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Crazy Dancer – Episode 19

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Episode 19



By: Faith Lucky.



Maxine’s Pov:


“What? How can he request such a thing?” I heard aunt ask.


“I don’t know – but hes damn serious about it. And he’s threatened to cut


off some of my clients if I fail to do what he wants. I don’t know how


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serious he is about it” uncle replied.


The whole thing was making me shiver



“So, what do you suggest we do? We can’t have Maxine staying with in that mansion. What if Noah falls for her?”



Oh my God!!



“That witch!! Why the hell would Rex want to take her away?”



Immediately, Noah opened the door and before I could say a word, he walked out.


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Oh my God!!



“No” I exclaimed silently and hid properly behind the door.



Oh my! Please, don’t let them see me.






Noah’s Pov:


I opened the door angrily and walked out and they all looked shocked seeing me.



They stopped talking at once.



“N…Noah” Mr Richard called, abacked



I gave them a disgusting stare and walked away.


That fool.



I clumped down the stairs and met him at the dining.



“Rex, we need to talk. Now”,I told him and walked away, not awaiting a reply.



“Noah?” I heard mum call behind me, but didn’t turn to look at her.



I left the sitting room and waited for Rex in the garden and shortly, he showed up.



“Hey, big brother” he called from behind, making me turn to look at him.



“What the f**k is wrong with you?” I gritted my teeth and asked angrily and of course, he acted surprised.



“What are you talking about?” He asked.



“Don’t play dumb with me, Rex! Why do you want that lady to work as your personal maid?” I asked and his countenance changed.



“Answer me, Rex! I need an explanation! Why do you want her working as a maid for you to the extent you had to threaten her guardians?”



“Well, its none of your business” he blurted and immediately, I gripped him by the collars



“Now, listen to me and listen very good; if you wouldn’t want me hitting you for the first time, I’d suggest you tell me the truth.




“Tell me, are you tryna use her as a payback or what? Huh???”




“Let me go, Rex!! Its f**king none of your business!”, he rasped and I punched him in the face.



“Have you become so foolish?” I snapped and punched him again.



“How dare you think of taking advantage of a naive lady?”



He groaned and tried punching me, but I caught his hand in mid-air and returned the punch.



“Damn you!” He roared and just then, mum and dad came rushing out of the house.



“Noah! Rex!” Mum called in shock.

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“What the hell is going on here??”



They got to where we were and held Rex.



“Noah! What’s the meaning of this?” Dad asked.



“Why don’t you ask your foolish son why he’s so bent on using an innocent lady as a revenge tool against me!” I replied raucously and mum flinched.



“Huh? Wh…What’re you talking about?” She asked.



“Ask him why the hell he threatened Richard and his wife to release Maxine as a maid to him. Ask him!!”



“Like I said, its none of your business!!”, he fired back, being restricted by mum’s grip.



“Admit it, Rex” I said with a scoff.



“Why don’t you tell mum and dad the main reason you’re mad at me? It isn’t because you caught me kissing your girlfriend. But because you’re a fool! You feel I’m better than you! I’m the dancer, the one with the fame, richer and the heir to the company! Tell them that’s the reason you’re really mad at me, you fool!!”



“Arghhhh” he cried out and fred himself from mum’s grip, landing a punch on my face.



“Rex!” Mum called in shock.



“You know what?” I continued.


“I’m done trying to make peace with you because I’ve gotten to know you’re nothing but a selfish fool! You already have some part of the company, but no! You want everything! Everything! You wanna be the head even when you know I’m the eldest! And now, you try to pass the anger and frustration to a poor little girl by making her your maid? Tell you what, I’m very disappointed”.



And with that, I walked away, going into my car.






Maxine’s Pov:


I stood hidden by the door, praying so hard that no one comes in. But unfortunately, they did.



The door opened again and my aunt walked in and was shocked to find me behind the door.


“Maxine??” She called in shock.



“You…What’re you…?”


She paused and looked around.


“Were you with Noah???”



I felt fear grip me as I thought of what to say but couldn’t.



Oh my God! I’m dead!



“What the hell were you doing with him??” She yelled.



“I…I didn’t do anything, aunt. I swear! He just…he…”


Before I could finish up my statement, she landed a slap on my cheek.



“You witch!” She rasped


“How dare you? How dare you think of cheating around with him? Who told you to go close to him?”



“I didn’t…” I cried, holding my cheek and she gripped my hair roughly..



“You animal! You really wanna have him, huh? You think you stand a chance? Huh??” She rasped and pushed me roughly on the floor.



I yelped in pains.



“You’re gonna stay here for the next 24 hours and feed on your own skin! Rascal!” She faciled angrily and left the room, locking the door.



“No..please!” I whimpered.




“I’m sorry. I didn’t do anything” I cried all to myself.



Oh my God! What do I do?






Noah’s Pov:


I drove angrily on a crazy speed, not knowing exactly where to go. I just needed some time alone – some cool air.



Rex! The animal was making me mad already.



How could someone be that selfish and insensible to the extent of hurting a young lady?






Damn it! Why does my only brother have to be a pain in the ass?



My phone started ringing and I brought it out of my pocket, about switching it off when I noticed it was my manager calling.






His call interested me and I picked it up without reluctance.



yes? Is it important? I’m in the middle of something” I said impatiently as soon as I picked the call.



Yes, Noah! I’ve got great news for you! Excellent news!” He said happily and my countenance brightened up.



Please, tell me its what I’m thinking.


Wh…What is it? Tell me” I asked curiously and felt him smile.



The veiled lady – we’ve gotten someone who knows her face. Your request had been uploaded on social media as soon as you told me and it went viral. And right now, a lady just called me. She said she knows who the veiled lady is because she was among the make up artistes that dressed her up on the night of the party”, he replied and I screeched the car to a halt immediately.











The main story’s about to begin






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