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Forbidden Pa*ssion – Episode 50

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Chapter 5 ⃣0 ⃣


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“I don’t get what he is trying to say.” River said confusedly. “What law did he say my father and the gods had place and I have no idea?” She asked. “I need to go and ask Zeus what the hell is going on.” She added.


“Wait.” Royal said fast before she disappeared. “There is something I need to tell you…. I haven’t told you yet, it’s about my past.” He told her.


And that grabs the attention of River. “Your past?” She asked.


“Yes, please sit down.” Royal said.


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“No, I am perfectly fine standing, tell me about your past Royal.” River said with sudden interest.


‘What past is Royal talking of?’


River thought as she folded her hands, waiting for Royal to speak.


“Well, I did a lot of bad things many years ago, it was one of the reasons I became friends with the Millennium King, your late father.” Royal told her.


“What kind of bad things did you do back then?” River asked.


“A lot, I killed a lot of people before I was stop by your father and the gods.” Royal responded. “But I am now a change person, just telling you in case Isaac brings that up with the other king’s and Queen’s.” He added.


“That’s okay, you are now a changed person and it’s in your past now.” River said.


“Though I don’t see why our love is forbidden.” She added.


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“Maybe because your father helped the gods in stopping me after making me realize the damages I was causing.” Royal told her. “But he never told me about the law he and the gods had placed.” He added after a while.


“When my father did not know I would come to love you but your past won’t change my love for you, be rest a*ssured.” River a*ssured him.


Royal smiled and pulled her for a hug. “Thank you my dear. I love you River, never forget that.” He whispered the words into her ears.


Putting her arms around his waist, “I love you too Royal.” River said.


Both of them couldn’t let go of themselves until Isaac came back to the throne room with a triumphant smile.


“Soon, every kings and Queens of the Supernatural will be here and you will see what will happen to your Wolf god.” Isaac told River, smiling more widely and left them.




Vampire Kingdom:


King Darken and his mate, Lora, were waiting for Beauty as one of the vampire guards had gone to call her.


Beauty wasted no time when the guards informed her and disappeared right into her throne room where her visitors were waiting for her.


“Greetings to you Queen Beauty.” King Darken and Lora both said together.


“And greetings to you King Darken and his beloved mate.” Beauty told them. “What brings you and your mate here?” She asked, staring at Lora. She could sense darken mate aura and could tell she is a strong person, though still not as strong as her.



“I tag her along so you would see my mate like we discussed when I came here to talk to you, and to ask you how are we going to move forward to strike River before it gets too late.” King Darken told Beauty.


“My mate challenged River to a fight today when we visited the Millennium palace some minutes ago, but he won’t be the one to fight her, I will.” Beauty told them. “And the fight will take place tomorrow.” She added.


“How will you fight her in his place when you know fully well unless he is injured before the fig-” King Darken pauses. “Don’t tell me you intend inflicting injuries on him so you could take his place and fight River?” He asked instead.


“Correct.” Beauty responded and wanted to elaborate more when the door to the throne room burst open and the wolf guards from the Millennium palace entered inside.


They greet Beauty, King Darken and his mate, Lora and proceed to state their business.


“Isaac wants you and King Darken in the throne room of millennium King at once.” One announced.


“It’s very urgent, he said it requires the Wolf god who is in the palace.” The other said and they both turn and left, going towards another kingdom.


“The Wolf god is in the palace of millennium?” Beauty said aloud to herself. “Is Isaac working with the wolf god?”


“Let’s go and find out what Isaac wants before concluding.” King Darken spoke, bringing Beauty attention to him.


“You are right.” Beauty said. “I will see you there King Darken.” She added and King Darken and his mate left for the Millennium palace and she disappeared.





Mari decided to pay River a visit since they haven’t seen each other so she and Luke diverted going to the Millennium palace.


They first arrive before any other person and Luke was surprised to see Royal.


River quickly filled Mari with the recent happenings.


