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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 15

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“You are so heartless Tonnie let me feed my child,”i shouted at him.”Let her feed the kid Tonnie,”Dave told him impatiently.”One word from you and i will kill her,”stacy said pointing a gun at me.”What is going on here?”i asked Tonnie trembling.He let me go and took out a gun.”Nothing to worry about,its a family gathering,”he told me sarcastically.”Everything will be easy for you two if you obey our orders.”let me feed my child first,”i was now begging them for my childs case.”That is not happening,”Tonnie told me sternly.”Tonnie dont do this to me,”i begged him on my knees.”Hey stand up love am not God,”he told me laughing,he went and took Angel,”she is so beautifull just like her mum,”he said this taking her to stacy.”Why are you doing this to me?What did i ever do to you to deserve this?i asked them sobbing uncontrollably.”Tell us what you want once and for all,”Dave told them impatiently.


“I want you to marry me Dave,i love you with every part of my heart i dont know what this bitch did to you,”stacy kept my innocent child down and walked close to Dave.”He is your fiancee,you managed to snatch him from me and i didnt fight back,spare me and my kid and you can have Dave i dont need him.”She is not my fiancee,i dont love her i have never slept with her,and i will never stop loving you Sharon,”Dave told me bravely.”What do you mean you have never slept with him and i saw you two making out?” i asked him totally confused.”We were not making out,you arrived some minutes after stacy.I was seated on the couch in a



vest and a short watching a movie when suddenly Stacy came inside and started undressing,i tried to stop her but she just came closer she wanted to lay on top of me and i held her on the waist to push her away when you suddenly stormed inside,you went out running and didnt give me time to explain i followed you and i was hit by the car and i was in a comma i never got the time to tell you the truth,by the time i was out of the hospital you had vaccated i tried to trace you invain and i never got to see you again until today.”Dave told me looking at me.”What?”i asked in disbelief.”Yeah love,i had loved you from the time i saw you,i lost you to my bestfriend and i taught myself to forget you,but that day i fu.cked you i became obssesed there was no way i would let you two be together,i vowed to do everything to destroy your relationship,when i discovered you were pregnant i was positive that the child was mine and i knew the child would bring us together but you,Jay and Cate made us believe that you had lost the child,i vowed to do everything to win you,i would visit you and bring gifts for you,one day i visited you but you told me you were in a hurrry to town,i offered to drive you but u insisted on using a cab,i sensed you were going to meet Dave from the way you were dressed.I called Stacy and we made a deal to separate you two since stacy loved Dave and i knew she would do anything to be with him,she was to go Dave and seduce him and thats what happened and by that we managed to separate you two.”Tonie told me all this smilling at me.

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It was crazy i didnt believe that Tonnie and Stacy managed to fool me,i wished i had listened to Dave.”You managed to fool me so what else do you want?” i asked him impatiently.I want you to come with me to australia i have everything arrange.”he told me looking at me expecting an answer.”Over my dead body there is no way she is going with you,you managed to separate us but you wont do it again i love her and am not leting her go again,”Dave said this coming close to me


.”Another move and i will blow your head with this gun,”Tonnie threated Dave.”Its not like you two have a choice,in some few minutes the reverend father will be here to give us a wedding certificate and you will be my lawfull wife.”he said this going close to Angel.

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“Am not going anywhere with you,not after knowing who you really are,”i told him standing to confront him.He took my gal and laid her on top of the unfinished wall any silly move from Him and she would fall from the fourth floor to the ground i felt all energy draining from my body.”Tonnie stop what you are doing you are risking the life of an innocent child,”Dave told him in a calm voice.”I dont need your opninion here bro,”Tonnie told him sarcastically.”Please tonnie dont



