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Forbidden Passion – Episode 26

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Chapter 2 ⃣6 ⃣


© Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


Touching her cheeks, Ariel felt the wetness and she quickly wiped her tears away before someone could see it.


She wanted to run after him but then again, she couldn’t. She knew he was angry at her for lying so she will give him space for his anger to go.


She turned around and left the Wolfe Crimson kingdom heading straight to the Witch kingdom.


She knew where to cry without anyone seeing her.


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Vampire Kingdom:



Tyler, after he was led to the Vampire throne room where King Leon was and they discussed, now he was heading to Beauty chamber with two vampire guards escorting him.


Once they got there, the door opened before any of them would knock and Beauty welcomed Tyler in.


“Why are you here my love?” Beauty asked as she made him sit on her bed while she sat on his lap.


“I came to see you, since we are going to be lifetime mates, I decided to come for us to know ourselves.” Tyler immediately answered, staring into her eyes.


“My father told me about your birthday, hope you will reject your stupid Mate for a brighter future with me like you had planned on your birthday party night?”


“Yes I will my dear.”

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Latifah’s Chamber:


“Your majesty, Queen Mari is here to see you.” Faith, Queen Latifah handmaid, said, staring at the back of the queen who had used a long scarf to cover her head and face from people seeing her ugly face and her hand.


“My sister is here?” Latifah asked, very surprised.


“Yes my Queen.” Faith answered. “She told me to tell you of her presence.”


“She did?”


“Yes my Queen.”


“Tell her to come to my chamber immediately, I won’t be seeing her in my throne room.” Queen Latifah orders and Faith leaves her chamber.



Latifah was surprised, Mari always appeared to her on her own accord without sending a message before she did so, so when the sudden change. Yesterday Mari had appeared in her chamber and today she is requesting her handmaid to inform her of her presence.


She uses her scarf to cover her face very well so that her eyes were the only thing seen. She went to sit down on her bed and at the same time the door to her chamber opened and Mari and Luke entered.


Queen Latifah heart triple race when she saw Luke walking majestically with Mari towards her. They were holding their hands.


‘How had he escaped from his cage? Or is that his twin brother?’


So many thoughts ran through her mind as she quietly watched them approach.


“Hello Latifah, good to see you again.” Mari greeted first with a bright smile as they stopped in front of her.


“Hi.” Latifah said.


“I came here to tell and show you my runaway Mate, Luke, who came back to me after so many years.” Mari told her. “He got tired of running and came back to me.” She added.


“Congratulations Mari, I am so glad he is back, at last you have found your happiness.” Latifah said to take enthusiasm as her heart beat speed up the more Luke stared at her.


‘How did he escape her crown without her knowledge? Is that why the spell reversed and backfired on her, putting her in this situation?’


She pondered in thought.


“Luke came back and told me an interesting story of how he got trapped by someone he once cared about, right Luke?”


“Yes my love.”


“So he escaped from her clutches and had to run back to me and explain about his disappearance.” Mari continued.


“That’s so bad of her.” Latifah said hoping Luke hadn’t told Mari it was her who trapped him in her crown.


“Yes so bad of her, I was so angry at her and I decided to punish her and I did just that.” Mari said and untangled her hand from Luke and with one quick move, she removed the scarf Queen Latifah used in covering her face. “This was exactly the punishment I gave to her.” She added gesturing to her hand and half of her twisted face.


“Mari please, I can explain.” Queen Latifah began when she realized she had been busted. “Luke tried to rape me and I had no other option than to imprison him in my crown. I hated him for wanting to rape me that night that was why I didn’t reveal his whereabouts to you all those years.” She added trying to use her good hand to cover her face.


“And the letter? You went too far Latifah and you know how I had searched for him, you kept me away from my mate for more than five hundred years and you are saying it’s because of your hatred you had for him? You could have come up with a better lie than this.” Mari said in clenched teeth.


“I am not lying Mari, believe me, he tried to rape me that was why I did that. I am sorry if I hurt you.”


“You cut me really deep and that was why I put you in your place. If you want the throne, you could have said so. When I was the Queen, I never passed any judgement without you.” Mari told her. “I will never ever forgive you Latifah, when I felt the familiar smell I had to create a similar crown that looked like yours and swap it with your crown and put a small spell over your fake house. I never expected to see Luke if not your punishment would have been worse… would


have been dead by now.” She added angrily. “You can never remove the spell I place on you Latifah.’



“I am so sorry Mari, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I..I was jealous of you and did that so I can see you suffer. I am sorry I went too far.” Latifah pleaded.


“Whatever, just came here to show off my Mate which you had caged unwillingly. I will be taking my leave now Latifah. Just remember whatever you sow you reap.” With that, Mari and Luke both turned around at the same time and left the chamber and Palace to her little home.


Appearing inside the house, Mari wasn’t expecting to see Ariel crying.


Ariel wasn’t expecting them to come back quickly, so she wiped out her tears and hoped they didn’t see it.


“Who made you cry Ariel?” Mari demanded in fury.













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