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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 4

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







With Jeff’s help, Mona Lisa finished the house on time.


“You can keep it here. Seoul weather changes a lot in a day. It might rain tonight,” Jeff said.


Mona looked at the sky and sighed. “Yes you are right,” she looked down at the carton house. “..but I can’t take it in since he doesn’t like it. It might infuriate him more,” she said

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“You can keep it in but don’t let it out,” Jeff said.


“I won’t. she listens to me,” Mona said then carried the house out.


“I’m going in.. Come in whenever you want,” he said.


“I want to stay out here for a little while but I have to get blue” she said.


Both of them went back inside. Mona wished she could see Michel but he wasn’t at the sitting room anymore including the rest. The sitting room was empty.


“I’m going upstairs. We have rehearsal.” Jeff said.


“Okay,” Mona said. She watched Jeff go upstairs then she headed to the kitchen to look for Blue.


That’s one of the cat three favourite places in the house.

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She found her laying beside the cabinet.



“Blue.. Are you cold? Come on, let’s go sit on the swing for awhile and stare at the sky. Let’s go.” saying that, she carried her and they headed out.


Outside, Mona sat on the swing and carried Blue on her laps.




It was getting to 8pm when outside began getting so cold then it suddenly began drizzling.


Mona was still outside so she quickly grabbed the carton house and with Blue in her other hand, ran inside.


There was still no one in the sitting room. They were still practicing but she couldn’t hear them. It felt like where they were was sound proofed.


She climbed the staircase quietly until she got to the rooms corridor. They are seven rooms upstairs and if the five flower boys have five, then two still remains.


She went to the room which she knows isn’t occupied and opening it, it was totally empty.


She went in and dropped Blue and her house on the cold floor.


“I will be right back. Let me get my luggage.” she said and hurried off. Once she got back to the corridor, she met Jeff with Best and J guy


Seems the rehearsal was over.


She halted in front of the three handsome idols who looked very exhausted.


“I..I saw an empty room, so I will be sleeping there,” Mona said.


“That’s only for tonight,” Best said, not fine with her staying the night.


“Okay,” Jeff said in a tired voice and walked off to his room, the others followed and in the next second, the corridor was empty.


Just then, Mona heard footsteps coming down from the staircase of the last floor.



Her heart pounded immediately knowing it was Michel certainly. She hurried off and entered into the empty room.


Actually it was him and Tedy A.


TeddyA was dusting off whatever that was on Michel’s collar with a bright smile on his face.


TedyA suddenly halted and touched his shoulder. “I forgot something,” he said and went back upstairs.


Michel was coming towards his room when he noticed the door of the room opposite his room door open a bit and then immediately closed back. Even though he acted like he didn’t notice any of that. With the blonde hair he saw, he knew it’s the weirdo but ‘what is she doing in the room opposite his?’


He stopped for a brief moment, stared at the door before sighing and going into his.


“I shouldn’t give a damn! It all ends tomorrow” he said and collapsed on the bed.


Mona Lisa opened back the door when she heard the closing of a door.


Peeping out and there is no one, she came out and closed back the door.


She hurried downstairs to her luggage.


The rain was still drizzling.


She carried the luggage and dragged it back upstairs to the room.




It was 9pm and Mona Lisa had come outside after the drizzling rain had stopped. She sat by the pool side with her legs in the cold water. Her bulky PJ rolled up to her knees and her hair packed in two bonds.


She had her eyes at the dark sky with no star nor moon. Thanks to the lights around the pool.


Her mind was far away. She was lost in thoughts.



Suddenly, the lights went off. That scared her and her mind wandered back. She turned around, but everywhere was dark.


“What’s this?” She asked.


Then the lights came on just right after. The door leading to the pool opened and she saw Jeff walk out.


Her fright vanished immediately at the sight of him.


‘Oh he did that.’


Jeff who had a cream hair warmer on and black sweater on walked to her and sat opposite her but didn’t put his legs in the water.


“Did I scare you?” he asked.


“A bit but not anymore,” Mona said.


“Ain’t you cold?” he asked.


Mona shook her head. “I’m known to endure even in the hottest sun.”


Jeff laughed. “No wonder you got a blonde hair.”


Mona smiled and moved her legs in the water.


“You love waters?” Jeff asked.


“Yes. I was five when my dad finished building this house. He had this large pool built specially for me. I love swimming. He told me a story of how I almost got drowned in the river when I was two but somehow, the water threw me out. A monk said I’m friends with the waters and it will never hurt me.” Mona narrated.


Jeff stared at her in awe. “Wow.. Sounds like you are the real Moana from disney..”


Mona shook her head. “No I’m not.. I’m Mona Lisa”


“I don’t know if I’m mistaken but both names sounds almost the same,” Jeff said.


Both laughed.


A long silence followed as both stared at the pool.


“You should go inside and get enough sleep. You had rehearsal tonight and I heard you guys still rehearse in the morning and it’s more longer,” Mona said.


“You should be the one resting, you had a long day,” Jeff said.


Mona hesitated then said, “I’m fine..”


