, you were my sanity. You made me want to dress up like a girl, to paint my nails red and keep my body in a dress. I bore and nursed your kids Jason, when I could have been out there living my life. Hell I even gave up my career.’


She paused


‘All for what?’ she asked angrily looking at me ‘All for what Jason?’ she asked screaming ‘Mel please.’


‘Don’t you dare Mel me. I loved you, I cleaned up after you made a mess. I was literally the foundation on which you built your empire on. Each time you asked me to bend I asked how low, when you asked me to jump I asked how high. I never questioned your actions, never questioned your movements or anything you ever did because was the loving wife.’


She said this with bitterness in her voice as tears continued to roll down her cheeks.


‘Jason I have a bloody past, I have an animal in me that you would never want to see come to life. Jason I have a past that will scare the life out of you and trust me you wouldn’t survive the old me.’ She said sending chills down my spin


She picked up a bottle of alcohol and drunk from it then lit another cigarette ‘So here is what we will do.’ She said now looking at me fiercely


‘You will call your girlfriend right now and tell her that you can’t have anything more with her,’ she said


I really wanted to do as she told me but Azure was pregnant and I couldn’t abandon her even though she asked me to.


‘Jason.’ She said angrily


‘We need to talk about this like civilized people.’


‘Huh.’ She said moving to the seat I had found her seated on


‘This is how civilized I can be.’ She said pointing a gun to my head after corking it ‘Melisa.’ I begged seeing a side of her that I never knew existed


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Have a lovely weekend.












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