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My Plastic Wife – Episode 13

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[ More Than What Meets The Eye II ]











~ Ashley’s POV ~

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No, No, No officers! I can explain.” I said and quickly grabbed my towel nighty from the hanger and wore it.


You can save all your explanations for the judge.” One of the officers said and removed a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket and came for me.


Officers no! He tried to rape me! I did it in self-defense.” I hollered but the officer fell on deaf ears and still cuffed me.


Sir are you okay?” The other officer asked Mr. Brown.


Are you dumb? Can’t you see he’s bleeding?” Mia snapped at the officer and he cleared his throat feeling embarrassed.


Call an ambulance to get him, while I take her to the station.” The officer that cuffed me said and with that, he dragged me outside to the police van.


Mia please don’t let the rest of the family find out about this.” I begged Mia as tears fogged in my eyes.

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Please Mia.” I further begged as she looked aside and crossed her arms.


Mia please do this for me.” I begged her and then she looked at me.


Get your head in the car,” The officer said and pushed me by my head inside the van and off we went to the Local Police Head Quarters.



~ Mia’s POV ~




I’m not gonna help conceal her crime, in fact I’m gonna go tell everyone now!” I said and rushed inside and was about yelling “Ashley is a murderer” when my subconsciousness spoke.


Mia you’re not a witch, your dad is at fault for raping her.” It said and I froze at the spot with my mouth still wide open.


Just conceal it for now.” It further advised and I shut my mouth.


I will conceal her crimes just for now. But no one should blame me for omission.” I said and with that, I went upstairs back to crime scene; dad’s bedroom.


The second police man carried grandad and put his cut off genital in a plastic bag and the knife stained with blood in another plastic bag.


Nothing to worry little girl, it’s under control. But you’ll need to follow us now to give a statement.” He said on his way out. Following them now will make things worse for Ashley.


Just then, I remembered I’m a minor



It’s way passed my bedtime officer and I need to go to bed. I’ll have my father bring me to the station tomorrow.” I said and faked a yawn. Seems like the officer bought my lie!


Okay, sleep well.” He said and exited the room.

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Now it’s time to erase evidence.” I said and got a broom and swept dad’s room and arranged everywhere because it was scattered.


I swept the room, arranged the tables and scattered clothes. I also changed the bedspread because it was stained with blood. I washed off all the bloodstains on the floor and also disposed Ashley’s towel because it was stained with blood. I’m doing all this not because I like Ashley but I’m doing this because I care about humans and once grand mum, dad, Amelia and Sydney find out about this, Ashley is gonna regret being a human.


So I might as well conceal the truth for the time being…. ♀ ♀


” Agh! I’m done.” I said as I stood akimbo and admired how I cleaned the room.


I switched off the lights and headed outside and to my greatest shock, I saw dad right in front of me.


Mia? What were you doing in my room?” Dad asked immediately he saw me and I began to panic.


I need to think of a lie…right now!


Uh…Uh…I wanted you to help me with my homework.” I lied and picked up my book from the foot mat where I left it earlier.


Continue.” He said demanding more explanations.


Well, I knocked so no one answered then I…”


Then you used my spare key and opened the door.” Dad completed my statement and folded his arms. He didn’t look so happy about it.


I’m sorry dad.”


How many times have I warned you not to do that?”


I’m really sorry dad. I’ll never do it again.” I pleaded as I clutched my book.


That’s what you said the last time and now you’ve done it again.”


I said I’m sorry.”


Well you better be.” He said and ent


ered into the room and switched the lights on. I began fidgeting because I was afraid he’ll ask…


” Where is Ashley.” He asked confused.


Yes…that was what I was afraid he’ll ask me.


What will I do now?


Uh…she uhm…she uh….she went to see her father.” I nervously said and dad looked at me crossed.


And she didn’t inform me?”


It was impromptu. She was trying your phone numbers but they weren’t going through.” I defended her.


Okay. Now go to bed now. Tomorrow is school.”


Okay dad, good night.” I said and with that I went to the bedroom.


If I want to keep Ashley’s secret, I’d better keep lying to the whole family about her whereabouts and soon, they’ll start asking about granddad and I have to lie about his whereabout too..


Ashley what have you gotten me into















The Next Day: Breakfast Time


Good morning everyone.” I greeted when I got downstairs.


Morning sweetie.” Grand mum greeted and pecked me on my forehead.


Ready for school huh?” Amelia said and dropped my plate of toast and bacon on the table.


Yeah.” I replied her with a smile and she strode back into the kitchen.


Hey, has anyone seen dad?” Sydney asked and everyone shook their head.






Uh! I saw him.” I quickly said.


Well where?”


Early this morning. He went for an impromptu business trip.” I said.


Makes sense to me.” Amelia said and everyone continued eating.








There I was in the police interrogation room. It was pitch black here and it smells like butt in here…eew


Oh God help me! I don’t wanna go to jail


Just then, the door flung open and a police man came in.


Ms. Ashley, you can make just one phone call.” The police man said and handed me a phone.


And you have two minutes.” He added just before he left the room.


Who will I call?” I wondered. I don’t know anyone’s number off heart except…..


Ryan!” I yelled and quickly dialled his number.



Hello Ryan.



Who’s this?



It’s me Ashley.



What? Ashley? Why are you using a number with police Ariel code?



It’s because I’m at the police station now.



What why??



Just come over…and do it fast.” I said and hung up awaiting Ryan’s arrival. An Hour Later

Ryan Thank God you’re here.” I yelled immediately he came in.


Ashley so glad to see you!” He said and we hugged.


What happen to you” He asked and I sighed just before narrating everything that happened to me last night.


Wow, he deserves that. I knew it, I knew it the Brixlars were up to no good.”


Now is not the time to lay blames Ryan, you need to get me out of here fast.”


I will, I’ll call my lawyer friend now.”


Okay Thanks so much Ryan.”


Yes, Ashley I’ve been meaning to tell you something…”


What is that?”


Ashley I……


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