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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 1

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wer Boys



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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







The cold water splashed on Mona Lisa got her back to consciousnesses immediately.


She opened her eyes and seeing the five flower boys staring at her, she closed her eyes immediately but her eyelids were forced opened by two maids, one at the right, Mi soo and one at the left, Zara

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“You can’t faint the third time miss.” Misoo sneered at her.


Mona stared at the Flower boys astonishly.



‘What are the flower boys doing here? Why are they in silver house? How can I be so unfortunate to meet the spark5 idols in such a situation but why exactly are they in silver house?’


“Now you are awake, get up and leave ok?” Jeff said to Mona Lisa.


Mi soo and Zara had left Mona’s eyes and she sat up immediately from where she was laid.


“I…I don’t get what’s going on.. I..can I I know why why the flower boys are in this house?” Mona said. If only Michel’s eyes could kill, Mona would have been buried six feet.


“What a question.” J guy said.


“How did you find here?” Best asked.


“Come on, guys there’s no need to question her. She’s a maniac fan. I’m wondering how she got to find here. The securities have arrived.” Michel said.


Mona gasped. “What securities?”


The doorbell rang and Mi soo hurried to the door.


“No no… You can’t call the security.” Mona said.


Michel came closer to her and scoffed at her. “Sorry maniac but I already did.”


“Noo you can’t. I can’t leave here. I can’t leave silver house.” Mona said.


“Why?” Jeff asked…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“Because…” Mona paused when she saw the two security men walk in.


“Is she the one?” One of the men asked.


“Yes she is.” Michel said.


They walked over to Mona Lisa.


“Hello miss, you need to leave right now.” They said.


Mona shook her head.. “No no…I can’t leave silver house. I can’t leave this house.” They grabbed her by the hands. “Miss you have to leave this minute.” they said.


“No let me go.. I’m not leaving silver house.” Mona said and her eyes looked into Jeff’s eyes.


Jeff felt like stopping them. He wondered why he was getting concerned about the girl. And why does her face look kinda familiar. Like he’s seen that face somewhere.


“Leave my hands. I’m not leaving here.” Mona cried.


“Take her away. She’s a maniac.” Michel said.


Jeff glanced at Michel then turned back to the girl.


The securities began dragging her towards the door.


“Wait securities.” Jeff said causing everyone to turn to him.


Mona’s eyes met with his again and he looked away to the security men.


“Let’s know why she’s here.” he said.


“What else do you wanna know. She’s a maniac. Just take her out of her.” Michel said.


“Why do you see her as a maniac?” Jeff asked.


“Stop questioning me like you haven’t seen a couple of her type.” Michel said.



“I have but it seems like you know her from somewhere.” Jeff said.


“Yes, I do. She’s the crazy girl that injured my wrist” Michel said.


“WOAHHHH!..” the flower boys exclaimed.


“Now I gotta talk. Take her out of here. I don’t wanna see her.” TedyA said.


“I told you I’m not a maniac. Everything that happened between us was a mistake.” Mona said.


The flower boys raised their brows, including Jeff.


“What is she talking about?” They questioned.


Michel walked closer to her. “Hey you, watch what you say before everyone misunderstands. What do you think happened between us?” he asked.


“Everything that happened wasn’t intentional. I threw up on you in the plane, we got to stay in the same hotel, and I got stranded and begged you for money. It was all unintentional and a coincidence.” Mona said.


The flower boys gasped.


“Oh my.. So she was the. girl that threw up on you in the plane.” TedyA said and grabbed Michel’s hand.


“I was wondering why her face looked quite familiar to me ” Best said.


“I think she still have more to say. Securities excuse us for now.” J guy said and the security men left.


The maids left too but halted behind a wall to eavesdrop.


“You didn’t tell us the part of both of you being in the same hotel and you giving her money.” J guy said.



“Was that necessary. It wasn’t.” Michel said.


Jeff looked at Mona. “Go on. What more do you have to say?”


Mona inhaled.. “The reason why I’m here is because this house is my mine.”


The flower boys went into laughter.


“Seriously, now I’m starting to believe Michel. Did you say your house?” Best laughed.


Michel chuckled and shrugged at the boys.


“I’m calling back the security men to take her outta here.” TedyA said.


“Wait guys..” Jeff said and slide his hands into his pockets.


“Explain better.” Jeff said to Mona.


Mona glanced at the flower boys faces before going on. “My late father, Zang Silver built this house and for five years of my parents death, I’ve been living here with my twin brother but he tricked me into going to a free trip to Thailand. When I came back, I met the house sold. He sold the house out while I was away. I’ve been looking for him but I can’t find him. I can’t afford to loose silver house. It’s the only thing my dad left me with.”


