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Episode 4




We remained at the village until all the burial rites were completed which was close to six months. Our exams result had being released and we all did brilliantly well. I must confess,while at the village, I enjoyed a little peace because mummy treated me fairly with Chine. I knew without being told that it was to please our relatives but I had to enjoy it while it lasted. A week before we were supposed to travel back, uncle Henry visited us. He spoke to mummy for a very long time before he sent for us. As soon as we sat down,mummy left. We greeted him and sat down. Uncle Henry was mummy’s twin brother. They didn’t look alike one bit but I knew for sure that Uncle Henry was nicer than mummy.


U. Henry: Beautiful children. How’re you all doing?


We replied casually. We were used to him calling us beautiful.



U. Henry: I came to speak to the three of you and I’ll do that the same way I’ll talk to my children so I would love it if you listened attentively.


We all nodded in approval and listened.

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U. Henry: I need not mention to you the kind of relationship I hold with your mother. I also know very well how you three came about being siblings. There is this bond that binds blood together and I want that bond to bind the three of you together. Your father, of blessed memory loved you all equally and treated you all with same hands but now that he’s no more, I want each and every one of you to take care of each other, love each other and protect each other. I don’t know how you live in town but I know that once in a while, there’s bound to be quarrels and disagreement between family members but as the saying goes, the hurt from a brother doesn’t reach the bones, try to mend fences as quickly as possible. Don’t look at your mother. I know women. She’ll confuse you with having a favourite between the three of you, let it be. Show her that no matter her choice, you three can still pull forces together. Let love lead and direct you all and in the long run, I believe that you all must surely be where your late father planned that you’ll be. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


Tears ran down my eyes. I thought about daddy and all he normally said to me about loving my mummy no matter how bad she treats me. I was lost in thought that I didn’t know when Uncle left. It was Chuku who took me out of my thoughts.


Chuku: Sis, where are your thoughts?


I looked at him and he hugged me immediately. He was my companion and best friend.


Chuku: Stop crying. Am I not here for you? Or you want me to cry too? I shook my head and he used his hand to raise my chin.


Chuku: Daddy left for good. Do you know what our condition will be if he were still here? I believe that everything that happens on earth happens for a reason. We’ve cried enough so stop please.


Me: Daddy just left. He was the only person who understood me, he believed my words and ………



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Chuku: I’m here now. I promise never to leave you alone. Remember daddy opened an account each for us for our university education? This is time to prove to mummy that we’re no longer kids and I won’t let her hurt you anymore. We’ll both go to Tansi university. I googled the school, even told daddy about it and he agreed so now that I know he gave his consent, we’ll both attend the university together. I promise you, I’m still your best friend. I won’t leave you, not in this life and not ever.


I smiled and went into his arms. At that same point, the door swung open and in she came, with the worst kinda devilish look I’ve ever seen. My smile quickly went sour and I struggled to get away from Chuku’s arms but he wouldn’t let go, unaware of the volcano that was waiting to erupt.





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