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My Step Mother – (Season 2) Episode 21

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Episode 21


It was a stale day having chioma and Ryan in my house at the same time, no matter how hard she tried the masked look of insecurity in her eyes could hardly be hidden.


Her eyes which perched like a blacked out jewel always seemed to dim in a twitched face when ever Ryan was there.


She had officially announced to me that she was pregnant and was 2months gone already.


The news sounded fresh and new to me even though i have known before.



It still felt like it was the first time i was hearing it, maybe it was because of the smile and pride in her eyes or the explosive kiss that followed.


In the morning Jessy had gone home with Ryan back to papa’s house, Licia have retired to her own home leaving the house only for chioma and i.

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“Baby i think i will have to go and see your parents now” i presented checking to see any strange reaction.


“I think its a good idea” she intoned from the kitchen as jangling sounds of dishes sipped out from there.


The afternoon sun hung lazily across, but the rays it gave off was weak and gold.


Dusty air swayed around as we drove towards chioma’s house.


The very view of the gate sent an alien scare in me, i haven’t seen Chioma’s parent since this issue arose and i fear what might come out from this visit.


Chioma’s mother was hot tempered, fast to conclude, opinionated, strong willed and stubborn. Her father was more rational, cool tampered, a mild talker but always seemed to be on his wife’s side.


The look on Hassan’s face as i walked past the gate with chioma was an impossible mixture of fear and sense of obligation.


He had been charged to hold the gate from me by his oga but here was i moving straight without opposition just that scared look in his eyes.

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A look from chioma had done the trick, hassan needed no more persuasion. He knew his oga could sack him but disobeying small madam could make his oga sack him three times faster than normal.


The house was cold and a looming cloud of an untold rain threatened to fall right there inside.


I was tensed and scared but chioma’s hand holding my tight was a little soothing.


“what is he doing here” that shrieking voice sang out just before the stair case, i looked up and chioma’s mother was speeding down the stair case, her hands clutching the rails tight and long flowing gown flying behind her in all her thickness.


“What is he doing here” she barked again peering her gaze from Chioma to me, her widened eyes glowed with fury and contempt.



A loud silence engulfed me, i could see her lips moving but heard nothing, her fingers pointing at Chioma who stood still without shaking.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen.


“what are you doing here?” Am sure that question was meant for me this time and the stronger the look of contempt she wore.


“Good afternoon ma” i spilled looking beside me to be sure Chioma still was there, her face was blank and from the watery sparkle it was obvious tears were forming in her eyes.


“Sky my parents are really mad especially my mum, i don’t know if they will listen to anything we say” she had intoned as we drove to her house.


“Don’t worry, am sure they will still come around” i had assured her with an unsure tone.


“Didn’t you hear me, what are you doing in my house. Have you not done enough already”


Chioma’s mum stood in front of me squarely facing me directly with a hard accusing finger.


“Oh God, please let this hot temper and stubbornness not be hereditary” i muttered a quick prayer under my breathe looking at chioma.


“Mummy please listen to him” her voice was shaky castigating the tears that choked her throat.


“You shut up” She turned her attention towards chioma. “Despite everything, you still had the impetus to bring this boy here!!!”


Thumping foot steps could be heard descending from the stairs, a crisp green jumper of shimmering material marked his presence as he filled into the room.


Heavy and thick black with a sort of thicker personality and obviously an ego bigger than both.


My voice was lost, how could i even start explaining myself to Chioma’s mother who wouldn’t even have me say anything from the way she interrupts me anytime i wanted to utter a word.


Mr Ugwu’s presence in the scenario was even more frightening, with his full support nobody could be sure what his wife could do.



“what’s going on here” he intoned rather calmly but it had more audacity than all the shrieks and shouts i have been bathed with since i came in.


“Daddy please listen to him” chioma’s eyes freely washed down clear tears now.


“listen to him for what chioma, so he could cook up more lies and feed us? How he had a son of almost 5years and you never knew? His face was growing pale and hard.


A neat copy of coolval’s magazine lay proudly on the glass table, it was the magazine that aired my wedding with chioma. The bold picture of i and chioma smiled back at me as i mopped at them.


The date boldly written in white Gothic form said 25th day of march which is three days away if my head is correct enough about the dates.


“But he didn’t know!!! ” Chioma yelled out maybe to her father but i think it was meant for her mother who haven’t stopped with her finger pointing and singing the lead song while her husband’s sounded like a back up.


Mrs ugwu gave out a shrieking chuckle which was easy to to tell wasn’t a genuine chuckle.


“he didn’t know?” she asked chioma but had her gaze on me and a lot of mischief surging within.


“Chioma you are a fool for believing this boy”


“Darling i think you have to call her now” Chioma’s father addressed his wife with that calm tone that always wreaked of untold doom.


“Yes yes i think its time i did”


“call who?”


“for what?”


“and what has that person got to do with this issue? ”


These questions surged through my mind, inducing a sense of scary curiosity but i knew what ever it was it wouldn’t be good on my part.


Chioma had a look of surprise and curiosity watching as he mother disappeared into the stairs. Her handkerchief was already soaked with tears but she wiped out more with it anyway.



The bold grin on chioma’s dad face as he relaxed on a sofa was very an ear to ear to type.


My breathe was held, hands numb and sweat tickled down my face. Chioma’s hands were clasped together like she was begging.


Screeching sounds emanated from the stairs,it was obvious two people were descending down the stairs. You can even make our laughters and chuckles


Every thing slowed down, every tiny sounded heavy and loud. I could even hear my own heartbeat ladened in wild heavy breathes.


“No it can’t be!!!” my mind shouted not quite sure if anyone else heard it. Chioma took a couple of steps forward. “How possible is this?”



Chioma’s mother entered the sitting room with Amanda walking beside her wearing a shouty smirk.




..To be continued..







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