The flower boys looked at each other then back to her.


“This house was given to me to take care of and protect. I can’t sell it to anyone…”


Michel shook his head and took out his phone.


“Are you saying the truth?” Jeff asked.


Mona nodded.


“I just don’t like this girl.” J guy said.


“Same here..” TedyA said.


Jeff took out his phone to call their manager but Michel’s voice halted him. He was already speaking with Manager Park on phone.



“Hello..Manager Park.. A lady by the name..” he paused and glanced at Mona Lisa.


“Mona Lisa Silva.” Mona said.



“…a lady by the name Mona Lisa Silva is currently in this house claiming the


house belongs to her and was sold behind her back. What do you have to say about this?”



“That is nonsense.. Whoever she is, get the securities and get her out of your presence. Be careful with what you say in her presence. She might be an agent or a disguised reporter. Get her out of the place now. The house was legally sold. Every documents and signatures were original and the estate agent confirmed that. Get her out of flower house in the next minute.” Manager Park said.


“Alright..” Michel said and turned to everyone.



“You all heard it since the call was on loudspeaker. Get the securities and get the psychopath out of here.” Michel said.


The securities were called back by TedyA


“Hello miss, you are really leaving now. If you refuse, then we have no other choice than to kick you out of here.” One of the security men said.


Mona shook her head vigorously with her eyes on Jeff. She have no idea why her eyes was on him but he seem to be the only one who seems to have a little pity on her.



“Please I’m saying the truth. I’m really saying the truth. I never sold silver house. My brother did behind my back. Let me go.” Mona cried but Jeff this time, said nothing and Mona was dragged outside by the securities.


The door was closed and they dragged her towards the gate together with her luggage.


“Let me go. I need to speak with them.” Mona said to the security men who ignored her and dragged her out of the gate, with her luggage.


“Don’t get yourself close to this gate or we will have no other choice than to arrest you for illegal entry. The residents of this house are public figures and are guaranteed hundred percent security protection.” One of the men said.


“We gonna watch you leave this area. Now go on.” the other men said.


Mona Lisa held her box handle and dragged it as she walked down the road.


The security men went back inside to meet only Jeff, J guy and Best in the sitting room.


The security men walked to the three flower boys.


“We apologize for the trouble. We will assure she doesn’t get close to this house again.” One said.


“You better don’t.” Best said.


Jeff wasn’t feeling okay. The girl was in his thought. He felt like she’s telling the


truth and has nowhere to go to.


She’d be in danger out there.


The security men bowed and left.


Jeff feeling so uncomfortable, stood up and headed upstairs to sleep.


J guy noticed his discomfort and kept watching him until he was out of his sight.


“Why staring at him?” Best asked.


“He doesn’t look okay. It seem that it has to do with that girl.” J guy said.


“What girl? The maniac?” Best asked.


“What other girl do you think?”






[Michel’s room]


“Was she like stalking you or something?” TedyA asked Michel


“I don’t wanna believe that.” Michel said.


“She sounded like she was saying the truth.” Tedy said.


“Xspark should be the one she should go to.” Michel said.


“Yes that’s right but this won’t be funny if it gets to the public. Those hungry bloggers and reporters would say the wrong things.” TedyA said.


“It’s Xspark cross to carry. I’m sure Mr Park would have contacted them. Let them solve this trash and why do I feel like she’s going to come back?” Michel said.


Michel’s phone rang. He took it and picked it up.


Manager Kim.



I got the news from Mr Park. If she returns, get her to stay back. Mr Park would come to speak with her.” Manager Kim said.


Why? Why must she stay back here?” Michel asked.



We have to make sure she doesn’t go about telling people trash. The industry would have to go through many questionings if that happens.” Manager Kim said.


Michel shrugged. Fine.”







[Jeff’s room]


Jeff clicked on his laptop browser and typed on the search box ‘Silver house Baek-lane, Seoul.


The pictures of the silver house appeared and a little detail.


//This could be described as a mansion but Mr Zang Silva (a famous architect) was contented with holding to the name Silver house.


He said this house is his family. He pray to grow old living in this silver house with his family.//


Jeff scrolled down and the next was the death of Zang Silva and his wife, Zang Ha nee caused by a fatal car accident five years old.


Jeff opened a picture and saw the family picture of Zang Silva, His wife, daughter and son.


“She was telling the truth.” Jeff said.






The maids were cleaning the large kitchen when they heard a noise from inside the cabinet.


“Did you hear that?” Shin hye asked.


“I think I did.” Zara said.


Only the two of them were cleaning the kitchen.


Mi soo was upstairs mopping the bedrooms corridor.


The two maids continued their cleaning but the noise came again.


They walked to the spot where the noise is coming from and Shin hye who seem to have the liver stretched her hand to the cabinet.