hurt my child i will do everything you want me to do just spare my child i beg you,”i was now on my knees.All this time stacy was mocking me,”Tonnie dont hurt my child,we will do everything you want us to do,”Dave begged him.”Damn it Dave i told you to shut up!”Tonnie really hated Dave.Dave stood up and started sweettalking stacy,i didnt know what his plan was until he tried to snatch the gun from stacy but unfortunately Tonnie saw him and shot him on the chest and that landed Dave on the ground.I cried my heart out i went close to Dave asking him to hold on telling him i still loved him.”Whaaat so you still love him after all i have done for you Sharon?””look at what you have done Tonnie i swear you will pay for this,why have you shot him?”Stacy asked him bending to take her gun.Dave was still breathing he was still alive but i doubted if he would make it to the hospital.I was shouting asking for help ,all this time my child was on top of the stone where Tonnie had kept her.I noticed Stacy bending to pick her gun and i moved fast and took the gun in my hand.I ordered stacy to kneel down lifting her hands up.I pointed the gun at Tonnie and ordered him to put his gun down but He was a nut head he pointed the gun at Angel.”Drop the gun,u dont want me to kill your child right?”he asked me.I trembled on seeing him pointing the gun at Angel,”Angel is your daughter Tonnie,”i told him and i hoped this would make him stop pointing her with the gun.”My daughter? you think you can lie to me,i know she is not my daughter,”he told me confidently.”She is your daughter i only lied to you to know how deep your love for me was,but its now clear to me you never loved me,Angel is your biological daughter,”i shouted at him.”She is not,stop playing with my mind .”he shouted at me..”Everybody drop your guns the building is sorrounded.”we heard someone coming upstair.”Why did you call the police,”he asked me in a very angry voice.”I did everything for you sharon,why did you have to choose Dave over me? I cant live without you,”he said this and shot my daughter on the chest i ran to try and help her but she fell from the fifth floor to the ground.I cant explain the intensity of the pain that i felt as i watched Angel to the ground. “Tonnie you have killed your own daughter,” i told him with a lot of pain”she is not my daughter,”he told me this and pointed the gun at me but one policeman shot him on the stomach before he could shoot me.


I ran past the police and Cate came following me downstair to the ground floor to try and save my child.I went and held my lifelss daughter and i realised she was dead.I fell on the ground helpelesly my innocent child was dead,she was my life, she gave me reasons to smile i lived for her,she was everything i had in this world.We cried in each other arms,cate trying her best to console me.

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I heard ambulances approaching us,the police men came down Dave and Tonie were taken to the ambulance and were given first aid while stacy was taken to the police car in handcuffs,the red cross came to take my lifeless child away but at first i didnt let them,i held her tight making it hard for them until i realised i was fighting a loosing battle and i let go of her.We went to the hospital and Angel was taken to the morgue,Dave and Tonie were operated on and luckily they survived.Cate had called my parents and Daves parent.Every person was crying upon hearing what happened i blamed myself for everything that happened.It was all my fault,all this couldnt have happened if i didnt think of revenging for seeing Dave kiss stacy.I visited Tonnie in his ward and I narrated to him what happened before the doctor called him for the results,i wanted to make him suffer i wanted to make him feel the pain of killing his only child and i knew that he would live to regret,he didnt speak a word after knowing Angel was his biological daughter,the next day i was brought a letter by one of the police men who also informed us that Tonnie had committed suicide in his ward.


‘I dont have much to write Sharon.I have loved you blindly,i have been selfish,i know you will never forgive me for all the pain i have caused you,if only i accepted defeat all off this couldnt have happened.I dont expect you to forgive me,i couldnt forgive myself either knowing that i have killed my own child my blood,out of vegeance i felt bad when you chose Dave over me and i decided to make you pay for it, but look at where it have landed me.It is really painfull knowing that i have killed my own child and i have messed the life of the only woman i claimed to love.All the best in life.’

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I read that letter once and tore it to pieces,Dave was fairing on well and after a week he was discharged,we started plans for the funeral.After three days Angel was laid to rest at my home place Dave and Cate were there to support me.I didnt even attend Tonnie’s burial.Angel died physically but forever she will remain in my heart.Loosing her was the worst pain i had to go through.I had been in a very deep depresion.But Dave,Cate and family helped me overcome it.


We reconcilled with Dave and vowed to never let anyone else come between us.After two years i got married to Dave and we were blessed with a baby boy ,Blessed was his name,i loved him but still he didnt replace Angel.I always talk to him telling him he had a big sister but she is now in heaven watching us and guarding us.Dave is the best dad i had ever seen and the best husband,i am really lucky to have him as a husband and i always thank God for him and my son.

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