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Painful Revenge – Episode 13

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Cate was sitted on the bed Tonie standing on the left and Dave on the right side I tried to sit but my lower back was hurting really bad and I screamed out of pain.Dave and Tonie moved closer Dave calling me hun asking how I was doing and Tonie on the other hand asking if I am alright they were in a competition to win me.I ignored them and turned to Cate.


Me:what are they doing here Cate? (I asked referring to Dave and Tonie)



Cate:I tried to stop them but you know how they are am even wondering if they are the same people I knew before all this madness happened.


Me:Dave and Tonie I need space am under a lot of pressure and stress,the last thing I need is two grown men fighting for me.Dave I want nothing to do with you you betrayed me and I can never forgive you for that(i saw Tonie smilling)


Dave:Babe I can explain this hun…. Just hear me out Sharon you are my whole life

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Tonie:didnt you hear what she said she wants nothing to do with you you lost your chance now it’s my time to prove to her I love her just go home you lost her


Me:(I looked at Tonie and smiled I loved his faith)Tonie I don’t want to see you too whatever happened between us was a mistake it should have never happened.


Dave shed tears looking at me his eyes always spoke for him I knew deep down he loved me but why did he chose to hurt me? Why did he chose to break my heart?No matter what happened between us I could not stand seeing him so hurt I closed my eyes and covered my head with the blanket. Tonie was just there trying to tell me to consider what I told him since he was the father of my unborn child. But I had decided and I wasn’t going back. Dave sat on the hospital floor crying he was so hurt I looked at him and recalled everything we ever did all the places we’ve ever been to.This was the first time Dave had hurt me and it felt so bad.From the time I met Dave all he ever did was love me.I flashed back everything from our first date,our first love making and how he had introduced me to his parents.His parents really liked me his mum always called me asking when am visiting them again I had loved his family his sister was a friendly lady and she was a good friend of mine.I never thought we would end up like this.We were so good together and now he was crying for me to forgive him and take him back and I was there wishing I would be with him again but I was carrying another man kid’s I wish he was the father but wishes aren’t horses.I wished Stacy and Tonnie never came in our lives.I hated Stacy for everything she made me loose she was supposed to be a friend at least our boyfriends were good friends.Stacy was a tall girl with a dark complexion she had dimples something I always wished to have she was pretty.Though people always said I was prettier.I had noticed Stacy had feelings for Dave but I ignored it besides she was Tonnie’s gal and there was no way Dave was going to live me for Stacy.She always loved been around Dave smilling and laughing at his jokes even if they weren’t funny but it wasn’t a big deal to me since my boyfriend only had eyes for me.We would go out with them and watch movies with them



Tonie loved Stacy at least I thought so,until he confessed that I was the only gal he has ever loved.Tonie was a very good guy for the first seven months I knew him,for those seven months I had never seen him with a female friend I had even asked Dave one day if Tonie was gay and he laughed asking me if am Crazy though he had confirmed that Tonie never had a girlfriend.If Cate wasn’t dating by then I would have hooked them up I just didn’t understand why a good man like him would choose to be single at his age.I remember the day we told him we had decided to date and Dave told him “finally she have agreed to be mine”he smiled and congratulated us but his eyes watery I asked him why and he said he was just happy for us.From this day I started seeing Tonie with a gal not just a gal but one gal after another.Tonie had changed he would flirt with a lot of gals and 80% of them fell in his trap,he took advantage of his looks to have sex with those campus girls and latter dump them.Do we call this type of men harlots?Prostitutes?fu.ckboys?or what do we call them,i hope it’s none of them I don’t want to imagine I had sex with such a man and worst of it pregnant for him I cursed myself I shouldn’t have done that.There was no way I was going to let my child grow calling Tonie daddy.He didn’t deserve it.I wished I would loose the child and forget about Tonie been the father.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I uncovered my face Dave and Cate were already gone,tonie was seated on the bed in deep thoughts.


Me:where did they go?(I asked him)


Tonie:They got tired and left,am the only one left by your side now.


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Me:and what are you still doing here?


Tonie:i can’t leave you alone especially now that you are pregnant with my child(he smiled) I know this child is mine if its not Dave’s then?we both know we are the only men you have slept with.


Dave came in carrying a paper bag he took out packed lunch


Dave:i know you are hungry(he said helping me sit down)i went to buy you lunch he had bought rice and minced meet, he knew it was my favourite dish and I was too hungry to resist.


Me:thanks Dave (I said taking a bite I noticed Tonie was jealous of Dave buying me lunch)



Dave pulled the chair and sat close to me I was almost done when Cate came in with the doctor she smiled at me and winked.I didn’t know why she would smile at me when I was in a hospital bed.We all looked at the doctor to hear what he had to say about my condition


Doc:ii have to discharge you Sharon but I have to tell you you lost your child.

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I looked at him I didn’t know if to be happy or be sad.I had wished to loose the child but instead of been happy I started crying I had lost my first child.Tonie was the most affected he went to the doctor as if to beat him but he just shaked him and started cursing him.Asking him if he knew what the pregnancy meant to him,saying he has lost it all.”I have lost the baby and the mother now.”


Doc:Am sorry sir we tried our best(the doctor looked at him shaked his head and left)


Dave held me tight and assured me everything was going to be fine I can get pregnant again.I felt his tears dropping on my face.He was crying assuring me all will be well he wiped my tears he cried with me knowing very clear the child wasn’t his.What a fool he was supposed to be celebrating not crying.Tonie came asking me If I had terminated the pregnancy for me to get back with Dave.What a jerk was he really blaming me?All Tonie wanted was me not even the child.


Dave:lets take her home she needs to rest


Cate packed all my staffs Dave wiping my tears and Tonie asking me not to live him.On the door step I saw the same Doctor Who attended me he winked at me I was confused why all the winks I turned to Cate who whispered something in my ears and all of a sudden I relaxed and smiled at the doctor Dave and Tonie didn’t notice it.







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