Zara was behind her. “What do you think that could be?” she asked Shin hye.


“Maybe a crocodile or snake.” Shin hye joked, frightening Zara.


“Stop that! It might be a cockroach.” Zara said and prayed it should he.


“Silly. Cockroach can’t make such a loud noise.” Shin hye said and slowly, she opened the cabinet door and Blue paused on the milk pack he was trying to open and looked at them with his cat eyes.


Zara screamed and ran to the door, wondering how a cat managed to get into the house. Shin hye who love cats and she squatted down and touched Blue’s head.


“Kitty cat, what are you doing in there. How did you get in, are you hungry?” Shin hye asked.


Blue responded with a meow…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


Shin hye smiled. “It’s okay. Im going to bring you out now.” she carried Blue out.


“Where’s your owner.. How did you get in here. What’s your name? You must be very hungry. I’m sorry but you have to leave here but I’ll give you a lot of milk OK.” Shin hye said and brought blue down then poured milk into a plate and dropped in front of blue. “Here, take so you can leave”


Blue rushed the milk immediately.


Zara remembered something. “Shin hye I think I remember who has this cat.”


“Who?” Shin hye asked.



“I remember at the time that she fainted, Michel was asking her about her cat.. I think the cat is this one.” Zara said.


“Really?” Shin hye said.


“Yes.. What do you have to say about the maniac girl?” Zara said.


“Get on with what you are doing and don’t get involves in that to avoid loosing your job. I have to find a way to give this cat back to the owner. I think I’ll take it along when going. I might find her along the road.” Shin hye said.


Zara rolled her eyes and continued with what she was doing.








She had covered a little distance away when she suddenly remembered Blue. She had been lost in thought, realizing that the house wasn’t sold to the spark5 managers but the spark5 boys themselves.


“Why’s this happening to me.. Why me, why me. What do I do.. How do I get silver house back from them. It shouldn’t have been them.. I’m doomed. Tenten has killed me.” Mona cried as she walked on.


“There’s no way, I can get silver house back without Tenten. I’m going crazy because I can’t reach him. I can’t find him and Rose. What do I do, where do I go. Who do I go to? I’m going crazy.. How could life treat me this way by making Tenten sell silver house to no one else but the flower boys! Michel! He’s been seeing me as a maniac now I’m starting to believe I am. Life has really turned me into a psycho! I’m going to kill Tenten when I see him. I just find tenten”


«Get it back.. Find him and get silver house back. You must do that or else this flowers we are in will wither and die. You have to save your mom and I by getting back silver house back and never leave it again. I know you as a strong woman Mona. Go now. Go.»


Mona remembered her father’s words in her dream.


“He told me to go back to Silver house but how can I. Those people ain’t just some people but the flower boys. Dad how do I do this. Why not show me tenten. He’s the only one that can say the truth and together we will get silver house back.”


She sighed when she got a bench by the roadside.. Whenever she is coming back from work, she do sit there for awhile then continue her walk home.


Mona got to the seat and sat down, dropping the luggage beside her.


Her stomachs grumbled immediately and she touched it and sighed.


I’m so hungry and I know Blue is…” She sighed then that was when she remembered Blue.


“Blue.. Where is she?..” She gasped then it hit her.


Silver house. She had left Blue in silver house.


She sprang up and headed back to silver house, dragging her luggage along.






[Flower house ]



“Who’s cat is that?” Best asked as the maids were about to leave with Blue in Shin hye’s hands.


The flower boys were at the sitting room.


“I think it belongs to the girl. I might see her on the way. I’ll hand it back to her.” Shin hye said.


Jeff felt worried.


Best waved his hand in dismissal. “Just take it away.”



“She can’t.” Jeff said.


The flower boys looked at him.


“Why?” TedyA asked.


Jeff raised his brows. “Huh? Have you forgotten what Mr Kim said?”


The boys sighed. “Oh that’s right.”


“Keep the cat. It would be better if she comes back for it. You might not see her.” Jeff said.


J guy chuckled. He understands very well.


Shin hye dropped Blue at a far corner in the living room and patted the head.


“Stay quiet OK. I’m sure your owner will be here soon to take you..I wish to know your name but you are so pretty. I think Purity would fit you a lot. Bye Purity.” Shin hye said and left Blue and walked back to her colleague.


“Okay sir. We will take our leave now.” Mi soo said and they left.






Mona Lisa saw the maids coming and she quickly hid behind a troop of flowers.


She stayed still until they passed and went far away then she came out and continued towards Silver house.


‘She’s just going to collect Blue and go in search of Tenten… She don’t mind going around Seoul to look for him. One thing she is sure of is that, tenten isn’t far away.















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