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Unknown Rhythm – Episode 14

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(Chapter 14)


Authoress Dee


Ella’s Pov Continues….


Just Arrived London….


Am sure Danny and Dia would have been home, maybe celebrating their welcome party, Will Danny have forgotten me, would he be happy when he discover I left the country? Maybe he also wants to be far from me.


I’ll be resuming work next week in one of Dad’s friend Company here, have decided to keep off music for a while, have been giveg the post of a Director there,



Guess that should keep me busy and keep my mind off worries. I have this whole week to tour London; it would have been right if the when the one person who should have been here have been….I felt numb. I just sat in front of the Telly

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watching one movie after the other, but if you asked me what they were about, I wouldn’t know.


MAUREEN THOMPSON An image of her in the kitchen wearing a red and White Santa Hat singing “its getting to feel a lot like Christmas” flashed through my head and my eyes filled with tears, I miss her so much and it really hurts she isn’t my real mum. I remember how much she loves Christmas; One year she dressed as a Christmas Tree, who could ever forget that .


The Costume was hysterical, a pointing green hat like the top of a tree then a tunic dress which you put your arms through and it widened towards the skirt like the branch of a For Tree. Mad. But that was Mom.


She liked to dress up for any occasion, any excuse she would also make her own mince pies and cake for weeks and our house would smell of nutmeg, Cinnamon and Oranges.


I missed her more now than when she first died-More even, because tue the longer since she died, the more final it seemed.


She hasn’t gone away on a break, on a holiday, She isn’t coming back. It Sucked.


Even though she isn’t my mom, I always love her and would continue doing so. I guess its high time I let fate decides.


Robin Thompson’s Pov

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Sending Ella to London is the best thing to do, after finding out the truth about herself, i know she would hate me, besides her real parents are no more but there must be a relative of them.


“Hi Dad” Dia called


“Hi dear, sit down lets talk”


Sitting opposite each other, I remembered how it all happened.



Years Back……



I was on a partnership Mission to Nigeria for a partnering up with a fabric Company when I met my Wife Maureen Johnson. A well mannered and beautiful lady. She was then working as a part time Nurse with the Company’s clinic. She



was referred to take care of me after getting into a little accident in the Company’s vicinity; took care of me that I wish I keep getting sick each day so I could see those sweet smiles of hers.


We were into each and one thing led to another, we got Married despite knowing the that I have a Son with my ex wife who left me. Before our Marriage she started working in a General Hospital then even though I kicked against it backing the fact that am taking her back home with me, but she insisted.


We were together for one years but no yielded fruit. I stood by her as a husband and since my mission in Nigeria will be done in a Months time and we will be going back, we decided to adopt a baby we could call ours.


She came back home from work one day and told me about a baby of 11 months who lost her family in a fire accident. We decided to adopt the lad and went through the formal procedures . We returned to Chicago and since then leave like a happy Family until the ghastly Accident that led to the death of Maureen.




“So about Ella, after finding out the truth hope she won’t embark on finding out who her real parents her”


“Yeah on that, I won’t want her endangering her life, so am working on that, trying to find any relative of her late parents, I pray God help me Because I really love Ella and I never want her to find out like this.”


“What about Danny, he is so worried about her I think it’s time we let him know the truth also”


“Don’t worry Diana, he would know when the time comes”




Unknown Rythm


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