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Forbidden Passion – Episode 42

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Chapter 4 ⃣2 ⃣



© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“I don’t trust your uncle one bit, River.” Royal said once they were inside their new chamber. The room was simple but yet, elegant to the eyes.


They went to sit on the bed the late King had occupied.


“Why do you say so?” River asked.


“Because of his reaction towards what happened.” Royal responded.

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“How do you mean Royal?” River demanded.


“He wasn’t looking that bright when he saw the state the creature was and when Jeffrey had called me King.” Royal said, telling her his observation. “I was staring at him all throughout, even when he left, his smile was forced, something seemed fishy, we should be very careful of him, especially you.” He added.


“Personally, I know my uncle wants the throne, his eyes have been on that throne ever since my father became the King instead of him. But unfortunately for him, he has a child, me, and I have my mate, you. So there is no chance for uncle Isaac.” River told him. She has always been extra careful when it comes to her Uncle. He didn’t seem happy when they were in the meeting and she only replied calmly to him because not the blood they shared. He was the only living relative she had.


“All the same you should be very careful about him, I don’t trust him one bit and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who had sent that creature to attack us.” Royal said out his mind. He has been observing Isaac ever since his conversation they had about him being called ‘King’.


“I know Royal, I am always extra careful, you don’t need to remind me of that.”


River said and sigh. “I missed my father.”



“Yeah, me too, I miss my friend. He was the only one who could understand me and my wolves.” Royal said sadly. “But wherever he is, I am sure he is watching over us.” He added with a smile.


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“I would do anything to see him again.” River said more sadly this time, her voice didn’t hide her sadness.


“I have an idea, why don’t you ask Mari to make a spell for you to see him?” Royal suggested.


“I had asked her once but there is no spell to do that.” River responded.


“I am tired, though not hungry yet.” Royal said and yawned loudly.


“Me too.” River said. “When we wake up, we will fill our stomach.”


Together they lay down on the bed, River placing her head on Royal chest sighing in pure bliss.


Royal pecked her forehead and closed his eyes, smiling at their closeness and felt like the proudest man for having River.


‘Be at alert.’ Royal messages his wolves in his mind as he prepares to sleep.


‘Who did he tell to be alert, obviously not me.’ Dark said.


“Me too.” Fire chips in.


“Me three.” Green said and added. “But I think Royal was referring to dark.


“Not me, probably Ice.” Dark said.


‘Well, since I am your superior, the three of you will stay alert while I go and have my nap.’ Ice voice was heard. ‘See you later.’


‘Including you Ice, join the others and stay alert.’ Royal voice came again leaving no room for argument.



‘Okay, you are my boss.’ Ice said.


Royal and River slept off in each other’s arms.




After a hot session of love making, Tyler slept off and Beauty who was still awake, dressed up and was gone.


She went back to the vampire kingdom and summoned all the vampire guards, the vampire council and servants. She told them how her father had gone to meet her mother after reading the message sent to them by her mother.


“From now onwards, I shall be the ruler of this great vampire kingdom until my father and mother returns. Whoever amongst you that will defy my orders shall be greatly punished and killed, I hope I have made myself clear!” Beauty told them.


Beauty then proceeded to crown herself the Queen.




King Darken who had been thinking and hadn’t even bothered to rest decided to pay Beauty a visit.


He changed into his demon smoke and was gone.


Once his demon smoke reaches the palace, he changes back into his human form and asks for an audience with Beauty.


“You mean to say Queen Beauty my Lord?” One out of the two guards he had talked to corrected him.


“Queen?” King Darken asked in surprise. Did Beauty crown herself as the Queen?


“Yes my Lord.” The guard answered.


“Okay, tell her King Darken is here to see her and it’s urgent.” He said.


One of them ran with vampire speed to the chamber of Beauty and informed her about the presence of King Darken.


“Take him to the throne room and tell him to wait for me, I am coming.” Beauty told the guard who left as quickly as he had come.


He told King Darken what Beauty said and together they went to the throne room.


A sit was given to him to sit and wait for Beauty and he was left alone.


King Darken didn’t have to wait too long before Beauty appeared, sitting on the throne.


“To what do I own your august visit Darken?” Beauty asked with a raised eyebrow.


“I want to join hands with you so you can defeat River and sit on the Millennium throne.” King Darken went straight to the point.


“Why do you say so? I don’t have an interest on that throne.” Beauty lied. “As you can see, I am contented with this throne.” She added.


“You and I know you are lying.” King Darken said. “You need that throne more than anyone else, more than River herself and I am here to help you fulfill it.”


“Like I told you, I have no interest in that throne so I don’t know what you are saying.” Beauty lied. She couldn’t tell him she has interest on that throne, what if it was his plan to hear her agree and then use it against her by reporting her to River. Not that she was scared of River but the whole supernatural will be against her for plotting the death of a ruling Queen when she is still alive.


“You killed your father just so you could acquire more powers to sit on that throne, why are you now lying Queen Beauty.”


“Who told you I killed my father?” Beauty asked, trying to hide her shock from showing in her face which she succeeded.



“Someone did and it is pointless to lie about killing your father, let me help you and achieve your dreams Beauty, together we shall defeat River and make you the rightful Queen of the Millennium throne.” King Darken said and what he said changed the heart of Beauty.


‘Someone? Who could that be?’


Beauty ponders in thought as she stares at Darken. There is no point in lying to him in pretence she wasn’t interested in the throne. But if she allows him to work with her, she will be very extra careful. Whoever told him about her killing Leon must be a powerful witch and the only powerful witch she knows is Mari and Mari can never betray River.


“And what do you want in return, king Darken, surely you want to gain something if you are telling me all these?” Beauty asked.


“Truly, I need something in return. If I join forces with you to collect the throne from River, I shall do as I please and you won’t question my authority.” King Darken replied.


“Alright,” Beauty said. ‘Even though I don’t believe you one bit but whoever you got your information from is who I need to work with until I River and that stupid mate (Royal) of mine is gone, then i will focus on you and whoever you are getting your information from.’


Beauty smiled which King Darken returned.


“I accept.” Beauty said earning a smile from Darken and a smirk from Beauty.


King Darken smiled widely at the smirk he saw Beauty spotting.


Oh, two can play the game.





“This is just the beginning.” Isaac concluded and went to sit on his bed. He opened his palms again, bringing them closer and whispered some spells and the same eyes opened.


“They had defeated the creature you had sent to them with ease. I want their next attack to be more tougher than the first attack.” Isaac told the eyes staring at him. “Oh and before I forget, make sure whoever creature that would attack them tonight be immune against any attack from them.” He added and the eyes closed. He lay down to sleep.


He smiled triumphantly.


Unknown to him, River, who was sleeping and was now connected to the ground around the palace in her sleep state, heard everything.




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