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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 6

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hє’ѕ α gαч







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My heart leaped and I gave the driver my new address. I was no longer going to the office but to Daxton’s house. I arrived at his house and alighted from the taxi. Walking into the house, I couldn’t help but wonder why Nikki Ryusdale couldn’t make it, I was really eager to see her.


Henry had texted that Nikki Ryusdale called to inform them that she couldn’t make it.


I hurried into the house and Henry was already there with the twins. He was sitting down calmly with Dexter while Daxton as pacing up and down.


“Good morning” I greeted all of them and Henry looked up at me


“thank goodness you’re here.. The press arrived at the company 40 minutes ago but Nikki called, she said she couldn’t make it” Henry said


“What are we going to do now?” I asked worriedly “isn’t there someone else you can call?”


Henry and Dexter exchanged glances then Dexter said “you’re the only one available now”

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Daxton who had been pacing about stopped in shock and looked at me.


“What?” I half yelled “I can’t act as Daxton’s girlfriend”


I looked at Daxton, the blank look on his face was also saying he didn’t buy the idea.


“you have to Chloe” Henry pleaded “this is our only chance”


“no one is going to believe that” I shouted


“you don’t have to talk, just keep your mouth shut and Daxton will do the talking. All you have to do is smile at the cameras and cling onto Daxton”


I looked at Daxton who was still staring blankly at me “what about Daxton?”


Henry glanced at Daxton “he isn’t complaining, he has no choice”


“then the pictures?” I asked


“He’ll tell them that he doesn’t really know Colton and those pictures were blackmail from a hater” Dexter explained


I let out my breath “I don’t think I can make the world believe that”


“you don’t have to, Daxton will do the convincing” Henry said then added “we don’t have time, the press are growing impatient”


“Henry?!” I called doubtfully “I don’t think I….”


“you have to try” Dexter interrupted “it’s not going to be as difficult as you think.. Trust me”


I glanced at Daxton, he didn’t want it as much as I didn’t. And he hadn’t said anything since I arrived.


“since it’s settled we’ve got to get going” Dexter said and we headed out



There were three cars waiting outside, Henry’s, Dexter’s, and Daxton’s. Without a second thought, I hurried towards Henry’s car.


“You can’t drive with me” Henry said


“you should be driving with Daxton” Dexter said “it’ll add more point”


My heart skipped a beat. Drive with Daxton. I glanced at Daxton’s car and he was already sitting behind the wheel.


Drive with Daxton.


cαlm dσwn chlσє, thíѕ íѕ juѕt tσ cσnvíncє thє puвlíc. ít’ѕ nσthíng αctíng líkє α fαkє gírlfríєnd.


I tried encouraging myself as I walked to his car. I took in a deep breath and got into the passengers seat. I was nervous, really really nervous and I was even scared to breathe.


All through the drive, Daxton didn’t say a word to me. We sat quietly and I kept myself busy counting my fingers. I took a side look at him. His jaws weren’t tightened in a frown but they were as blank and expressionless as ever. His phone rang and he took a glance at it, it was Colton calling.


He glanced knowingly at me then faced the road. I was relieved, I thought he would take the call. Colton called again and Daxton ignored the call. I could tell he was hurt, trying so hard not to take Colton’s calls.


Next Colton texted and Daxton read through the message. He wasn’t holding the phone so I got a chance to also read the message.


Are you really believing what they said? What about us?



I could feel Daxton’s heart shatter into hundreds. He pulled the car to the roadside and stepped on the brake.


“why did you stop?” I asked, speaking for the first time


“I’ll just reply his message” Daxton replied calmly to my shock. I was expecting an it’s-none-of-business respond.


“let me do it” I snatched the phone “just continue driving.. We don’t have time”



Daxton frowned “you have no idea what I want to tell him”


“I know” I admitted “I’ll just explain to him that the girlfriend stuff is an arrangement so he doesn’t have to get mad when he sees it. He needs to know that you still care for him”


Daxton sighed resignedly and continued driving. I changed my sitting position so Daxton wouldn’t see what I was typing cause I definitely wouldn’t tell Colton all I had said.


Then I started typing….



I’ve been busy trying to figure out a way to correct the mess we made. My reputation, the reputation of the company and that of my family is at stake right now and I’ve got to correct it. Our relationship was a mistake than I’ve also decided to correct, despite how we feel we’ve got to let go.


I’ve gotten a girlfriend, you don’t need to know how long we’ve being together or why I lied to you.


I think it’s time to let go and start a new life. I hope you also find a woman and


settle down.


Let’s call it quit.


I finished typing the message and glanced at Daxton. He would very really mad if he finds out what I actually texted Colton but that was the only way Colton would stay away. If Daxton asked him to. I clicked on the send option and quickly deleted the message then replaced the phone in where I had taken it.


Daxton didn’t say a word, he didn’t even spare me a glance. He just concentrated on the road.


We arrived at the company and Daxton stopped at a distance. My heart leaped. The crowd waiting outside made me feel nausea instantly. I looked around for Dexter and Henry but they weren’t anywhere around. They left everything to us.


