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Baddest Girl – Episode 15

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(Innocent stripper)





(Don’t be flattered, I was drunk)


💅Episode 15💅


💎Kierra POV💎


“Have we met before Mr Danny Marvin? I asked him with a low tone.

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He looked at me for some minutes and huffed.


“I saw you in the strip club that night tho” he replied casually.


While is he acting as if nothing happened between us?


He f**king touched me and I stupidly got all wet from his touch.


“You remember what you did to me that night right? I asked her again.


“I did don’t be flattered,I was drunk” he replied nonchalantly.


“Is that all you got to say? I asked still unsure of his recent reaction.


“I was drunk Kierra,besides what’s the big deal? Tons of men have touched you there in the club so why is my simple mistake a big deal to you? He asked staring at me.

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I wanted to rush him and slap him hard on the cheek but I couldn’t,he got me tongue tied.


He was right after all,lots of men have touched me and have sex with me for money so what’s the big deal?


“It’s a big deal for me Danny ,do you know how you made me feel that night? I can’t comprehend it but I never felt it before.



I felled in love with your touch that night Danny and you end up being the man that have cone to love,it’s a f**king big deal to me” I yelled


“Hold it,did you just yelled at me?he asked


“Well you deserved it” I replied and fold my arms around my chest.


He stood up from his chair and stroll near to me with his eyes fixed on me while I moved backwards .


He keep coming close while I keep drifting back.


He trapped me behind the wall one of his hands above my head and one on my waist.


“Did you know what I hate most? He asked his mouth brushing my ear seductively.


“No” i replied breathlessly.


“I loothe anyone yelling at me,only one woman after my late mom is permitted to do so and that woman is “Ariana” he said as he caress my cheek.


“But…..” I tried to say something but he cut it short.


“You are a very beautiful woman Kierra, but you are absolutely not for me.


First,your job secondly I can’t love you even I I want to” he said and move away from me.


“Sorry for touching you that night Kierra, how much do you want? I can pay you if you want” he said emotionlessly.


Is he really saying this.


I went near his table and place my hand on it.

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“I want you Danny and not your money,you don’t know how I feel Daniel ,i felt so elaborated that night that I couldn’t think straight.


Am in love with you Danny please,just……just give me a chance” I begged.


“Chance? He asked and laughed a little.


“Don’t be pathetic Kierra, I mean I can’t love you and that’s a fact”


“You can love me Danny,give me a chance,give us a chance while are you pushing me away so badly? Are you feeling so insecure of your heart? I asked with all my pent up emotions building up.


“You got no right to ask me that,who are you to dictate about my heart and what I feel? He yelled and i kept quiet.


“Please leave” he said calmly as he scratch his hair aggressively.


“Think about it Danny,am always there to accept you into my life” I said and find my way out of his office.



Danny POV


What the hell is wrong with me?


I have never been smitten by any girl confessing her feelings to me like I did today with Kierra.


This is really crazy.


I stood up from my chair and walk towards the window staring at the highway of Texas and viewing the beautiful scenarios.


Maybe am just having a slight fever making me not to think straight.


I mean,not me nor Kierra.


Not us,never.



I went to the fridge and brought out a bottle of whiskey.


I poured for myself and gulp it down my throat in a goal.


Am thinking silly silly,yea very silly.


Zach caused this ,that motherf**ker.


Bringing a whore who eventually fall in love with me is the worst thing I ever think of.


No that is eww I can’t stand it.


Imagine dating a stripper or ex stripper and the media started carrying around the news or her pole dance video get leaked.


That will dent my image as a business man ,f**k it I can’t risk that.


I went back to my sit and stare at Ariana’s picture on my computer screen.


She’s not just a beauty but a wife figure,a person whom I we proud of to show off to the world.


But death was cruel enough to snatch her away from me including my unborn child.


Who else can make my heart race the way Ariana did?


I doubt if there will be any.


She took my love ,all of em.



Zach POV



“Hi Sir, Rita said that I should bring this to you” Sierra said and place a file on my table.



I was just staring at her while she do the talking.


“I’ll leave now sir if there’s nothing else you want” she said and made to leave.


“Do you want to follow me to see Kierra tonight after work? I asked and she stopped on her track.




“Please” I begged


“Okay sir,I’ll” she said and walk away as I keep staring at her a**.


Can I do this?


Can I really do this? For us baby?


I stare at the file on my table and picked it up.


After scanning it I press the bell on my table and Sierra came in again.


“Where is Rita and while did you keep coming instead of her? I asked a little bit angry.


“Sorry sir ,she was typing the memo from your previous board meeting” she replied


“I want to ask you something miss Brown” I said and she bite her lower lip seductively.


Totally unaware that she’s f**king turning me on.


“Do you like me?


To be continued

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