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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 9

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







“Where’s Michel?” Mr Park asked in a hush tone.


“Upstairs in his room, I’m sure he knows what’s going on.” TedyA answered.


Manager Kim walked closer to Mona Lisa and with a calmed eyes and tone, he said. “Please help us, help Spark5 and we will be ever grateful. THE SLY (also a south korean boys band group with six members. Second best after Spark5) had been waiting for a chance like this and would not hesitate to strike to become the top best. We cant let them and you can’t let them too cos you are a big fan of Spark. Miss Mona Lisa, we are counting on you. Do not report to them. We will sort this out between us, you and Xspark.”

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Mona Lisa was quiet for seconds, she looked st each faces again, then stopped at Jeff’s.


She could understand the sign Jeff was giving to her.


He was telling her to do what her heart instructs and not to listen to anyone.


A minute passed and she breathed out.


There were noises outside the gate. About fifteen to twenty reporters, waiting arrogantly.


“What do I say?” Mona Lisa asked with her eyes now on Manager Kim.


She could see a smile appear on Manager Kim and his assistant’s face.


“Just tell them you are an assistant cook here. That will be the end of whatever question they will ask. We will take care of the rest.” Manager Kim said.

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Mona looked at Jeff and understood his question sign. ‘Are you alright with that? Can you do it?’


She breathed out again and gave a one nod then turned to Manager Kim. “Yes I can do it.”


“Thank you Mona” Manager Kim said.


“Thank you Mona Lisa” Mr Park said.


“Someone should let them in” Manager Kim said and Zara went to do that.


In a minute, the reporters were running in, to them.


Mona shifted to where the maids stood.



Hello Sparks5, I’m reporter Linda Hong from Derin newspapers. This is a very beautiful house, I just say. Much more beautiful than your previous. Can we know how you got this beautiful place?


Can you explain the reasons why you hid this new place from your fan and didn’t want them to know that Spark5 had moved?


When did you intend making it a public?



Is there something that your fans should know about your relocating?



What’s the names of the owner of this house?



We are curious, even though this house is very beautiful and unique, we are sure your fans won’t like the ideal of your relocation.


Some searchers found out that this house belong to a best architect who’s late with his wife but has a daughter and a son. Can you explain who sold out the house to XSpark?


“My brother………” Mona cut in, shocking the two managers and the spark5




Just then, Michel came out and some camera’s turned towards him.


Manager Kim’s face fell. Mr Park felt like strangling her.


Jeff was shocked too. Even though he told her to follow her heart and do what it


says, he wasn’t expecting her to do it.


He trusted her to stand for Spark5.


Michel’s eyes was on her as he joined his members.



“…..My brother and I sold out the house to Xspark.” Mona completed.


‘My brother and I. Really’


Mona Lisa just said a lie for Spark5.


Manager Kim raised his face and looked at her.


He felt relieved instantly but it might not end here.


Mr Spark exhaled.


Jeff sighed sadly.


Even though he wanted her to stand for Spark5, it still hurt him that she just lied to save Xspark ass!


Michel exhaled and crossed his arms with his eyes still on her.


He can’t believe the maniac just lied like a good liar that she is!



So where’s your brother right now?


“He’s…he’s living privately with his fiancee” Mona answered.



And you? Why are you still here when you ain’t an Xspark employee ?



“She’s…” Manager Kim was about to say but Mona cut in. “I’m an Xspark employee, I’m the assistant cook for Spark5.”



OWWWWWWWWWW said the reporters.



Did you exchange your father’s house for a job at Xspark? came a familiar voice which Mona noticed immediately. It was the guy at the restaurant yesterday. Even though she was drunk, she recognize his face.


He’s a reporter?


And why will he ask such an Arrogant question.


“What do you mean?” she asked him.


Other reporters made way for him. It seemed like he had authority over all of them.


“I mean, your father’s only property, you sold it out for a job at Xspark. Seems you love being around celebrities like Spark5 and some top actors, you know what I mean” Gu Jack said.


Mona stared at him in the eyes.


She could feel how devilish he is.


She know he is talking about Leo Bethel when he mentioned’ top actors’


Manager came in.. “Now, that’s enough. We paid millions for this house and it was completely paid to both the sellers and the agent. Now, no more question. The flower boys need to get busy inside. Thank you for coming.” Manager Kim said and dragged Mona out of the scene.


Mr Park have already called the security agents close and they were on their way.


“Let’s go in. Don’t let any of them get in.” Manager Kim said.



We have more questions to ask!!


One more question


One more question


Mona Lisa, Manager Kim, The flower boys, including the maids all went in except Mr Park who stood by and was giving them a “no, we can’t answer any more questions” as he awaits the security men.




“Thank you Mona Lisa,” Manager Kim said to Mona who ignored and without glancing at anyone, went straight upstairs with Blue in her arms.


She entered her room and sat down on her mattress. As she patted Blue, she sang the song her mother always sang to her when she was little.



Today, the sky is blue


I wonder what it brings.


Maybe a letter from a good old friend.


Well, I do not have a clue.


Or maybe a delivery man knocking


To deliver a new dress and a new stockings.


Or even a prince charming, Who knows.


We just hope it turns a good day.


But, It could bring rain,


it could bring storm too


It could bring pain, much pain


But mama tell you, whatever the day brings.


Be brave, don’t shiver, you are strong.


“Meow” Blue cried.


Mona smiled at her. “I miss my mom. I can’t remember the rest of the songs, I wish I could find where she wrote them down, at least.”