“I think they left us alone” Daxton said as if reading my mind. He glanced at me then at the crowd “they’re much”


“are you really talking to me?” I found myself asking



Daxton frowned “I’m just doing it to put an end to it” he brought out a ring and said “don’t take it serious” he warned and slid the ring into my finger “just in case they need evidence”


We watched the crowd from where the car was parked until Daxton’s convoy joined us. One of the men walked to her car and we moved to the backseat while the man took the wheel. The convoy rolled forward until at stopped at the entrance. The crowd turned to the convoy at once. Flashlight from cameras and microphones surrounded the car. I was getting really sick. All my life I’ve been scared of people and cameras, especially the press. And I wasn’t ready to face it now. I needed a little makeup and up do and more courage to face them.


Daxton’s securities alighted from the convoy and surrounded the car, blocking off the press.


One of the men opened the door and Daxton got out from the car then I followed. The press were shouting


The President is here.


The president is here



And I almost passed out. The sound of the cameras clicking and taking pictures and the flashlight and eyes looking at us. I couldn’t even walk.


The security men made a chain up to the door, keeping off the press at both side.



We need to speak with the president


Mr President hear us out


Is Mr President really a gay?


Mr president tell us who Colton really is to you



I glanced at Daxton. He wasn’t even affected by them. Though he still had that blank look but he wasn’t bothered. I threw the first step but couldn’t move again. If I did, I was definitely going to fall. I was really scared and nervous. At that point, I just wanted to go home.


I was still thinking of how I could possibly walk to to the door when I felt Daxton snake his hand around my waist.



The crowd gasped and shouted and I almost fainted. There shouts was deafening. Daxton’s grip was light and not confident at all. He just held me like he was forced to do.


Mr President, isn’t she your secretary?


What’s going on president? What about Colton?



I tried blocking out their voices as we made it to the entrance. My steps were heavy and if not for Daxton’s little grip, I would’ve been on the floor right now.


We got to the front door and stopped then stopped to face the press. The security men stood in front in the press, blocking them from touching us.


Mr President what do you have to say about the news?


Who is this lady?


Mr President say something.


Daxton took in a deep breath and finally spoke up


“The news, was a rumor. A total blackmail from haters”



But Mr President, you were caught kissing in camera How do you explain that?


“Those pictures you saw, were edited and made to look like I was kissing a man.. And this woman beside me…” he didn’t even spare me a glance but his grip tightened “she’s my girlfriend and she works as my secretary”


That means Mr President is having an affair with his secretary


I almost passed out. Things were getting worse.


Daxton’s jaws tightened “she came into town few days ago and found out I didn’t have a secretary then volunteered to work as my secretary”



Is that true miss


I faked an awkward smile before the cameras “it is”



If that’s the case, why does she live in the Secretaries apartment? That’s true Mr president, your girlfriend lives with other secretaries.


“she doesn’t” Daxton denied “she lives with me and we come to work together”



How long have you been seeing her?


Are your engaged already cause she’s wearing a ring.


“I think I’m done for today” Daxton stated and we turned to walk inside



Wait a minute Mr President


Mr president


Mr president



The security men stopped them while we walked inside. All the workers were waiting in the hallway. They were visible shocked when we worked inside and all the secretaries were glaring daggers at me. Daxton still held me till we got into the elevator then he pulled away and dragged down his tie.


“I almost died out there” I breathed out


Daxton gazed at me “you should’ve”


“well, I changed my mind about dying now”


We walked into Daxton’s office to find Henry and Dexter clapping and cheering. “that was a success” Henry commented “there is going to be a new gossip in town…” he added and Dexter joined him to sing “Daxton has a girlfriend


Daxton has a girlfriend


Daxton has a girlfriend


Daxton has a girlfriend….”


“stop it” Daxton cut in


I just laughed and sat beside Dexter “did you see my face out there?”


“yea.. You looked beautiful and a perfect match” Henry replied and Daxton shot him a scowl


“are you serious?” I burst into laughter “I almost lost my life to the press”


Dexter laughed too “but you didn’t. You both put up quiet a show”


“check the company’s chat group” Henry instructed Dexter and Dexter started going through his phone.


“The employees are arguing openly here about Chloe being Daxton’s girlfriend” Dexter said “someone said ‘I’ve seen her once or twice in the apartment, she doesn’t really live with Daxton, that means the whole dating thing is a lie’- Tori


that’s true, I saw her coming out front there this morning’- Ken ‘and she had the privilege of being his fake girlfriend’- Gibby ‘i’ve got pictures of her in the apartment’- anonymous”


“anonymous?” Henry put in


“Chloe’s pictures were uploaded” Dexter said “pictures of her in the apartment”


“who has been taking pictures of me all these while?” I asked rhetorically


“they want to post the pictures” Dexter said


“if the press sees it, then their doubts will arise”


“Daxton?!” Henry called


“don’t say it Henry, I’m not going to do it” Daxton stated


Do what?


