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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 12

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In the hospital we went to see Jay first since through him we would get better services (this is kenya anyway you have to have money or connections to be served right and get better services).Jay greeted us hapilly and took my daughter from Tonie,he really loved tickling her cheeks to make her smile then he would stare at her smilling.”Jay are we invisible or what,”i asked him jokingly.”You are invisible,i mean who would see a dark star when there is a very bright star.”he said laughing and turned to us asking us who was sick.I explained our reasons for visiting him and at first he didnt agree to it.”are you sure about this dear,do you really want a paternity test?”he asked me.”Yeah Jay i want the paternity test,we both want it.”i looked at Tonie looking for his approval.”Yeah we talked about it and have agreed to it,”he confirmed what i was telling Jay.We were taken to the Doctor who conducted the test.Jay introduced us as his dearest friends and explained to the doctor want we wanted.The doctor was soo friendly and before leaving Jay asked us if thats what we wanted and we both nodded.


The doctor asked me if i had fed the baby in the last 30 minutes and i told him no.I had not fed her since i had read the do’s and the dont’s before going for a DNA test.The testing was performed by collecting buccal cells,they are found on the inside of a person’s cheek.The swab had wooden handle with a cotton on a synthetic tip. The doctor rubbed the inside of my daughters cheek to collect as many buccal cells as possible and did the same with Tonie.We were told to wait for the results after three days.Tonie left for work and i went to talk with Jay.”Sharon do you know the consequences of what you are doing right now?”he asked me Immediately i got inside his office.”Yeah Jay i reaaly need to know,i want to know who the father of my baby is.”i told him as i sat down.”I hope you won’t regret this one day Sharon,if the results are negative Tonie might end up hating and mistreating Angel in future.”he said this taking his God daughter.”I cant let anyone mistreat her she is my life and my world.”i said this taking a deep breath.”I cant let anyone mistreat her too i love her like she is my own daughter,”Jay said looking her.”I need one favour though,”i told him as if



pleading.”Anything for you,whats the favour that you need,”he asked me shifting attention from Angel to me.”Let me know the results first before the doctor calls Tonie,”i told him.”That won’t be a problem i will do that.”he said smilling at me.We talked for some few minutes before a nurse came telling him theres an emergency,i took Angel from him,he hurriedly took his staffs and we left.I passed by to see his fiancee before taking a cab back home.


Tonie came home that night and as ussual he carried Angel with him to the bedroom.By the time i went upstairs she was already asleep,i found Toniee in deep thoughts.”Whatsapp,”?i asked him sitting closer to him.”Am just tensed and afraid that the test might be negative,”he honestly told me turning around to hug me.”But i will never let anything happen to you two,you are my whole world,”he told me hugging me tighter.”Would you still love us the same,if the results wont favour you?i asked him loosening myself from his armsi needed him to confirm to me.”Look at her,she is so adorable even the worst and heartless person on earth cant help but love her,she will always be a daughter to me,”he said looking and admiring my Angel.I loved how sincere he looked i believed it i gave him a light kiss but he pulled me closer to him and kissed me deeply,”we can make love tonight you are strong now,”he told me in a very romantic voice.He was kissing me so pasionately.He was really unresistable “am having my periods hun we cant do this today,”i told him taking his hands off my thighs. I really wanted him but there was no way i was going to make love when am having periods.”Its okay love i understand,”he continued kissing me.I had now gone for almost one year without having sex(hehe and yet some of you say they cant go for a week without sex).Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


We waited impatiently for the results.On the third day Tonie went to the office,we were to go for the results at 2pm and he couldnt stay in the house doing nothing.At around 11 Jay called me and told me that results were out.I hurriedly prepared my daughter and myself and took a cab to the hospital since i wasnt comfortable driving with Angel,she was always crying and i would never concentrate on the road.We arrived at Jay’s office after 30 minutes,he took Angel and handed me the results.I was shaking as i opened the envelope,i closed my eyes as i unfolded the paper and opened my eyes slowly.I did not understand whatever was on the paper i moved my eyes to the conclusion “is not excluded as the biological father,” i didnt understood a thing and i asked Jay to help me.He laughed ” this phrase means the possible father most likely IS the biological father of the child, since all data gathered from the test supports a relationship of paternity.”I looked at him with the what have you said eyes.”In short Tony is the biological father of Angel,”he told



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me stressing the word biological.I didnt know if to smile or frown.”You aint happy with the results,”Jay asked me looking suprised.”I am .”I lied to him.I dint know if i was happy or sad.”Its just that i dont want Tonie to know the truth,”i told him in a very serious tone.”And why is that?”he asked me.”You wont understand,Jay please help me i need to change this,”i was restless.”Okay come down and explain whats going on in your mind,”he tried to calm me down.”When i was pregnant Tonie was obsessed with me,i think he loves me because he thinks Angel is his biological daughter i want to test his love for me,thats all.”i told him looking at him.”Sharon you are so sturborn,and yes Tonie was really obsessed i saw that too,but the doctor wont do that, he wont agree to put his proffesion at risk.”I convinced him and gave him a million reasons until he agreed to help me i was very persuasive and convincing.We went to the doctor Jay convinced him until he agreed and told him its a favour he is doing for us.He told us he would call Jay after 30 minutes but i told him to call Tonie instead and that deal was to remain between the three of us.


After 30 minutes Tonie called me saying the results were out,he told me to meet him at the hospital,i was there already but i couldnt tell him.I offered to take Jay and his Fiancee out for lunch as i waited for Tonie.Bythe time we were done having our lunch Tonie was already in the hospital.I joined him and we went for the results together.The doctor told us to sit down as he went through his documents he handed us a sealed envelope “here is your report,you might choose to open the envelope now or later in your house.”he told us and looked at us.Tonie looked at me “what do you suggest?”he asked me holding my hand.”Lets go home,”i didnt know how he would react and home was the best place for his dramas.He took the envelope and we walked to his car and drove home silently.










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