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Se.x Partners – Episode 19

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Chapter Nineteen



Semi finale



James pov


I sighed as Jas walked away from me, this is going to be tough.


I saw a truck moving fast, not following the traffic light.


“What is going on?” I looked at the truck’s direction and it was heading to Jas.


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“Jas!” I shout and ran to her who stayed frozen after seeing the truck.


I got to her and pushed her away but before I could get out of the way I was hit.


I opened my eyes only to find myself in Jas arms, my whole body hurts, I don’t need to be told what happened.


It is all over, I touched Jas cheeks as her warm tears dropped on my hand.


I should at least confess my feelings before the worst happens.


“I…. Lo” I managed to say but I couldn’t complete my words as my sight became


blurry, darkness covered my eyes.


“Someone please help us” was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness. Anita pov

I was caught on the spot and was arrested by police officers.

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I witnessed the whole scene before my arrest.


James was rushed to a hospital after the ambulance came.


My plan failed, everything failed. I just realized how stupid I was.


Because of the accident I caused, James got hit with a car.


I killed him, I was blinded by a stupid revenge and I ruined everything.


James had been good to me, I ruined everything, I betrayed him and his love but, it was only because of that bitch.

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That crazy bitch, I lost everything because of her.


In the end, she won and I failed.


But was it really because of her, I killed Luke and put the blame on the poor lady, and now James.


I was wrong, it was all my fault.


Am the bad one here, I ruined myself, I ruined everything, Luke and James.


“The two men I loved” I said sobbing.


I was such a idiot, now am going to spend the rest of my life in jail.


All for nothing, is it not better to die now, rather than going to jail.


Dying is even merciful for someone like me, I looked at the officer beside me, I used my body to push her away and snatched her gun from her holster, the other police officer pointed his gun at me.


I put the gun to my head, this is my punishment for everything.


I don’t deserve their forgiveness but I hope they forgive me.


Am sorry, I pulled the trigger and landed on the floor, as blood came out from my head.


Goodbye, I hope you survived.



Jasmine pov



I followed the ambulance to a hospital, they took James into the emergency operating room while I was stopped by a nurse.


“Ma, are you his guardian?” She asked but I couldn’t answer her.


All my thoughts were all about James, this is all my fault.


The person who was in the truck was Anita, she tried to kill me and in the process James got hit by a car.


If only I had left sooner, I was so greedy


If I had left sooner, even if anything would have happened, James won’t be there and he won’t have been in an accident.


“Who is he to you?” She asked again.



“He is the man I love” I said crying.


“I love him” I said.


“It is going to be alright, I need you to sign this while we proceed with the surgery” she said.


“Is he going to be fine?” I asked.


“Sure, he will be” she assured me.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yes,” she said and went to the operating room.


“James, pls don’t leave me”


Please, if you do then I will live the rest of my life with regrets, even if I won’t be with you I want you to be alive


So don’t die on me, don’t.








Hours later


I saw the doctor leave the operating room(op), he was with a frown, he looked sad.


If a doctor is looking sad, that means the worst has happened.


“Sir!” I called and went to him.


“Am sorry to say this ma, but we…..”











Se.x partners



I hate him, but my body wants him



Pain and love


Brought to you by Author Ayomiposi diaries


Genre: Romance, betrayal.

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