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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 20

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


****************************************************************** ******************************


I returned my riffle back to the safe in my room and took my army gun. I then went to the dinning room where I had left Mumo and Christine.


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“You two stay here, I will be back; I have a package to collect outside.” I said smiling then walked out of the house.


When I was about to close the door, something was not feeling right; that guy I shot was too exposed, any professional assassin would not be so easy to get or trace. I walked back to the house and checked the footage from the cameras at the gate, he was still there, on the ground bleeding.



“Something doesn’t feel right here guys, this guy cannot be alone.” I said.


“If he had company, would they not have moved in and rescued him already?” Mumo asked.


I thought through her words and Mumo was right, they could not watch him die just like that. I went to the kitchen, took a chopping knife and hid it under my belt. I then hid my army gun in my boots and decided to go and get him so that I could make him talk and give me the information I needed.


I walked past the door and slowly unlocked my gate. Since it was electric, it was a bit slow to open and lock; I watched it slide open ready to take cover in case of any threat. Immediately I took my first step outside the gate, I was shocked to find the guy I had shot gone. He had just vanished in less than three minutes after lying there for around ten minutes.


That was when I realized it was a set up and I decided to rush back to the house. Just before I could turn back, I felt a sharp pain on my neck.. I was hit by a needle. I quickly pulled it out of my neck but it was already too late, I fell on the ground unconscious.


I came to minutes later only to find myself inside a van with four men and I had my hands and legs tied.

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“Who are you and what do you want from me?” I asked out loudly.


Instead of them answering, one of them took his gun and shot me with the sleeping shot again. When I woke up, I was tied up on a wooden chair in a dark room. I was woken up by a strong pungent smell.


There was a lady standing in front of me holding a container which had the smelling substance. She was wearing a black booty short and a checked crop top. She also wore a wedge shoe which was not so high.


“Wakie wakie handsome, time for some fun!” She said after I opened my eyes.

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The lady had melon like boobs which shook like water in a balloon or a plastic bag every time she bent over. I could not stop my eyes from staring at the bubbling tits; she noted that I was staring at them and she began shaking them on purpose.


“Who are you and why are you dressed like a stripper?” I asked.


“Who I am is none of your business but what I am should be your biggest fear.” She replied as she drew my chest with her index finger.


“What are you then?” I asked curiously.


“I am the slayer of me, killer of the boy child.” She replied as she unbuttoned my shirt.


No matter how smart a lady or a man was, I always believed in one thing; I could beat them in their own game as long as I played my cards well. Back in the army, I was trained to spot a weak point in every opponent I encountered, I began looking for her weakest point.


“You know, I thought my neighbour was cute until I got to see you.” I said.


“Oh, really?” She asked sarcastically.


“Yeah, you got nice legs, golden thighs, the most beautiful eyes and dimples I have ever seen and a super bright future behind you.” I said then winked.


“Nice trial boy, that doesn’t turn me on.” She replied coldly.


“So what are you gonna do with me?” I asked.


“I will first make you desire to lay me down then I will slay your man and feed it to my dogs.” She replied then laughed.


She seemed smarter than I anticipated; I had to play my cards better and smarter.


“Are those tits real?” I asked.


“Oh these? Very real.” She replied smiling with a genuine smile.


“Can I feel them? I just want to feel one real thing in my life before you do whatever you want to do with me.” I requested.


She sat quiet on a seat opposite mine for a while then allowed me to feel her tits just to confirm if they were real. Definitely she had to untie my right hand so that I could be able to squeeze them. There it was, her weakest point; she just felt out of this world if someone appreciated her boobs.


That was her first mistake to make; letting me feel her tits. I always knew where and how to touch and after touching, fire would be ignited. I began squeezing them in the name of confirming and before she could know it, she was seated on my laps kissing my lips.


“How about we make a deal?” I asked still caressing her tits.


“Am listening.” She replied whispering.


I could tell from her whispers that she was already getting carried away.


