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Wonder Woman – Episode 4

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Wonder Woman




Author Jenny


Episode 4




Cont of David’s pov


“Aargh” I groaned in frustration. I went to freshen up I dressed up and sat down on one of the couches in the room Carly walked into the room moving towards my direction


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“Carly I’m not in the mood for talk” o said sternly “Dave what’s wrong please tell me I’m your wife your other half we shouldn’t keep secrets” She said pleadingly “Carly please leave” I said trying to suppress my anger from getting out “But….”


she tried to say “I said you should get out!” I shouted she flinched and quickly left the room. “Shit!” I cursed getting angry at myself for unleashing my anger on her.


Carly’s pov


I was shocked at David’s outburst towards me I sniffed I was in the kitchen making dinner and Kira was with me trying to help


“Mom what’s wrong?” she asked I think she heard me crying I quickly cleaned off my tears turned to face her and forced out a smile “Everything is alright honey”


“Are you sure?” she asked trying to be sure that I’m alright “Yes dear” I smiled assuring her “Uhm… slice this onion be fast about it” I added “okay” she answered



Few minutes later


“Kira, Kyle, Kendrick, Kayla come down stairs food is ready” I called the children and climbed upstairs to tell David to come down for dinner.

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Everyone were sitting on the dinning table with a plate of fried rice in front of them. The air was tensed and that’s not normal for the Brian’s the dining room is always noisy “What’s wrong?” I asked myself for the umpteenth time. I glanced at David he kept tossing his food round the plate taking little amount of it into his mouth our eyes met I quickly looked away and faced my food.


Kira’s pov


The dining room was silent only the clinging sounds made by the spoon in collision with the plate was heard this is so unusual for us. I looked at mom and dad both of them were quiet mom looked sad and dad looked unhappy and kinda angry, I glanced at my siblings they were rarely this silent it seems that they also know the nature of the atmosphere. I hope everything is okay.


David’s pov


I didn’t eat too much at Dinner I just kept tossing the rice around the plate I ate little and left the dining room I went upstairs to the room. I sat down on one of the couches in the room thinking of how to break the news to Arly after pondering on it for a while I decided to just tell her no matter what happens. I heard the door slam shut I looked at the door it was Arly


“Cab we talk?” I asked her I knew that she would be very angry with me she only nodded and sat down on a sofa next to me “Arly I’m sorry for the way I unleashed my anger on you its just that…… I’m frustrated ……. i ……I don’t know what to do” I


stuttered “Its okay Dave I can understand you just have to tell me what is wrong” she said soothingly I cleared the lump in my throat an started


“You remember when I told you about our company getting a well paid partnership contract from a foreign company based in China?” I asked she nodded “Yes I do remember what is wrong with it?” “Uhm…… it was all fraud we were duped of £24


million, Arly we have gone bankrupt the workers from Genesis to Revelation we asked to stay at home or better still find a job for the main time until they are able to revive the company” I said crying “What the fu.ck! I’m sorry Dave but what are we gonna do? what are we going to live on! how would the children continue with their education?” she asked worriedly “Its okay Arly calm down I’ll find a way out” I assured her “It’s okay I think you need to go to bed now I bet you must be stressed out from the day’s tension” she told me calmly heading to the door “Where are you going?” I asked wondering we here she was heading to



“I wanna go break the news to the children” she answered “Are you sure about what you are about to do?” I asked She nodded “okay its your choice” I said “okay dear I would be right back” she said and closed the door


Carly’s pov


I was coming from the children’s too. I broke the news to them they were shocked and very unhappy

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“Ahh God this is not the right time for such thing to happen to us” I sobbed and sat down weakly on one of the stairs on the stair case “I don’t know what to do now I am just confused How will these children continue with their schooling now?” I cried more as I thought of my children’s education


“God will take control” I said to myself and went down to the kitchen to wash my face and drink water



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