Jeff looked at her.. She look so pretty from the side face.


“Your brother, How close are you both?” he asked.


“We’ve been very close from childhood. He tels me everything and I do. We even became more closer after my parents death. His girlfriend is my best friend. I still can’t believe they could do this to me. If Tenten wanted anything, he could have let me know and we would try and solve it.” she sniffed and blinked her teary eyes.


Jeff noticed her teary eyes, pulled out a hanky from his sweater pocket and handed to her.


“Here” he said.


Mona collected it and wiped her face. “Thank you.” she said and handed it back to him but he declined.


“No, you have it. You might tear up more. I’m going to bed now.. See you in the morning Mona, goodnight.” he said.


“Thank you Oppa.. You amaze me.. You don’t act like the nation’s idol that you are. You are too kind,” Mona said.


Jeff just smiled, got up and walked away, back into the house.


Mona turned back to the pool and stared at the cute handkerchief written ‘flower boy’ at the edge.


She smiled and folded it.


Fifteen minutes later, she got up from the pool side and the hanky was a great help.


She wiped her wet legs with it.




Getting upstairs, her eyes landed on Jeff’s door then Michel’s.


She got to her room, opened it and walked in, closing back the door. Blue was quiet, curled beside her house.


Mona rolled out the mattress and laid down.


But sleep came very late that night.




[Blinkqueenz House]


Li Sugar was about retiring to bed in order to wake up early enough.


An alarm time of 5:am had already been set.


She had rolled the pink duvet over body and turned off the beside lamp when a knock came.


Sighing, she asked. “Is that you Angel?”


“Yeah,” Angel answered.


Sugar turned back the lamp on. The door opened and Angel walked in. She wore a green kappa short, with white singlet and a white jacket. Her brown hair packed in a ponytail.


“What’s up. Went to see Leo tonight but you don’t look happy when you returned.


Something’s bothering you?” Angel asked after she had a sit at the edge of the bed.


Sugar faked a smile at her. “I’m fine Angel. You worry about me a lot. Thank you. Now go to your bed and have a good night rest.”



Angel laughed. “Come on Sugar. I’m going to bed, goodnight. Love you.”


“Love you too” sugar returned.


Angel left and Sugar turned off the lamp and closed her eyes for sleep.


Angel and Babé can’t find out about Leo’s threats on her.


That might get to the ears of their manager and to the industry as a whole and things would get messed up.


She have Leo to deal herself!


And for Michel, he must be hers again.


She miss him so much.







[Silver House]


Mona Lisa rubbed her eyes open, yawned as she raised her head from the papers under her head. Not just that, she had slept on the keyboard of her laptop which the papers were on top.


She couldn’t sleep last night so she decided to go through some of her songs to see if there’s any missing lyric.


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She could remember trying to rewrite it but then sleep took over.


“Oh. My… The power have ran down and it needs to be charged! What do I do?” she sighed as she quickly packed up the papers.


“Meow meow” cried Blue as she rushed to Mona.


“Wait Blue, gotta pack up this papers” mona said as she hurriedly packed them up.



She wouldn’t want to imagine the embarrassment of any of the idol coming in and getting to see one of the papers.


It would be a total disaster. Especially Michel. That one!


She put them back in the file and dropped the file in her luggage, closed the luggage and heaved a relief sign.


“That’s a relief. Now come here Blue” she said, carried Blue and patted her head.


“We can’t stay here all day, let’s go to the kitchen” Mona said.


Even though she didn’t wanna leave this room at the moment, there are two main reason she have to. Firstly, to cook for the idols since that’s why they let her stay the night. Secondly, she want to see Jeff. Yeah. He’s the nicest guy she had ever came across.


“Let’s go..” she said and picked Blue’s house, dropped her in and closed it.


“I’m sorry Blue, just stay in there for awhile OK.” she said and carried the house.


Getting to the door, she took hold of the doorknob and tried opening but it wasn’t opening.


She tried so hard but it wasn’t working out.


“Ashhhsh what”s happening. It’s refusing to open!”


She tried harder but it wasn’t obliging.


She decided to shout for help. “Please is anybody close? I can’t open this door. Help me out!”


About ten seconds later, the doorknob twisted and the door was opened.


by, no one else but…


Kim Michel.



His blue hair still packed up. A black short, black sweater and blue slippers to match.


He wasn’t in any ornament. No ring, no necklace, no makeup but he still looked super gorgeous.


Mona’s heart skipped at the sight of him.


She couldn’t even swallow her saliva. Her throat got blocked.


She could hardly breathe at his sight.


There was silence as both stared at each other.


Mona in a speechless way and Michel in an awkward way.


He doesn’t like the girl in front of him at all.


He then cleared his throat and did an irritated face.


“Turn the doorknob left next time. I thought you should know your house better,” he said, gave the carton house she held a quick glance before turning and walking away in his stylish steps.


Immediately he was out of Mona’s sight, she placed her hand on her beating chest, breathing out.


“Geez, why did my heart skip that much. I wasn’t expecting it to be him right? Oh my God. I almost fainted.” she sighed.













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