“I knew that someday your past will come hunting you Royal, didn’t I tell you that the last time we met before we parted ways?” Luke said and Royal nodded his head.


“Yes, you told me that my friend, but that was a long time ago.” Royal confirmed it.


“Guards! Jeffrey!” River called out and two guards came in. “Take the chairs out and allow no one to bring in chairs for our soon visitors, everyone will be standing, that is my order.”


“Okay my Queen.” The two guards said in unison, taking the chairs in the throne room and left for their position.


“Jeffrey make sure no chair is being brought here.”


“I will, my Queen.” Jeffrey said, bow in respect and left to join the guards.


“Don’t worry Royal, everything will work in your favor.” Mari said, earning a smile from Royal.


“It will.” River said.


Isaac returned, still smiling and his smile faded when he saw Mari and Luke.


“Where are the chairs I saw here a few minutes ago?” He asked still staring at Mari and Luke.


“Are you now getting old that you can stay a few minutes or hours standing in the meeting you’ve called for Uncle?” River asked. “Sorry but you or no King or Queen will sit until the meeting is over, it is my father’s kingdom and I am still the



Millennium wolf King daughter and my word is law.” She added waiting for Isaac to speak. But he didn’t say a word.


It wasn’t long before every King and Queen excluding Queen Latifah came.


“I mean no disrespect but as you can see everyone of you, including me, will remain standing until Isaac disperse us.” River told them all.


“Why did you sent for us, urgently?” King Simone asked.


“You said there is a wolf god in the palace, where is he?” King Darken asked.


“Simple, I won’t waste your time. Our wolf god in the palace is no other than him.” Isaac responded pointing at Royal.


Tyler was shocked.


Beauty was left speechless.


“Let me get this straight, Royal here is the wolf god?” Lora asked.


“I believe you have no ear problem when River says that.” Mari answered.


“Ignore her, and yes to your question Lora.” Isaac responded. “But that isn’t all, our dear River wants to marry the wolf god but you all have not forgotten what he did to us, to each one of your kingdoms, many, many years ago.” He added. “And now she wants to get married to him.”


“It is against the law for you as the Millennium daughter to marry a murderer who kills just for fun.” King Lucas said.


And the rest agreed except for Beauty.


“My father and the gods were the one who had placed the law and as far as I know, laws can be broken at times. I don’t care about Royal’s past and I don’t want to know but all I know is that I will marry him.” River said to them all.



“That is the part I have been waiting for you to say, my dear niece.” Isaac said. “Then the throne won’t be yours anymore, you will have to pa*ss the throne to one of your relatives, and unfortunately, I am the only relative you have. Failure to do so, is WAR.”


“There shall be no war.” Royal said.


“I wasn’t speaking to you Royal, you will only speak when you see spoken to.” Isaac told him facing him before returning his gaze to his niece, his one eye sparking in delight. “So what do you say my dear niece, hand over the throne to me and go and live your life as it pleases with your murderer or, let him go and choose another mate who will be found worthy to sit on the throne.” He added. Though, he knew River has no one else if she chooses to let go of Royal. “There will be a great war between every King and Queen of the entire Supernatural against you and your wolf god.” He added.


“There shall be no war.” River repeated the words Royal said. “No one is going to a war.” She added.


“The same law states that River will be given a full one day to decide.” Mari said. “Isn’t it so, one eyed man?” She asked Isaac


“Yes.” Isaac said, ignoring her taunting.


“Good, so everyone should go back to their kingdom and await River’s answer by this time tomorrow.” Mari told them.


“You all heard her, right?” River asked.


One by one, they left. Beauty who hasn’t spoken disappeared leaving Tyler who went with his father.


Once they were gone, Mari faced River.


“So what have you decided River?”


“I will be back soon, I need to talk to someone.” River told her and was gone.





Vampire Kingdom;


Beauty appeared in her room and went to sit down on her bed. She couldn’t believe her eyes.


