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My Life As A Se.x Slave – Episode 6

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Chapter 6 {More than a deal}





By Ifeoluwa





Genre:- Erotica romance. Enjoy .




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Noted, that this story is Rated




Gloria’s pov


“Let me think about it.” I answered after what seem like a hour long silence but, was only a couple minutes.


“If you want to think about it fine, but just know I will be waiting and escaping me is impossible, know that you are what I want, have you ever thought about it? What if this is more than sex.” He said and I moved my head slowly towards the side. He smirked and left the room.



More than sex? What exactly does he mean by that word.


He’s a monster who has never for once treated me right.


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I buried my head into my palms trying to find a solution to this conundrum.


He is actually right, the world is not a bed of roses, the only person I trusted in this world.


The only person I considered family, she betrayed me without a second thought.


And escaping from him dosen’t mean am free forever, a weak girl like me is just a prey to the powerful ones.


Gloria, this is it, I need this deal to gain power, become stronger and show the world am not weak, I need this deal to make my parents regret ever leaving me.


I need this deal to pay back Bianca, of course Bianca.


The next morning, I saw him leave for work after he finished his breakfast.


His words keep repeating itself in my mind.


‘what if this is more than sex’ I shook my head trying to forget those words. If it’s not sex then what is it?


Am sure those words are just to get me into saying yes.


And Bianca’s words will determine if am gonna say yes.


Since last night she has been doing her possible best to ignore me.


I know she did me wrong but I must at least know her reasons.


“Let’s talk.” I said blocking her from passing.



She gave me a frown and started this ridiculous laugh which kinda makes her seems different from the Bianca I know.


“You want us to talk? Talk about what exactly?” She asked and tapped me annoyingly on my shoulder.


“Talk about why you betrayed me.” I replied hoping for a convincing answer.


“I betrayed you? How exactly?” She said and shrugged. “I just did what’s needed to survive.” She replied and pushed me out of the way.


I held her hand stopping her from leaving and she jerked it off.


“Will you leave me alone you witch, do you know how much have longed for this day, do you know for how long have hated you.” She said and a drop of tear fell off my face.


“Why? What did I do to deserve this?” I asked and she scoffed.


“Deserve? You don’t understand this is not about what you deserve but rather how to survive, I was an orphan and I grew up by myself, eating, schooling I had to learn that in the hardest way.” She said and after a brief pause she continued.


“I had to survive in the hardest way, and that was how Robert employed me as his maid, and I thought this is better than the street life I was living, but, right after that he brought you in and for once he never looked my side but yours.” She added angrily.


“So? Do you even know what I pass through at night in those rooms.” I questioned her and she scoffed again.


“Does that matter? Infact that’s what I hate most, what’s so special about you, he never asked me for sex when am ready to give him my body freely, and you just wait because your end is near I will be his wife soon and you shall know and see more hell in this house.” She said in a harsh tone and left.



Robert was right, this world is cruel, I need power, I will make her pay and Robert shall be my stepping stone.


I walked into my bedroom and got myself na.ked, I looked at myself in the mirror staring at my boobs and my flat tummy.


Gloria, let’s do this.


*Later at night*


I sat on a chair and spread my legs wide.


I used my shaving stick and shaved my pussy area neatly.


I took my bath and cleaned myself up, it’s been a while since have done any make-up.


I applied a little make-up and got dressed in a mini black gown which was made from cotton.


The gown was transparent and one can see my body effortlessly.


I picked my white heels which made me look more classy with the clothes and I packed my hair up.


I walked slowly and seductively towards Roberts room and I opened it wide revealing Robert on his bed na.ked.


Seems he has been expecting this, he knew I would say yes.


“You said you will give me half of your assets right?” I asked and he smirked.


“The documents are over their? It shows you’ll own half of my assets.”

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“Good, I agree to the deal, I will be yours forever and don’t ever treat me like trash ever again, Bianca too let her stay don’t do anything to her, I will handle her myself.” I said and he nodded in agreement.



“I agree can you come here now, have been waiting for you.” He said with a leer which disgusted me a bit.


I crawled on the bed and slowly reach for his d*ck.


I held it in my hands and stare at it for a while.


Am really doing this.


I engulfed his bulbous head with my mouth, sheathing it in my mouth with each of my strokes.


I held it tight and kept sliding it in and out of my mouth slowly, I flickered the top teasingly with my tongue, attracting a moan from him.


He changed his body language which shows he was enjoying every part of it.


I touched his shaft and gave it a little squeeze.


“Gloria, you are so good.” He said but I don’t care, all I could think about was how my life is going to change.


I kept sucking him till he released his cum on my face.


I looked at him irritated and he turned me over to the bed.


He caressed my hair and look me in the eyes with a look of sincerity.


He stared into my eyes for a while as he rubs my hair repeatedly and he slowly went for my lips.


He locked his lips on mine which feels a bit strange.


He has never kissed me, it was just s*x, what’s made him different.



He kept kissing me affectionately which makes me have some feelings of discomfort.


I pushed him back stopping him from kissing me.


“Stop kissing me.” I said with a serious face.


“Why?” He asked and looked at me sexy.


“Just do what you want to do and let me go.” I replied coldly and he kept staring into my eyes.


“You are so pretty.” He said and kissed my neck down to my tummy and straight to my pussy.


He slightly bite my p***y and rubbed it several times.


Afterwards he inserts his hands into me fingering me affectionately.


“Oh my…” I mistakenly said and stopped trying to control myself.


He eased into me with 2 fingers and later continued with 3 which got me f*cking wet.


I felt a great ecstasy which makes me wants for more.


Tonight is different, this night is totally different.


He kissed me, he complimented me and this s*x is turning out to be different from others.


I moved up my hips as he continued fingering me, my breath became heavy and tensed and I couldn’t help but to moan.


He stopped fingering me and then inserts his d*ck into my p***y.



He stared into my eyes and kept riding me as he smiled brightly, sincerely almost lovingly


It first started slowly but he increased his pace as he became intense.


“Oh… Gloria.” He moaned with his eyes closed.


To be honest, this s*x turned out to be different and sweet, he kept pummeling into me and my body ached for more.


After minutes of fast f*cking, he pulled out of me and gave me a back hug.


He cuddle me hugging me tight.


This is surprising, what’s Robert planning this time.


“Gloria.” He called and I kept my silence. “I know I was wrong, my actions were wrong but, what if we get married, be my wife.”


Now, that’s way over the line.


Marriage? His wife? I should have known this is more than a deal.


And it’s definitely a NO!.











Robert, can I hear you loudly? .


Wife? Marriage? Let’s see Gloria’s answer this time.



My life as A Se.x slave




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