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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 1

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )





There were men heading to the room which the lady I had snapped her neck was lying. I knew it was just a matter of time before Mumo’s men found out that I was not in the room they had left me hence we had to act and act fast.


“Joy, we have less than five minutes to get the hell out of here; if you have a good plan of how you were to get me out of here, I am listening.” I whispered to Joy.


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“Do you know that lady?” Joy asked pretending not to have heard me.


“The devil is always at your doorstep, yes I do.” I replied.


“What exactly do you mean Haman by that saying?” She asked with a concerned voice.


“First you showed up, made me screw you so hard that you now claim to be carrying my baby and then you stole the one thing that I treasured most. Then Chrisham shows up and luckily enough, I resist her charms and in return for being a gentleman, I get paid by a doublecross in court and then now here we are, just another neighbour wants me dead yet we have never even had a lasting conversation except today before I got kidnapped.” I replied.


“Haman, if I had a choice, I would have chosen you dear. Life is complicated, you can never understand.” She said calmly.


“You had a choice Joy and you chose Chris over me; I can bet with my life that the kid inside you is his and not mine.” I replied.


“Only a mother knows the father of the child Ham.” She said politely.


“Only a RESPONSIBLE mother, otherwise only a paternity test which can prove me wrong here.” I replied as I changed my position.


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“How many men do you have to get us out of here?” I asked.


“I came with seven only; I never anticipated it would end up this messed up and hard.” She replied.



“If you wanna be a mum, follow my lead and do exactly what I tell you to. Mumo is not aware that you are here for me. Her men know that you are here for business so I am handing myself in.” I said.


“Are you insane Haman? I can’t allow my kid to be a bustard; we better die together.” Joy replied.


“Your kid has a father who is my next door neighbour Joy so spare me the baby daddy drama right now and do exactly what I tell you to do. Take your phone and call your men out there; Mumo has a daughter called Christine, make sure she is abducted before I hand myself in. I was in the military so we both know I am more than capable of handling myself.” I said sounding a bit harsh.


I then took a G3 which Joy had as her extra armour and a couple of magazines together with my army gun which was still in my boots. I then shifted to a different room where I had a better view of Mumo. She had four bodyguards guarding her and I could not get a clear shot at her.


Already her men had found the slayer of men dead and I was missing; they went to report to Mumo. Her first reaction was to slap the guy who went to tell her that I was missing then she ordered them to find me and kill me immediately. Facing them head on, we did not stand a chance since they were many armed men, I had to play with their minds to buy us more time.


I shot two of the men then swiftly shifted to the room they were holding me before I eliminated slayer of men. Joy and her men had already gotten time to relocate to another wing which was the business wing. They had been allowed into the building after they lied that they had come for some contrabands hence nobody would ever suspect that Joy had come to rescue me.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I was all alone in that wing hence my tricks were the best shot I had. I had given joy twenty minutes to have Christine kidnapped or else I would get killed. I waited for them to come looking for me in the chamber I was hiding but none of them suspected I would have the guts to walk back to my torture chamber.



I could not hide in there forever since Mumo’s men would only leave if they got me. I stayed in there for half an hour then took some knives and daggers left behind in the torture room.


It was about time I faced my fate, I slowly unlocked the door checked both hallways and it was all clear. I tiptoed out of the torture chamber and I was headed towards the power supply section. For me to be invisible, I had to cut out power since it was dark inside the building.


On the way, I met with two men manning the area. I could not let them give up my location yet so I quickly took out a dagger and threw it at the guy on my right. Before the other guy could realize that his friend was chocking on his own blood, I was already chocking his neck with my right hand. I did not want to kill him since he was defenseless and killing in cold blood would make me as evil as them, so I just denied him air long enough to make him pass out then I disarmed him and left him lying there.


The power supply point was just a few metres away but there was a small gate before you got to the main switch. The gate was locked so I had two options, either shoot the padlock and give out my location, or get the keys from the guy who chocked on his blood. Before I could get the keys, two men walked into the room and each one of them pointed their guns at me.


“Hands up or we shoot.” One of them said.


I slowly got my hands up and dropped my gun to the ground. One of the men then hit me at the back of my head with his gun and they tied my hands from behind. They then got me up and led the way out; they were taking me to Mumo.


“I thought it would be hard hunting you down, you are just but like any other rabbit.” Mumo said when she saw me in cuffs.


“I wish I knew you were the devil hunting my life, I could have killed you right under my roof.” I replied.


“Well, unlike you, I do play my cards well. Boys, kill him and dump his body.


Make it slow and quiet.” She said addressing her men.



I stared at her then started laughing out loud. One of the men punched me right in the face to shut me up.


“What’s so funny? Or is it your tradition to laugh before you die?” Mumo asked sarcastically.


“You know Mumo, you are a smart lady but I underestimated you because of your big butt. I have three rules which help me do what I do. Rule number one, never underestimate someone. Rule number two, when the deal is too good, think twice. Rule number three, always remember rule number one and two.” I replied smiling.


“What exactly do you mean?” She asked sounding confused.


“Do you know who I am Mumo?” I asked assuming her question.


“Yes, you are some piece of sh*t which is about to be disposed like a world do.” She replied with pride.


“I served this noble nation in the military for twenty five good years. I retired as a highly decorated special forces combat commander with forty seven successful missions; do you really think two men were enough to get me to surrender?” I asked smiling.


“What exactly are you suggesting?” She asked getting curious.


“I am always a step ahead of my enemies Mumo. Rule number two remember.” I replied.


She then took out her gun and pointed it to my head.


“Pull that trigger and your daughter is as good as dead.” I said staring at her.


“You are bluffing.” She said getting a bit tensed.


“Last time I checked, you were two in my house, does she know you were the one actually organizing the assassinations?” I asked.



“You are a dead man, you can not get to my daughter.” She replied still pointing


the gun at my head….






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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