Royal was the wolf god.


A wolf god and her mate which she rejected out of her selfishness.


If she hadn’t rejected him, she would have made him do certain things for her, like killing people for her to climb the throne. But because of her selfishness and greed, she rejected the one who would help her achieve her goal.


It was too late now because the look on River’s face shows she won’t let go of Royal.


She has lost to River.




Realm of the gods;


Zeus was surprised when he saw River in his presence.


“River, you should have sent me a signal to inform me of your coming.” Zeus said.


“There was no time for that Zeus, what brought me is important.”




“Is it true you and my father had placed a law where the wolf god can’t-”


Interrupting River. “Has the wolf god returned? Is he troubling anyone again?” Zeus asked.



“That wasn’t what I wanted to say, I am talking about the law where you state that I can’t get married to the wolf god.” River said.


“Yes you can’t, your father helped and he also states he and his household has nothing to do with the wolf god, though after many years, he became friends with the wolf god.” Zeus explained. “So whatever love you have for the wolf god, is forbidden.” He added.


“I can’t leave Royal, I am in love with him and my father doesn’t know what he was saying back then.” River said and then continued. “Law or no law, I want Royal.”


“Then get prepared for the coming war which is going to be very bloody.” Zeus said and stretched out one of his hands and opened his palm, “Take a look at what will happen, if you want to break the law.” He added and River stepped forward a little and peered into his palm as she saw the war.


“Is there no other way to prevent this war from happening?” River asked, stepping back to watch Zeus. What she saw was horrific, there will be a lot of deaths and she doesn’t want that.


“There is an option, give your throne to any relatives of yours or to anyone who is fit to sit on the throne, then you and the wolf god will go away and never return.” Zeus said to her. “I’m afraid that is the only option.” He added.


“Thank you for telling me and showing me the evil ones.” River thanked Zeus.


“There won’t be any war.” She added.


“I hope so River, we don’t want to fight against you.” Zeus told her.


“You won’t, I promise.” She said. “At this time by tomorrow, I will need your presence in my palace, please.”


“That will be no problem River, I will be there.”


“Thank you.” River said and was gone.





Millennium Kingdom:


“Where did you go?” Mari and Royal asked at the same time when River appeared a few minutes later.


“I went to meet Zeus and he gave me an option to choose.” River told them. “I am hungry.” She added.


“What option did he give you?” Mari asked.


“You will get to know tomorrow. Jeffrey!” She yelled and Jeffrey came in. “Get us some food and tell the guards to bring in some chairs.” She said aloud.


“Yes my Queen.” Jeffrey said and walked out.


“I won’t be going back to my place today, I will be staying here to give you and Royal all my support tomorrow.” Mari said.


“Me too.” Luke chips in.


“Thank you Mari.” River said with a smile.




Wolfe Crimson Kingdom:


“Who would have believed that a mere servant is the wolf god?” King Lucas asked no one in particular as he and his son were inside the throne room.


“How did he become a servant here in the palace?” Tyler asks.


“I can’t even remember how he started working here son.” King Lucas answered. “This has taught me never to belittle any servant, who knows if another servant here might be a moon goddess in disguise.”



“True, but father, about the throne Beauty promise, do you still think I will sit on it?”


“I don’t think so son, forget about the throne. If River chooses to stay with Royal and give the throne to Isaac, then it is finished. I don’t think Beauty will have a chance against him once River hands the Millennium throne to him.” King Lucas said. “We lost.”




Demon Kingdom:


“We are done for if Isaac gets the throne since he is the only relative she has.” King Darken told Lora.


“Let River hand over the throne to him tomorrow then we will know what to do from there.”


“But what if River did not give him the throne?”


“She is calling for war then, let’s wait until tomorrow to know the outcome.” Lora responded.


The Next Day every King and Queen of the supernatural came…..










Forbidden Pa*ssion (You’re Mine)

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