“we can’t let all our effort go in vain, it will just be for a little while” Henry said


“I won’t do at, I’ve done enough”



“it has been posted” Dexter shouted and ran out of the office


“where is he going?” I asked Henry


“maybe to see the press” Henry replied and continued begging Henry.


No body mentioned why he was begging him, I just sat back watching them.


Dexter burst into the office, panting heavily “the press are threatening to break down the doors, they already got the pictures”


“yet another problem” Henry sighed








“what? I’m not going to live with Daxton” I yelled when Henry came to my office that day to tell me that I’ll be moving in with Daxton


“those secretaries will take more pictures of you if you return there and the press will be back tomorrow morning” Henry explained


“Henry I can’t, Daxton doesn’t even want me to”


“He has no choice. There will be news tomorrow about the pictures, we can’t risk more”


“This is too much for me”


“I know but trust me, Daxton isn’t going to take advantage of you and I’ll always come to check on you”


“That’s not the case, I just can’t”


“I’ll pay you three times your salary”



I got excited “make it four times”


“that’s much”


“coping with Daxton isn’t going to be easy and besides, he lives alone. No one is there to save me if he ever decides to kill me”


“alright.. It’s a deal”











“I don’t think I can make it today” I told Dexter when we were waiting for Daxton outside “I know.. I’m dog tired to hang out”


“since tomorrow is Saturday, why not we leave it till Sunday”


“alright” Dexter agreed and Daxton walked out almost immediately. He walked past us and got into his car “how am I going to survive this?” I found myself asking


“he isn’t going to kill you” Dexter chuckled softly


“I have to go now”


“I’ll give you a call”


We said goodbye and I hurried to Daxton’s car.


The drive back home was worse than the morning. We just sat, each with his own thoughts. Daxton was possibly thinking of how to kill me and I was thinking of a way to survive.


The press and gossips were everywhere, taking pictures and trying to come is with some news. And I was sitting there, trying to give them nothing to say.



We arrived at Daxton’s house and Daxton walked in first. I waited outside cause he didn’t invite me in and I had no idea where I would be spending the night. Henry arrived almost immediately with my belongings, just like he had promised.


“why are you outside?” he asked, waking up to me


“Daxton isn’t saying a word to me”


“you’ll have to get used to it” Henry said and walked back to his car. He carried out my box and lifted it on his shoulder the walked inside while I trailed behind him. Henry showed me to one of the rooms. My room was directly opposite Daxton’s. Henry left shortly and I settled in my room.


I freshened up and put on my favourite short with my little Mickey mouse shirt then I wore my kid slippers and walked out of my room. Daxton’s door was wide open so I could see the inside of his room when I stepped out. I stood there, admiring the beautiful design of his room when I saw him sitting on a sofa with his back to me. He was on a video call with a man and the call was connected to his large television.


“… Dad that’s enough” Daxton yelled at the man and I realized he was actually his father


“you shouldn’t be having an affair with your secretary”


“you wanted me to have a woman and I did, it doesn’t matter who she is. And moreover, she became my secretary few days ago but we’ve been seeing for years now”


Have we?


“who’s that girl behind you” the man on the screen sighted me and it was too late to run


Daxton glanced over his shoulder and frowned “Chloe?!”


“Your girl?”



“yes” Daxton replied unwillingly and I hurried out. I knew that look on his face. He didn’t want me talking to his father. I entered the living room and slumped into a couch.


What would I be doing in this mansion?








“What were you doing in my room?” Daxton asked when he entered the living room


“I was just passing”


He scoffed and walked into the kitchen. Soon he was fixing dinner and when he was done, he sat in the dining room to eat.


He didn’t prepare dinner for me, not like I was expecting him to anyway.


I entered the kitchen to prepare my own dinner. Daxton was been mean for no reason. It wasn’t like I was happy to be in his house anyway. He didn’t want me as much as I didn’t want him either.


When I was done cooking, Daxton had already retired to his room. It was still early but I guess he was tired of seeing my face.


Not like I wanted to see his frying pan face either. I finished with my little dinner and also retired to my room.


The day wasn’t as stressful as I had imagined though the morning was hell.













I finished preparing for work and hurried down to eat whatever I could find in the refrigerator cause I had woken too late to cook. When I entered the dining room, I saw a note on the table that Daxton had left.


I read it and huffed loudly. That idiot already left for work. What was his reason for leaving a note?


I ended up skipping breakfast and hurried to work.










I stormed into Henry’s office to find in sitting in a solemn position with Dexter.


They didn’t look happy at all and I didn’t bother to know what was wrong.


“I can’t stand Daxton” I spat out “that dude wouldn’t talk to me”


Henry heaved a sigh that was full of grief “you can’t”


“why?” I asked and that was when I understood the grief on their faces “did someone die?”


Henry pointed to a newspaper that was lying on the table that I hadn’t noticed before.


“see for yourself”


I picked up the newspaper and gasped at what I saw.




“Colton?!” that was the only word I could manage at that time


“I think he took the news serious” Dexter said


I fell on my knees. This couldn’t be happening. It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have


texted those things.


What do I tell Daxton?


I killed Colton.














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