“Michel, Xspark found out that miss Mona Lisa was the same girl you had a bad encounter with at the plane to Thailand and also, she was seen in your room with you on the very morning you were leaving Thailand.” Manager Kim said to Michel who was about going upstairs but halted.


Mr Park had returned in. The reporters had gone with the help of the securities.


Michel rolled his eyes. “Yes, and so?”


“We need an Explanation why none of us knew about it until the pictures and videos were leaked to us. You gave her money to fly back to south korea. We watched it all. What if Xspark wasn’t quick in settling the situation and those records and pictures went viral, do you think everything would be fine Michel?”



Michel sighed and rubbed his forehead. “When I came back, I told you all that she is nothing but a maniac but you guys ignored me. Well, don’t blame me for whatever that’s going on right now. She claimed to be stranded and I helped her to get back to Seoul. Don’t talk about me right now, but about what to do about the situation. Find her damn brother and get her out of here or better still, get us out of here. I’m sick of this whole thing. I don’t like that girl in here.”

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He said and took a step when Jeff halted him.


“Michel, can you stop calling her a maniac for once? She shows no symptoms of an insane person. She just helped Spark minutes ago.” Jeff said.


Michel rolled his eyes and continued his climb up the staircase.


The three flower boys stared at Jeff with curious eyes.


‘He’s going too far about that girl.’ They said in their minds.


Michel got upstairs and getting to his room door, he couldn’t stop taking a glance at Mona’s door.


Okay, a long glance that he had no idea that he took.


Getting into his massive bedroom, he felt his head hitting.


He went to his table, picked his aspirin drugs, took his normal dose and swallowed it with the help of water from his fridge.


Then he laid down on the bed for a long nap.







[Leo’s residence]


Leo had just woken up from a short sleep which he slept after Lia left two hours ago.


The call girl had cooked for him before leaving.



At night after their fun, Lia had laughed and said to him. “Wow, I thought you were going to call her name while f**king me, like oh Mona Lisa, I love the way your ass bounce.. Those kind of shits.”


“Don’t be silly Lia. The last time I checked, You are not Mona Lisa or any close.” Leo said.


“What? Do you mean I’m more beautiful and sexy right?” she said, smiling. Leo pushed her off him.


“Not any close.” he said.


Lia rolled her eyes. “Lame! Whatever…”




Leo came down to the sitting room with a can of drink in his left hand.


He sat down on one of the couch as he pushed his black hair backwards and sipped from the drink.


His dream had been filled up with the beautiful Mona Lisa, na.ked in his arms. He would cherish that moment forever.


He sipped from the can again before picking the remote from the table.


He turned on the Television, changed the station to celebrity news and instantly, Mona’s face appeared on the Screen with the Spark5 members and their two managers


“What the fu.ck is this? Isn’t this my Mona Lisa?he muttered.




ASSISTANT COOK TO SPARK5!” he read the headline out loudly and the next thing, he smashed the can on the wall above the television and the drink splashed everywhere.


A call came on his phone immediately and seeing the caller, he picked up.



Yes, Gu Jack?” he spoke first.



Don’t you think we need to have a drink together? Gu Jack asked.



Yes, I think







[Silver House]


A knock came on the door and that awoke Mona Lisa.


She wiped sleep off her eyes and sat up with her eyes on the door.


The knock came again and she stood up and walked to the door. Opening it, it was Zara.


“Mona, we are done for today and leaving. Your food is in the kitchen, you microwave it and eat. You must be hungry now. You’ve been sleeping for over two hours.” Zara said.


Mona sighed. “Thanks so much Zara. Take care of yourself, bye. Tell Mi soo and shin hye that I say bye too.”


“I will. See you tomorrow.” Zara said.


“You too.”


Mona looked up and saw Jeff behind Zara. He just came.


Zara turned, saw him and flinched back. “I’m sorry sir,” she said and walked away.


“Hi Mona, how are you doing?” Jeff asked.


“I’m…I’m fine. Thank you.” Mona answered.


Jeff smiled.


“There’s a game going on downstairs, would you like to join?” he asked.


“What..what game?” She asked.


“uhm… Cards, whoever picks the ‘joker’ gets seal tapped by each player.


Mona thought for awhile then shrugged, ” sounds fun” she said.


Michel’s door opened up a bit and he was about to come out when he saw them at the corridor and moved back then peeped out.


“Let’s go then. Our Manager left but promised to be back to have a meeting with you.” Jeff said.


Mona said nothing about that.


“Give me a minute..Let me carry Blue, ” Mona said.


“You don’t have to. Michel is in his room now, sleeping I think.” Jeff said.


“Okay, but I still want to carry her.” Mona said and called on Blue who ran towards. Mona carried her and turned to Jeff. Jeff was smiling and she wondered why.


Once they turned, Michel closed his door as quick as possible.


They walked downstairs and met Best, J guy and TedyA.


“We have another player here,” Jeff said.


“She is welcomed, ” TedyA said.


“Have a sit beside me,” J guy said.


“No way, I brought her.” Jeff said.


“That’s not my business. beautiful ladies should sit beside j guy, that handsome dude who every girl die for.” J guy boasted and did a tongue out for Jeff.



Mona chuckled and placed her hand on her stomach. “I’m sorry, but I’m hungry and Blue is also. Let me get us something to eat. I will be back in few minutes.” Mona said, winked at Jeff and walked away towards the kitchen.


“Wow, did I just saw that wink?” J guy asked, “I’m damn jealous and for that, I must make sure you pick the joker.” he added and they all laughed.


They didn’t see Michel who silently came by the staircase and when he didn’t see Mona with them, he went back upstairs.
















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