“If I please you in bed, you make me your slave and spare my life, what do you think?” I asked.


She did not reply, instead she slowly lowered her hand below my waist and felt the weight beneath there.


“I think we have a deal, it somehow feels so good to be fed to the dogs.” She said after confirming whatever it was that she was confirming.


“Shall we begin it right now right here?” I asked.


“Show me what you got. If you do not deliver to my expectations, I will cut it off as you watch.” She said as she untied my other hand.


And that was her second and greatest mistake, she had no idea I was just playing around with her mind just to get her free my hands.



“I love it when a lady gives me a lap dance first.” I said.


She turned and faced away from me then bent and began to lap dance. Within two shakes of a ducks tail, I grabbed her by the neck and began chocking her.


“You forgot two things; one, ever threaten a man with his family and two, never trust a man you have threatened.” I whispered to her ears then snapped her neck.


She dropped on the ground dead. I quickly untied my legs, checked her pockets and robbed her the gun around her waist. Lucky enough, my army gun was still in my boots; they had just taken the kitchen knife.


I was sure beyond reasonable doubt that she was not the only hostile around so I moved silently searching for my way out; her gun in my hands ready to strike.


I did not want to fire any shot unless if I had no choice since my main aim was to vanish before the others knew that I was missing and their slayer of men was dead. I had already passed three rooms when I heard a gun been corked from behind my head. I slowly placed my gun to the ground and placed my hands in the air.


“Hey Ham, did you miss me?” A female voice asked after I had raised my hands.


I recognized that voice, it was a voice I so much expected to hear in such kind of a scenario since she was my number one suspect to be the one behind my kidnapping.


“Joy, after even stealing from me now you want me dead?” I asked as I turned to face her.


“Ham, I am may be a thief yes but I am not a kidnapper neither am I an assassin.” She replied.


“Then what are you doing here?” I asked.


“Let us just say, I don’t want you dead yet so I came to save your poor a** so as to settle my debt for stealing from you.” She replied.



“How did you know I got kidnapped and brought here if you were not the one behind it all?” I asked.

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“Don’t be a dummy soldier boy, I was in the neighborhood coming to give you some news when I saw three men carrying you to a white van which then drove off fast. I decided to follow it and when I saw it stop here, I made a few calls and I got a few boys to escort me in here. I had to pretend to be a smuggler of contrabands so that we could be allowed in.” She replied.


“You played me once, why should I believe you now?” I asked.


“Because I am the one with the gun and you are not dead yet even after killing Jackie.” She replied.


“How did you know her name?” I asked curiously.


“They all have a tattoo of their names on their backs; as I told you, I had to use my connections to come and get you out.” She replied.


“Why even care to save me?” I asked curiosity getting the better part of me.


“Because you might be the father to this creature growing inside me.” She replied.


“What?! You are pregnant?!” I asked perplexed.


“Surprise! Your making me scream so hard has bore fruits, congratulations.” She said smiling sarcastically.


“How sure am I that the pregnancy is mine? Were you not with Chris as well?” I asked.


Before Joy could answer my question, I heard a car pull over outside the building we were in. Everyone took cover quickly and a I grabbed my gun from the ground. I then hid next to the wooden wall which had cracks. I peeped through the cracks and I could see the car from where I was; it was a familiar car. A huge masculine



guy got out of the front seat and opened the back door for whoever that was their boss to come out.


I stared keenly to see who had hired kidnappers to kidnap me; I first saw boots like those of a cop step out of the vehicle then I saw the face. I almost fainted when I saw who wanted me dead; I could not believe my eyes.


“Do you now know who wants you dead?” Joy whispered to me.


“I think I would have owed you a thank you were it not that you stole from me Joy.” I whispered back.


“My dear, there is a lot you think you know but you don’t, one day I will explain everything to you. Right now let us focus on how to get out of here alive.” Joy said still whispering.


Just then I heard heavy footsteps approaching from behind…


Continues in Season Two….

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