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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 2

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Episode 02



Kyle’s POV



I stared in shock from my place on the floor as Violet tucked her hair behind her ear glaring at me harshly before she turned and left amidst the gasps and murmurs in the class.


What the f*ck just happened?




I stepped into the hangout and immediately the guys burst into laughter.


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“How are you feeling dude? Does it still hurt? ” Jayden said with mock concern feeling my face.


I rolled my eyes at him.


“Of course, it hurts. I’m pretty sure I heard it from Geography class. ” Talen remarked laughing uncontrollably.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“What’s so funny? It was only a little tap. ” I said angrily.


The laughter increased.


“Yeah. Just keep saying it till you believe it. ” Xander said causing them to laugh the more.


“Whatever! ” I muttered slipping into the toilet.


There, I stared at my face in the mirror as memories of the slap ran through my mind.


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However, I wasn’t bothered. I recognized girls like Violet. They were prickly and stubborn in public but once you’re alone with them, they’ll be all over you.


I smirked.


You’re mine Violet Hill. All mine!





Violet’s POV


“Did you hear about the girl who slapped Kyle today? ”


“Yeah. She’s a new girl. Violet something. ”


“More like Violent. What a bitch! ”


“Yeah. Girls like her annoy me. Kyle himself approached her and she turned him. She even had the nerve to slap him. ”


“I mean right? But things will change once she’s all alone with Kyle. ”


“Don’t they always? ”


“Come on. We don’t want to be late for class, do we? ”


I heard the tap of their footsteps on the floor, the door opening, their gigglish laughter and they were gone.


Groaning, I stepped out of the cubicle where I had sat, patiently listening to their conversation.



I learnt one thing and that is that this school is so messed up attract that much attention to himself?


. How can one guy



Kyle or whateva.



I wonder what’s so special about him. He’s not even that cute not to mention that he’s an arrogant imp!


What I did to him in class is just the tip of the iceberg. If he thinks all girls are as dumb as those two bimbos that just left, he’s in for a surprise.


Hello there. I’m Violet Hill. I’m 18, tall with silky blonde hair and hazel eyes. I’m mostly gentle and quiet but if you come looking for my trouble, well then, you’re gonna regret that!


Trust me, I’m not someone you wanna be messing around with.


I especially hate show offs like Kyle. They’re so proud and full of themselves, it’s annoying.




“Hey! ” I heard someone say from behind my locker.


“Yes I was the one who slapped Kyle or whatever his name is. Can you leave me alone now? ” I said with a sigh as I closed my locker with a bang.


“Okay chill. I’m not gonna bite. ” The black haired girl said.


“Wasn’t that why you came here? To question me about Kyle? ”


“Actually no. I noticed you’re new and I wanted to introduce myself…but maybe now’s not a good time. ” She said about to walk away.


“No please! Wait! ” I said holding her hand.


“It’s just… This school is weird. ”


“I know. I’ve been here for a while now… I’m Anna. ”


“Violet. Nice to meet you. ”


“Same. ”


“It’s so good to meet someone who’s not a Kyle supporter. It’s so maddening. ”


“I know. He’s kinda like a big deal around here and what you did, well, let’s just say it was a shock! ”


“Well that’s what he gets for touching my backside. I mean really? ”


“You’ll get over it…eventually. You might just have to be careful for now. ”


“What do you mean? ”


“As you know, Kyle commands a lot of attention around here. Don’t be surprised if you are confronted in the nearest future. ”


I smiled, deciding not to reply her comment. Instead, I changed the subject as we walked to class, ignoring all the pointing and staring.




After classes, I was standing outside the girls bathroom waiting for Anna to be done so we could go to the girls locker room together and prepare for gym class.


I was just about stepping into the toilet when I was suddenly pulled into a dark room before I could react.


“Shh! Don’t scream! ” I heard someone say as a hand was clamped over my mouth.


My eyes widened in shock upon recognizing the voice.




“What are you doing? ” I said as soon as I felt his hands off my mouth.


“Enough acting Violet. We’re all alone now. I know you really want me. So let’s just cut to the chase. ”


Before I could react or say anything, his lips were on mine……



This Kyle sef



First he touched her butt and now this



One word for him




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